In the Beginning... Mission 4

"After several days, Doreth returned to Dwarfendale, and returned the rin. The ring was a 'minor ring of tracking," with two command words -- Voracious, and Reaper. Voracious would cause the ring to track organics that were very similar to anything nearest the ring, other than the bearer, if the target has been within three miles, within two days. Reaper will track down the last bearer of the ring, provided he wore it for seven days or more. Puzzled and alarmed by the magical ring, Doreth orders Dwarfendale to find its owner or creator, and return with word of it. He assigns Grithale to accompany Dwarfendale, to find the source of the magic."

I know I pull things out of my ass, but sometimes it works. What was interesting about this, is that I was working mosquito control at the time. I would drive around for four or five hours at night, with nothing else to do but think about the campaign. That, I think, is what drove Gaeleth to the heights it did. With twenty hours of thought and planning in each week's session, the game really took off.

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