Terryl Hawke II
ArchiChosen of the Norse Gods

Current Status: Fall, 1321 Avard. After venturing halfway around the world to give the last rights of Thor to a fallen priest of his, Terry instead chose to invoke a boon of the Norse pantheon -- and had the unnamed cleric of Thor restored to life. The two together agreed that Gaeleth was not yet ready for the gods of the Norse pantheon, and left the world for parts unknown in the multiverse, seeking more willing ears and hearts.

20th-Level Eigth-Elven Fighter, 21st-Level Mage
27th-Level Thief, 1st-Level Cleric

STR: 17
DEX: 18
CON: 17
INT: 18
WIS: 17
CHA: 16
AC: 6*
THAC0: 19
HP: 167
Alignment: CG
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: 8% to all spells
Size: 6'5"

* AC2 w/tumbling and iniative, AC0 with Shalistaurimon style

Weapon Proficiencies: Grand mastery of the longsword, ambidexterity, two-weapon style, grand mastery of the bastard sword, grand mastery of the longbow, Shalistaurimon (Elven Oerthian) style.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Forest survival and navigation (secondary skills), swimming, weather sense, direction sense, land-based riding, heraldry, running, spellcraft, blindfighting, tumbling, musical instrument - recorders and flutes, juggling, tightrope walking, healing, herbalism, reading and writing - all, jumping, and falling (see proficiency entry), general religeon.

Languages: Elven, Oeridian Common, Thieves' Cant, Gaelethic Common.

Special Attacks and Defenses: Bound as he is by his oathes of priestly faith, he is unable to use his warrior, mage, or thief abilities. However, when lives are on the line and he has failed as a cleric of the Norse Gods, Tellerian has accepted the fact that he may have to give up his oathes; in so doing, Tellerian will no longer be bound to keep his past and powers secret, and will be free to use all his powers to the fullest of his abilities.

Special Abilities: He has the god-given psionic abilities (permanently) of cell adjustment (80HP/d), mindbar, and body control (for up to 1HD of creatures) -- these abilities he may use without penalty

Thieving Skills and Spells: Oath bound not to use these skills and spells, they are none-the-less available in a pinch, and gods permitting. PP 145%, OL114%, F/RT116%, MS106%, HS114%, CW110%, DN100%, RL110%. Typically, Terryl uses divination spells first, and combat spells later. His arsenal of spells is as varied as it is concise, with a number of unique and researched spells that no opponent could foresee.

Appearance: He looks the part of a six and a half foot tall viking warrior, with flaming red hair and beard, bright green eyes, and pale freckled skin. His clothing is of soft lamb's wool bound by supple leather thongs. His knee-length boots are a traveler's boots, and he wears a heavy surcoat bearing the symbol of the Norse pantheon on one side, and his personal sigil on the other side. About his neck is a silver amulet of a lightning bolt set upon a rainbow bridge. He carries a simple leather satchel over his shoulder, and on a baldric over the other shoulder is a longsword of simple design and construction.

Background: Terryl Hawke II is a clone of Tellerian Hawke (see PC entry). Genetically modified by powerful magics, and given a spark of soul from another lifetime, Terryl -- or Terry as he calls himself -- is a separate and distinct person from Tellerian. And he knows it. He is the result of a subconscious wish on the part of Tellerian, given life by Ritarrine, one of Vyrboth Liss' first apprentices. The wish was made manifest when the Norse Pantheon approached Agincoth on Gaeleth. Nearly eleven millennia ago, the All Father Wodin had been forced to leave Gaeleth, with all the Norse Pantheon, by the approach of the Oddity and the Shield. There were no priests left to worship the old gods, and Tellerian Hawke had been a follower of Thor. With Agincoth's aid, Ritarrine would clone Tellerian, and allow him to walk across the face of Gaeleth gathering what followers he may, and converting men back to the old faiths. Beginning in the forests of the Danes, Terry attempted to convert the clans, spreading his influence and good will. However, the local gods were well-entrenched, and Terry was near to giving up -- when fate intervened. Lost ruins in the Avris Mountains summoned a priest of Thor from a far away land. Faced with overwhelming odds, the priest sacrificed his life, but his sacrifice required a conduit for the power of Thor, to grant his last prayer. Terry was that conduit, and channeled the power and anger of the Thunder God to a priest thousands of miles away, clear on the other side of the world. When Terry woke from his slumber, he knew where he had to go -- around the world, to find the last priest's body, and give it last rights as a son of Thor.

Equipment: Though he holds onto his spellbook -- an exact copy of the one Tellerian once had, thanks to Henrik 'Prat' Kamus -- Terry has little else. He carries with him candles and flints, but his greatest possession is a blank book. Based off of his memories, and his enhanced spiritual repertoire thanks to the bit of his father's soul he possesses, Terryl Hawke II is slowly but surely inking in the holy book of the Norse Pantheon -- the first such book ever to be made, for all of the Norse gods. About his neck rests his holy symbol, a lightning bolt lying over a rainbow bridge.

Roleplaying Notes: In some ways, Terry is very much like the man he was cloned from. In others, he as different as night and day. And he knows it. Like Tellerian, his 'brother', he goes on the defensive in a fight, seeking to test the limits of his opponents, before going offensive. He spent five centuries in suspended animation, slowly growing to physical and mental matury, while Agincoth and Odin, Ritarinne and Prat, filled his memories with illusions and enchantments. Terry is a different man from his brother, named for their mutual grandfather Terryl Hawke. He is at peace with the world in a way that Tellerian still dreams of finding, and he has willingly answered the call of the cleric. Patient and wise, with all the memories of Tellerian, and all the wisdom of Ritarrine and Prat and five centuries of watching and divining, Terry has a personality of fire as brilliant as his hair. He lights up a room like a bright torch, with his smile and his personality. And though he accepts that others gods may hold sway, he knows deep down in his soul, that he is the first of a new breed -- a Chosen of the entire Norse Pantheon, with all the power and responsibility thereof.

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