In the Beginning... Mission 12

"Travelling by night, resting by day, the group returned to the elven village of Vinaalaas [Vinaalaalus]. There, an out-family of elves welcomed Malkir, a distant cousin. The family and the priest/guardian thanked Dwarfendale for burying the fallen -- but it was clearly no longer safe in the desert. Dwarfendale offered them refuge, and they readily accepted. Stronger for their presence, they returned unchallenged to Kashin, to find the village propsering under the guidance of Father Bryan's ministrations. The family of elves opted for the surrounding upper woodlands near Kashin, and Dwarfendale and company reported to Father Doreth, who was acting even more irritable -- the forge was silent and stone cold in the temple. Doreth dismissed the group and they took the opportunity to reoutfit. Because of Malkir's extreme height and build (7'2"), he would have to wait for his breast plate -- in the mean time, a leather-worker gave the elf a belt with hidden pouches, as apology for the wait and Father Doreth's attitude."

Thus did Kashin become even more racially diverse: humans under dwarven guidance, with elven guardians nearby. These desert elves also began to set the inklings of ideas for Galanus, the God of the Deserts. Interestingly, this mission also forced me to set a precedence for dwarven construction on Gaeleth: rigidly symmetrical, right-angled design, with base seven theory everywhere.

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