In the Beginning... Mission 9

"They finally found a lair of kobolds, after taking out various orc parties along the way. The group tried a straight-on assault of the underground lair. After the bodies had built up, and several orcs had come into the tunnel behind them, the trio (and Gideon) abandoned the frontal assault. They muscled into place several large stones, after setting grease fires in the tunnels. outside, the kobolds tried to escape, but were cut down as the smoke and dwarves and elf mowed them down. After a day's wait, the trio reentered the kobold tunnels."

This was where I started to seriously associate the orcs and the kobolds with the desert, and a desert ecology. The kobolds in particular developed a powerful desert association, and I think that they are the original inhabitants of the Choranil.

Also, having two dwarves and an elf as party members sort of developed a unity of purpose for the campaign that transcended racial characteristics. This was primarily because, later, the three would interact with humans, dwarves, elves, and every other race them came across amicably. (Well, after a few mistakes, anyway.)

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