Saranella, Chosen of Xoriah

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Saranella used her powers as Chosen of Xoriah to help defend Kashin during the War of the Four Winds, as the city evacuated into the Rakanus Mountains and Mount Lavanor. Her beloved and husband, Disciple Aust, helped to support her and fire the resolve of Kashin to survive the calamity. Once the war was over, Saranella and Aust greatly aided in the reconstruction of Kashin. Saranella is most often found in Kashin at the temple of Xoriah there, though sometimes she adventures to find information and relics on a supposed 'lost city' of Xoriah. She often makes trips to Teras to visit the temple of Xoriah there, run by a priest appropriately named Torch

Human Specialty Priest of Xoria
Fire Elementalist

Saranella is the last priest of Xoria left alive on all of Gaeleth, and is the first fire elementalist since the Storm Wars. Born to a manor lord in a small farming community in Vridara, Sara grew up in a sheltered land. A legend, and the touch of prophecy, set her on the road away from home.

A stranger -- the last of Xoria's followers -- died in the stream where the young girl went to play away from her parents. As his red blood flowed like dye into the waters, a dozen of Xoriah's archons reached down to give the child the Power of magic. Traumatized by the death of the stranger, the little girl was nearly a young woman before she remembered the entire event, after nearly drowning in that same stream years later. Her own near-death experience led her to uncover the items the man had worn, hidden by a frightened young girl in an age of Inquisition.

Saranella threw herself into the unbridled and undisciplined studies of fire, studying the combination spellbook and prayer book that the stranger had had with him at his death. Taking his weapons -- twin sais of silver with a phoenix embossed upon them -- Sara was ripped violently from her covert studies by an ages-old spell.

A storm rolled over the mountains of Avris such as had not been seen in centuries -- a left over remnant of the War of the Undead. A small plateau had once been a test field for a powerful guild of summoners during the Storm Wars. The runes were activated by the lightning, pulling Saranella and two other strangers together from across the face of Gaeleth. Working together for survival in a land ravaged by the War of the Undead, and the aftermath of evil in Kur Maeth, Sara defeated a wizard taking power in a small city state -- and took his velociraptor familiar for her own.

Buried in the wizard's library was a hint that an ancient city of of Xoriah's followers might still persist even after all the centuries since. Armed with experience and knowledge, Saranella left her friends, determined to find whatever remnants of Xoriah are left, and unite them, that the goddess might return from her near assassination at the hands of the god Infierne. Based on rumors that a church of Xoriah survived among the drow in the city of Tyven, she set out from Rakore with three hired men -- and a paladin -- to return the Goddess of Fire and Fury to her place among the pantheon of men.

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