ArchPrelate Talon Bhramord

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. After the War of the Undead, Talon returned to Kur Maeth where he worked tirelessly. After receiving his fifth and then sixth holbraces as a paladin of Yatindar, even while surreptitiously fighting against the Inquisition, Talon was voted in as ArchPrelate of all Kur Maeth, and the senior paladin of Yatindar in all the world. The Inquisition managed to tip the scales against Talon during the War of the Four Winds in neighboring Rakore, and convinced Kur Maeth to invade Rakore. After a number of atrocities against the people of Rakore by the Inquisition, many of the crusaders followed Talon in revolt against Kur Maeth. In the aftermath of the war, Talon and those loyal to him were given the Janis Plains and the mountains to the west of them, and took the new name of Janissaries. The former crusaders and new members of Rakore appointed Talon their Duke, and the king of Rakore approved the paladin as Duke of the Janissaries. Through it all, his stead-fast second-in-command was Prelate Torak (also of Yatindar), whom Talon rewarded with the title of Count and the city of Chasadan in Rakore.

6th-Level Paladin

STR: 14
DEX: 13
CON: 12
INT: 11
WIS: 14
CHA: 18
AC: 0
THAC0: 13
HP: 58
Alignment: LG
Special Attacks: Nil
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: 6'2"

Weapon Proficiencies: Expertise with longswords, two-weapon style expert, two-handed weapons.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Engineering (secondary skill), blind fighting, endurance, ancient history: Karatika, religeon, read/write: all.

Languages: Common, Karatikan.

Special Defenses: As per a paladin of Yatindar.

Appearance: A burly man in the prime of his life, Talon's deep blue eyes show a wealth of wisdom and experience. His once jet black hair has started showing signs of gray at the temples, though he maintains the vigor of youth and the faith of training. Wide shoulders that bear plate mail with ease, bear instead chain mail beneath the blue and white mantle of a man of importance. Richly made riding boots and two well-made longswords slung over his back speak of a man of power. Incongruous leather gloves that are scarred and padded considerably draw the eye to Talon's palms, and then to the hilts of his longswords -- hilted with barbed wire that draws blood from the archprelate each time the swords are wielded.

Background: Born and raised in Karmen, Talon was destined for the paladincy from the beginning. The son of two paladins, he grew into the steadfast service to the Church of Yatindar at its heart, the Faeleran. A common-sensical child, he was fascinated with the workings of defenses and artillery, and the stories of the Storm Wars. After coming of age, Talon travelled widely in lands far from the Faeleran, acting as an Inquisitor, a Judge, and a Herald. In 1310, the protector was tapped as an expert on fortifications and siege engines by Archprelate Dolf Antolin. Talon accompanied the archprelate to Giranhad, where he served as an advisor on weapons of war, and the strategies of Storm Wars used by paladins against mages. The archprelate confided in the young protector that the rulers of the orcs were likely strong magic-users. As preparations continued at Giranhad, Talon and a select few others were sent as an advance party, to scout Kur Maeth and its neighboring lands for suitable invasion sites. The protector was chosen to infiltrate the backwater lands to the west of the orc's desert, and determine the suitability of that area to serve as a base of operations. During Talon's survey of the land, the paladin came to the aid of a dwarven fighter/cleric of Galgiran, and a desert elven archer; both had been victims of the orcs, and both spoke of an even graver threat -- undead. Talon helped the two for close to a year, before they learned word that the Second Detonation would occur. The protector immediately returned to Giranhad with his news, and then aided his archprelate in the frantic four-month evacuation of the city. Armed with Talon's extensive knowledge of Kur Maen defenses and practices, the arch prelate sailed the whole of the Fourth Crusades into the city. Brilliant tactics and a remarkable rescue situation earned Talon the rank of Prelate. No sooner had they begun to consolidate their power in the region, when two archons of Nabrol attacked the archprelate. Talon and several other priests managed (miraculously) to defeat one of the archons. Dolf Antolin fought the other archon to the death in single combat, earning him the posthumous title of 'Saint'. Prelate Talon Bhramord quickly rallied the demoralized crusaders, and set about continuing Saint Antolin's plans. After cleaning up most of Kur Maeth, he prepared to attack the Ogre Nations when the War of the Undead unsettled everything. The orcs became hemmed in by the centaur ants of the northern deserts, and their increased numbers gave even the bravest paladin of Yatindar pause to wait. Additional orders from the Faeleran to weigh an attack on the 'mage-held' nation of Rakore made him wait, as well. The founders of Rakore were the dwarf and the desert elf he had worked with years before.

Equipment: In addition to his holy item, he always has a small prayer book hanging in a pouch from his hip.

Magical Items: The archprelate wears the Mantle of Leadership, a\heavy white leather mantle with intricate blue tooling. The enchanted mantle was a gift from the Disciple of Yatindar that accompanied the Fourth Crusades, and bestows upon Talon a +5 bonus to his Armor Class, regardless of whatever armor he might wear. In addition, the twin longswords are the longswords of Kamus (see item entry), making Talon a very dangerous opponent in combat.

Roleplaying Notes: A no-nonsense kind of man, Talon cuts right to the chase. Though he can have the utmost of tact, there is no doubt when he tells a man his mind. True to his honor, and the ways of good, he never-the-less knows when its time to run, time to hide, and time to just flat-out kick some butt. An able administrator, his real strength is in seeing the character and skill of a man. His amazing charisma brings out the real strength in those around him, making them more efficient and skilled at the tasks set before them. Embodying the spirit of the law, he brings justice where lawlessness once prevailed -- to the heart of evil, Kur Maeth.

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