In the Beginning... Mission 13

"An accolyte came with bad news for Dwarfendale -- an armory had vanished, and Doreth wanted them to find out why. Down they went, to find the armory on the edge of a natural cave system. The armory showed no sign of forced entry, and no sign of obvious theft -- only some patches of rust on the floor. The rust patches left a trail, and so the troup followed it down into the depths. They discovered several smith-banes, and several carrion-eaters. Malkir advised retreat and inform, and so they did. On the return, some 'rapter-like beasts attacked them. The fight was brief and bloody, and Dwarfendale's healing powers helped. A rust-monster attacked, and they eventually destroyed it without harm -- it had come for the mithrel guilding on Malkir's belt-buckled. Together, they returned."

About this time, I started realizing that Chris knew every monster in the Monsterous Manual, all its stats, and everything else about it. I'd tried to throw him with the misnomer 'smith-bane', but it didn't work. I would have to do something to throw him off, but I wouldn't find it for several more missions.

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