CAPTAIN SEAMUS YARBUS, Skald of the Stonehelms
Lord Protector in the King's Service
Captain of The Rattler

"Just because I protect the innocent, doesn't mean I am."

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. For actions above and beyond the call of duty during the War of the Four Winds, Sir Seamus, Captain of the Rattler, was promoted to the rank of Duke of the Stonehelms -- and given a fleet of vessels, such that at sea he has the rank of Commodore. He continues sailing the seas against pirates, Nabrolians, and Inquisition forces that would threaten his native Rakore. Never far from his side is the shadowy bodyguard and lover Cleo and his First Mate, the cleric of Olorin, Maui. He also often travels with a crack marine unit, headed by Sir Angus Stonehelm. Often with them is the halfling sorceress Seraphina.

Male Sylvan Elf, 4th-Level Bard, 2nd-Level Fighter, 1st-Level Cleric

Hit Points

15 (+2)
17 (+3)
10 (+0)
12 (+1)
11 (0)
15 (+2)


Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (5'6")


Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Appraise +9, Balance +8, Bluff +5, Climb +4, Disguise +4, Gather Information +5, Hide +6, Intimidate +3, Jump +5, Knowledge (history) +6, Open Lock +8, Perform (bagpipes) +9, Perform (storytelling) +9, Pick Pocket +7, Profession (sailor) +8, Speak Language +2 (pending), Spot +7, Swim +8, Use Rope +8.
Feats: Weapon Finesse (Rapier), Craft Wonderous Item, Combat Reflexes, Quick Draw, Improved Critial (rapier), Leadership.
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Koboldric, Elven.
Date of Birth: circa 1213 Avard.
Possessions: Seamus' most important possessions are his bagpipes, and his lockpicks. He also carries a well-worn traveller's pack with a bed roll, flint and steel, ink, parchments, oil flasks, quills, and spare quarrels, plus smokesticks. He wears a beltpouch and a waterskin, and carries a light crossbow for armorment, in addition to his +2 rapier of defending (which glows an evil, fiery red just along the blade's edge). He carries a silvered-dagger for use against the undead. His enchanted acquisitions include a pair of gauntlets of ogre power made from the hide of a yellowish ogre, a royal purple cloak of resistance +2. He's also acquired an orange-gold, alabaster holy symbol of Habrem with a song of healing inscribed on it, worth thousands of gold pieces. Seamus wears a kiriath bracelet (nondetection and invisibility to undead) about one ankle, as well. Sometimes on him, and sometimes not, is a watered-steel longword that bears the Official Seal of Rakore stamped on the base of the blade -- an indication of his knighting.
Bardic Spells: 3/4/2. 0th-level (daze, detect magic, percussion, light, and resistance, flare). 1st-level (cure light wounds, magic weapon, mage armor). 2nd-level (invisibility, shocking bolt).

Appearance: Seamus is a moderately-sized sylvan elf with green eyes and short-cut black hair, approximately 115 years of age. He dresses in non-descript leather trousers with good walking boots, as well as fair cotton tunics -- and in foul weather, a cloak with a dwarven clasp. His light step, gentle smile, and merry eyes put people well-enough at ease -- even in the most trying of circumstances. When he moves, he moves with a mingled combination of elven grace and dwarven stubborness, instantly drawing the experienced eye.

Background: Seamus was taken in by the Stonehelm side of the Warkore Dwarves around 1213 Avard. The elven foundling was given a good dwarven name, and raised as a dwarf -- for the Stonehelm side of the clan was notorious for a wicked sense of humor. They were determined to raise an elf 'proper like, so he could grow intae a right good dwarf'. Seamus showed a strong liking for the fierce, proud, and rather humorous dwarves. He eventually became a skald -- or bard -- for the Stonehelm side, playing an odd human instrument known as the bagpipes. The bagpipes suited the Stonehelm side of the Warkore Clan well enough, and the fierce warriors took a considerable liking to their dwarf-raised elf.

During the Ogran Wars of the Warkore Clan, Seamus had ample opportunity to battle crafty kobolds, smelly orcs, and frightening ogres in the mountains of his home. Somewhere along the way, he picked up one of the Kobold dialects. At one point, he even befriended a kobold ranger that was as exasperated with the Ogran Wars as the dwarves were. The kobold ranger, Kyipyirip, still hangs around the Stonehelm mountains as a recluse that keeps the local wolves and bears in check.

After the War of the Undead, Seamus had a chance to wander about Rakore for perhaps half the year, before returning to his hearth with the Stonehelms. In 1327, though, the wanderlust grew to be too great. He said only a bit of a goodbye to the Stonehelms, who knew it was time their 'dwarf' went out in search of himself. Seamus bartered his bardic abilities for passage to any distant land, and set sail.

Recently, Seamus has become embroiled in a quest to find the ancient artifact known as Al Mudim. He has been hired on by Firestorm of Gideon Enterprises, and given control of the light galleon Rattler to accomplish his mission. While hunting pirates in the summer of 1329, he was awarded the title of 'knight' after sending one pirate to the bottom or the sea, and helping capture two others.

Roleplaying Notes: Seamus has a fine sense of humor, and a rare gift for hiding things in plain sight -- particularly humor. A trusting sort of soul, he gives his all for his friends and his companions -- always putting a good spin on things, and seeking to keep the party well-knit. Bright and intelligent, Seamus is quite content to aid his friends however he can, but he feels he can best aid his friends by recording their adventures in story and deed.

From the Player's Notes:
Seamus projects an aura of friendship and good humor to those of the party, but most of them see through this illusion. His good humor and self-depreiciating wit mask a ruthless and single-minded determination. He will do whatever it takes, no matter the cost, to ensure the completion of this quest. While the others have lines they won't cross, he does not. He will not hesitate to do whayever dirty work needed to ensure the others do not tarnish their souls. If his is tarnished, so be it, he isn't the hero here, the others are.

While he has become more capable in many ways, he doesn't advertise it, in fact he downplays his contributions, preferring to let others take credit for his ideas or actions. His fear of failure fuels his drive to complete this quest. If this group should be successful, they will quite possibly save their world. Seamus would like nothing better. This is a world needing heroes, Seamus feels he can make this group into heroes. Being handed the leadership, however temporary, of the party once before, gives him a unique kinship with Jena. He understands her fears and pains, and will make a supreme effort to aid her in any way he can. The added responsibilities weigh heavily on his mind as well. He looks forward to the completion of the quest with a determined fatalism, brought on by his recent glimpse of a possible future. The quest must succeed, or his world is doomed.

Seamus' Journal

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