In the Beginning... Mission 7

"Together, using freshly spilled blood from wounded and tretreating orcs, the two set a course northeast, for the Choranil Desert. To the east, they find that the village of Kashin has been growing under dwarven tutelage, and the people (humans) are more healthy. They head further east, and eventually leave the forest for the desert. Not too much later, they come across the remnants of an elven village. Kobolds try to attack the duo, but are beaten back -- at this point, it becomes apparent that the ring is tracking kobolds, and not orcs. Dwarfendale buries the elves' bodies, and Rottgutt finds some grain alcohol in a silo's base."

This was the first mention of two things: the dwarves helping the humans, and kobolds allied with orcs. I'm not sure why I did these, but it just seemed right at the time, and seems to hold well, even now.

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