The Sholin

The Sholin are the people of the sea. They live along the equatorial regions of Gaeleth, along the coasts, and in the sea, and are divided into three distinct peoples -- Coastal, Sea-Going, and Inland.  All Sholin tend to have skin browned by a lifetime in the sun, dark hair, and dark eyes.  Their hair tends to be thick and wavy, and of such a black color that it looks to have blue highlights in the sun.

The sea-going Sholin can live all their lives without ever seeing land. When two of their vessels meet, they will lash together and trade, until the time to move on. Once a year, at varying locations, regional gatherings of hundreds and even thousands of these vessels can lash together into temporary, sea-going cities. The sea-going Sholin rangers and druids have even been known to use 'zartans' -- the giant, sea-going turtles whose shells can reach island-sizes.  The sea-going Sholin tend to be of moderate size, with thick upper bodies and lean lower torsos.

Coastal Sholin make their living in the seas, through fishing, sailing, diving, and the like.  Their communities tend to trade well with other nations, and many coastal Sholin are active peoples within nations.  The coastal Sholin tend to have the same builds as the sea-going Sholin, though they tend more towards obesity, later in life.

The inland Sholin tend to live in jungles or along the coast.  They are different from the classic 'coastal Sholin', in that they tend towards massive sizes.  Males can sometimes reach nearly seven feet, and weigh in around three-hundred fifty pounds.

It is known throughout Gaeleth that the Sholin make the best sailors. Also, Sholin speak their own language, an ancient derivative of the Druidic tongue; Druids have a 15% chance to understand Sholin, provided the speaker enunciates each syllable.

d20: Because of their ties to the seas, all Sholin gain a +2 racial bonus to Profession (any sea-based), and Swim checks.

Warhammer: Sholin gain a +5% bonus to all Sail and Swim checks.

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