Campaign Timeline

The following events have taken place since Campaign II, mostly within the nation of Rakore. For month references, you can consult the calendar, but months basically occur as listed:

Spring - Lan, Dalan, Trilan
Summer - Vor, Davor, Trivor
Fall - Cal, Dacal, Trical
Winter - Sad, Dasad, Trisad
Year's End - Gril

Date / /Campaign/ / Event
Cal, 1327 Campaign IV Operatives of Gideon Enterprises at the Griktale Escarpment unlock the Legacy Project -- and gain access to the Gate System of Gaeleth.
Sad, 1327 Campaign V, Chapter One An human operative for the Ogre Nations named Doom Rex appears from the shadows. The mercenaries known as the Marksmen are implicated in some dirty work. The Star's End Monastery (near Takanal) engages in acquiring and identifying unusual objects -- some of which have come from extraordinary sources within Rakore.
8th of Sad, 1327 Campaign V, Chapter One The wreckage of the Sea Sprite is found in a swamp off of the Ruan River. Among its treasures are the ruby ring of Alibazcar and the Emerald Chalice. (The ring is stolen scant days later, but the Emerald Chalice is delivered on time to the Baron-and-the-Bishop Dwarfendale several days later.)
23rd of Sad, 1327 Campaign V, Chapter One The Ruins of Tymarell are discovered near Takanal. A troll named Grythe is defeated in the ancient city, and retreats deeper into the ruins. The treasury of the ruined city is looted by Doom Rex.
Fall, 1327 Campaign V, Chapter Two. Jean Colierre and the Castle Rezjommon -- a castle corpse capeable of beheading dragons -- are defeated in the Gaebrum Forest. The castle is turned over to the Dragon Nation, and controlled by their dracolich.
18th of Trilan, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four. Huzar Ye'amen al Sharral arrives in Teras; the Quest for Al Mudim begins.
Late Cal, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four The quest for Al Mudim leads to an ancient and abandoned city of demons beneath the Jayce Forest in Hobrimeth.
11th of Cal, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four A galleon by the name of Colm Hivak is found wrecked on the shores of Hobrimeth's Gulf of Chirin with a kobold druid aboard.
13th of Davor, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four Nearly twenty brilathes (Brigain's high priests) assault Shir Galanus in Al Fahim over a blood feud and extortion issues between the churches of Brigain and Galanus.
5th of Trical, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four The ghost ship Ice Bitch assaults Thayer's Rock and wreaks havoc before retreating into the Gulf of Teras.
19th of Trical, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four A scrag assaults the Black Holly II on the upper Turan river near Takanal.
27th of Trical, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four Ogran agents accidently unleash an undead swarm under the Stonehelm Clan of dwarves. The undead Grimbeard dwarves and other aboninations are finally sealed within their ancient catacombs after a long battle within the halls of the Stonehelm Clan.
Trical and Sad, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four Davin's Plague assaults Rakore; nearly 20,000 people die -- a little under 10% of the population of Rakore.
5th of Sad, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four A scrag -- a water troll -- assaults the Black Holly II outside Tikira along the Tumas River.
11th of Sad, 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four Mount Troldir in the Adranor Range belches smoke and fire for a week straight; no casualties are reported.
Dasad of 1328 Campaign V, Chapter Four The eldest dragon, Xynosalionisis, sacrifices himself in a powerful ball of magic that destroys a combined Vridaran Empire and Toomaran Tribes army led by a false prophet with a fake Princess Sword. The remainder of the army withdraws, and Xynos is elevated to the status of god for his sacrifice.
17th of Vor, 1329 Campaign V, Chapter Five In the city of Kashin, the Night of Assassins begins, as a guild of cutt-throats and sell-swords is uncovered by a minotaur, a gnoll, and the city's coroner, along with a number of other would-be heroes.
21st of Vor, 1329 Campaign V, Chapter Five A scrag sinks a sloop on the Slav River, and attacks the Black Holly II.
24th of Vor, 1329 Campaign VI Evelin Battachirus, 'The Bat' -- the richest man in Rakore -- is forced to flee for his life, and goes into hiding, chased by the remnants of the assassins' guild.
14th of Davor, 1329 Campaign V, Chapter Four A pirate ring is defeated on the Northeastern shore of Hallis Island. The pirates had taken a Vridaran ship's captives as slave-mages. The mages are freed and send to Lok Magius.
15th of Davor, 1329 Campaign V, Chapter Four A group of trolls and their king take the village of Kestaria on Hallis Island by holding their children hostage. The trolls are defeated with only one casualty -- a small child named Arweena.
16th of Davor, 1329 Campaign V, Chapter Four The Ogre Nations invades Rakore in overwhelming numbers.
12th of Davor, 1329 Campaign VI The ruins of Grunden are discovered near Takanal. The lost town's salt mines were a source of wealth for the ruins of Tymarell.
17th of Davor, 1329 Campaign VI Ogran forces take the Grand Maul pass using roc-hawkes.
25th of Davor, 1329 Campaign VI Marksmen and Doom Rex exposed as traitors to Rakore.
28th of Davor, 1329 Campaign VII Duke Herod Notimeh exposed as a traitor to Rakore; he nearly kills the king before teleporting out.
14th of Trivor, 1329 Campaign V, Chapter Four The strongest clan of dwarves in all Rakore is over-run, and the Stonehelms abandon their home to the ograns. Of a clan nearly 5,000 strong, almost half have been killed by the ograns -- weighed against over one-hundred thousand ograns dead. A band of dopplegangers is defeated at the Burning Sun Monastery. The dopplegangers had been sent by the Inquisition, attempting to gain access to the monastery and its secrets.
17th of Trivor, 1329 Campaign VIII The entire city of Takanal is evacuated into the Ruins of Tymarell, and then into the ruins beneath that of ancient Daggoneth.

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