In the Beginning... Mission 3

"Dwarfendale spent the night there [at Mount Basilisk], and then set out the next day with a contingent of Warkore Dwarves as escort. One of the dwarven escort, Grithale Stormblade, became friends with Dwarfendale. Their return journey was arduous, but quick, as they used a boat to sail the bayous, from Mount Basilisk, back to the home of the Rakanus Dwarves, Mount Lavanor. There, High Priest Doreth welcomed the Dwarves, and began the healing process."

Not only did I find these notes, but I also found Grithale's stats. I haven't used him since -- probably because I'd forgotten about him -- but you can bet Grithale Stormblade will become a powerful NPC in the new campaigns.

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