In the Beginning... Mission 10

"Inside [the kobold lair] they found ashes and smoldering rubble. There were numerous piles of gold and silver and copper slag. Rats had evidently survived the fire in smaller passages -- and one of them had the ring! Trailing and digging as best they could, Dwarfendale used rat-pups to lure the giant rat with the ring out -- only to have the rat escape between Gideon's paws/legs. The ring of tracking suddenly indicated a rapidly retreating rat -- and Dwarfendale realized that the rat had taken an underground river. With his hammer, and with help, they exposed a section of the river, and plunged in."

I hadn't realized how often we played, until now -- and for how small an amount of time, either. I think we only spent about six hours a session, which when you subtract bullshit and smalltalk, was really only a small amount of game time...

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