A Sloop Size: Huge (L60ft, W20ft, D4ft).
Propulsion: 2 large sails, 1 small sail.
Speed: 55ft (sails), 75 miles.
Crew: 16 normal, 80 maximum.
Cargo: 60 tonnes (20 tonnes provisions).
Hull: AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 40.
Deck: AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 20.
Mast: AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 300.
Weapons: 8 slots, usually two light ballistae port and starboard.
Ship Qualities: Built to Last, Beachable.
Cost and Construction Time: 15,825gp, and 4mos.

The sloop is the most common of the larger river boats, and is also an ocean-worthy vessel. Capable of holding a considerable amount of cargo, merchant vessels of this type dominate internal trade across Gaeleth, and are quite capeable of short ocean journeys. Shallow-drafted, they can easily dock with any piers or jetties, and most are even beachable because of their heavy keel construction.

The two crow's nests are often platforms nearly five feet on a side, allowing for a fair number of archers, spotters, and crossbowmen to rain a deadly hail of missiles onto enemy decks. Usually, the snipers in the crow's nests target officers or important-looking persons. On merchant vessels, the crow's nests serve as lookouts and guides.

1. Main Deck: The main deck sports the two cargo hatches. Two light ballistae are usually stowed and tarped, here. The two masts usually have a block-and-tackle or primative crane for unloading larger cargos from belowdecks, but the majority of cargos do not require them. After are located the deck cabins.

2. Deck Cabin: The deck cabin is where the captain stays. The navigational charts are also usually stored here.

3. Quarterdeck: Located aft, and on top of the cabin, the quarterdeck holds the quartermaster's wheel.

4. Chain Locker: Located on the cargo deck at the water line, the chain locker holds the chain for the port anchor. It also serves as the additional supplies locker, with extra sail cloth and materiel.

5. Foreward Hold: The primary cargo hold can store larger objects, and usually has a reinforced decking (AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 35).

6. Midships Hold: The middle hold, located amidships, also usually has a reinforced decking (AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 35), and can hold larger objects. For many vessels, it is the general crew's quarters, to be shared with cargo and supplies.

7. Aft Hold: The aft hold is located aft, and usually serves as general crew's quarters, galley, and a general supplies storeroom.

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