In the Beginning... Mission 5

"Together, they [Dwarfendale and Grithale] follow the ring's tugging to a small band of bullywugs, deepin the heart of the swamps. The bullywugs apparently ate the original owner of the ring, as it keeps tugging at every bullywug they come across. Grithale and Dwarfendale under the cover of night, retrieve the ring's owner's spellbook -- tattered remnants of the mage's robes cover a shrine to the bullywugs' gods. Undead bother the dwarves somewhat, on their return journey, but they eventually return to Mount Lavanor. When they return, Doreth seems changed. The holy forge is cool to the touch, and the priesthood seems in disarray."

The bullywugs were a mistake. I'm not sure if I originally intended grippli, or if grippli replaced the bullywugs, later in the game. Either way, the grippli/bullywugs were wiped out by the undead, ending their presence on the peninsula.

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