In the Beginning... Mission 2

"Topside, Dwarfendale clambered down the mountain, and found a raggedy-muffin bunch of humans near its base. The humans were hurting and frightened, but for an exhorbant fee, one of them parted with a guard dog. The priest used his healing powers on what villagers he could, and then set out for the southeast; the Warkore Clan was some 200 miles away. Dwarfendale, and the dog (whom he named Gideon), trudged on, keeping the Slav River on his left. At night, he would use an anchor, scoured from a boat wreck, as a grappling hook, and haul himself and Gideon up into a tree. Gideon appears to be a remarkably intelligent dog. Along the way, they encountered a number of undead, all of which Dwarfendale was able to slay from above with his crossbow. Not much later, it became apparent that several humans were hunting Fistforger. Though he tried to elude them, and even used his grappling hook to swing from tree to tree, they still managed to trap him in a large oak. The dwarf's crossbow quickly discouraged them, but not before Dwarfendale captured the leader, who was apparently using a ring of some sort to hunt the priest of Moradni. Dwarfendale took the ring, and sent the humans running. He battled some more undead, and finally arrived in another human village near the base of the Warkore Mountain, Mount Basilisk. The Warkore Clan was relieved to see him -- they were a clan of fighters, but the undead had proven too much for their tastes -- a healing of the schizm between the clans would ally the Rakanus Priests with the Wakore Fighters -- together, perhaps, they could defend themselves from certain doom."

Gideon would live through a great many missions, before nearly meeting his death at the feet of wyrsa, near the Golin Sea. Luke retired the dog, giving him as a gift to the king of Rakore, but not after having named his business Gideon Enterprises.

I think, at the time, the Galanus River didn't quite exist. That, and I didn't have a real good idea of how long it would take to travel 200 miles across rough terrain.

Add to this that I didn't really understand Dungeons and Dragons magical items, so I got to make them up as I went. I think this added more character to my campaign than anything else I did, because the guys never knew what to expect, next.

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