In the Beginning...

"High Priest Doreth of the Rakanus Clan of the Western Peninsula sent one of his vicars, Dwarfendale Fistforger, to the Warkore Clan of the Western Peninsula. Dwarfendale was to carry a message across the peninsula that would seal the rift between the two clans -- the Rakanus Clan had rencently suffered a number of setbacks, from Undead monsters to Orc and even Ogre raids. Unable to spare very man of his priests to perform the mission, he sent one of his best across the swamps and bayous of the surface world's peninsula. Dwarfendale, a very strong and very hardy fighter/cleric, was aptly suited to survive in the surface world. With Galgiran's blessings, Dwarfendale left on his mission, armed with only a hammer and a crossbow."

At the time, I only had a sheet of notebook paper that I was using as a map. It had one mountain on it -- the Rakanus Clan's home of Mount Lavanor. At the base of the mountain were a lot of trees, and I slapped down one river through the middle of the page, the Slav. I basically played everything by ear, having never played a module in my year as player character. I think I was picturing something like ancient France and Spain in my mind, when I thought much about 'the peninsula'.

If you take a look at Dwarfendale's stats, he originally had about a 10 or an 11 for Wisdom. Luke figured that he would put his high stats in Strength, and use his clerical abilities only as a backup for his fighting skills. He was also a general cleric, as neither of us knew anything about specialty priests. If you check out the 2nd Edition section of the page, you'll find specialty priests for all the gods of Gaeleth. Hrm... Makes me think about prestige classes for each deity.

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