A Brigandine Size: Huge (L60ft, W20ft, D4ft).
Propulsion: 3 large sails, 1 medium sail, 1 small sail.
Speed: 90ft (sails), 123 miles.
Crew: 30 normal, 110 maximum.
Cargo: 40 tonnes (20 tonnes provisions).
Hull: AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 45.
Deck: AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 20.
Mast: AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 300.
Weapons: 12 slots, usually three light ballistae port and starboard.
Ship Qualities: Oceanworthy, Reinforced Sails.
Cost and Construction Time: 16,775gp, and 5mos, 3wks.

The brigandine is the faster version of the sloop, based off of a modified sloop hull. Reinforced for ocean-going travels, and with an added mast to support the greater speeds, the brigandine is the mainstay of distance shipping and defense for most of Gaeleth. Well armed for their size, and able to outrun most other vessels, the brigandine is is the ship of choice for many merchants and pirates. As an added beneift, their small draft allows them to dock at shallow-water ports for quick loading and unloading.

The three crow's nests are often platforms nearly five feet on a side, allowing for a fair number of archers, spotters, and crossbowmen to rain a deadly hail of missiles onto enemy decks. Usually, the snipers in the crow's nests target officers or important-looking persons. On merchant vessels, the crow's nests serve as lookouts and guides.

1. Main Deck: The main deck sports the two cargo hatches. Four light ballistae are usually stowed and tarped, here. The two forward masts usually have a block-and-tackle or primative crane for unloading larger cargos from belowdecks, but the majority of cargos do not require them. After are located the deck cabins.

2. Cabins: These are usually divided into two cabins -- one for the captain, and one for the other officers. On some vessels, it is a single cabin.

3. Chain Locker: Located on the cargo deck at the water line, the chain locker holds the chain for the port anchor. It also serves as the additional supplies locker, with extra sail cloth and materiel.

4. Foreward Hold: The primary cargo hold can store larger objects, and usually has a reinforced decking (AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 35).

5. Midships Hold: The middle hold, located amidships, also usually has a reinforced decking (AC 5, Hardness 5, HP 35), and can hold larger objects. For many vessels, it is the general crew's quarters, to be shared with cargo and supplies.

6. Galley: Below-decks and aft serves as the primary provisions storage and galley for the vessel. The galley is where the cook works out of and serves the crew.

7. Quarterdeck: Located aft, and on top of the cabins, the quarterdeck sports one port and one starboard light ballista, as well as the quartermaster's wheel. A light table can sometimes be found between the mast and the wheel, to serve as a navigational reference.

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