The Prophecies of Gaeleth

All true Prophecies are always remembered by whomever hears them. Thus, the Prophecies are thought to come from Brigain, God of Destinies. False prophecies do not exist, but the Prophecies are not necessarily written in stone; many of them are 'either/or' events. Whole branches of study have developed around the Prophecies, with either/or results moving further and further into the future. Most Prophecies do not extend any farther into the future than a single generation, but Prophecies that go on further into the future are recognized by the number of speakers, supposedly using the Voices of the Gods themselves. One speaker of Prophecy indicates a single-generation Prophecy. Two speakers might indicate a Prophecy with longer implications. Some Prophecies -- the most studied ones -- are spoken by hundreds of people at once, in dozens of tongues.

The language of Prophecy varies, depending on whom it is aimed at. Translations are easily recognized because they, too, are always remembered, and have a certain 'feel' to them that is always recognizeable as true. That does not mean that multiple translations in the same language of a Prophecy are impossible; it just means that having three different versions of the same translation from one language to another can have slightly different meanings. Too much variance, as determined by the gods, limits the spread of Prophecy into wildly different versions or forms, and specialists in Prophecy have gone mad from understanding things that mortals were not intended to know.

Listed below are a few of the Prophecies from Gaeleth:

The Storm War Prophecies (currently located in the Miscellaneous folder).

The Inquisition Prophecy:  "Lo! The mages shall be silent for five centuries, lest the Dark God return. And in his return, he shall plunge the world into darkness for all time, bound by his minions and in death."

The Ice Mage's Prophecy: (Davor the 17th, 1329 Avard) "One of our blood, and not of our blood, shall arise when the Sons of Mazripos fall upon the Fourth Bastion.  He whom we name 'Gahle liSear', shall find the heart of Her Sons in the Halls of the Pixie Queen, and shatter the Shell Guardians.  Gahle liSear shall take with him the Raven Liar to scent them, the Cargdin Mithral to bait them, and a Stolen Thief to retrieve their hearts; else, the Fourth Bastion falls, and the Elder Sister with it in the time of the Harbinger."

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