In the Beginning... Mission 8

"The two [Rottgutt and Dwarfendale] continue on the trail, travelling by night, with the two moons to guide them. As the ring begins to pull northward, they begin coming across orc and kobold bodies, with arrows in them. Eventually they meet up with Malkir, a tall, powerfully built elf. Malkir had returned to his village, after a week of hunting, to find carnage. Rottgutt, in turn, relates his past -- he's named Rottgutt because his mother had too much of the potent dwarf-drink, and slept with every man [sic] in the Warkore Clan -- more or less. Gideon, the guard-dog, accepts Malkir, and so the trio continue on together, stronger in their numbers."

I never thought about it, before, but I could've let Dana play a mule -- a half human, half dwarf. But, at the time, I'd never heard of mules. In any event, this is where Chris' character Malkir is introduced to the campaign. Chris rolled fair stats, and decided to make his guy pretty tall. Since this set a precedent for a tall, powerfully built desert elf, I used it as the standard for desert elves -- a 'desert Grugich', if you will.

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