SAM, the Greatsword Weaponmaster

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Sam is Over'raj of one of the Alekdan Principalities, having carved out a princedom for himself in the islands he was once a gladiator for. He continues to work to undermine the great evils present in the principalities, but does so with a ruthlessness that is frightening to those that don't know him. His right-hand man is a kobold named Oorl. He took the name Demonslayer after delcaring war on a demon-controlled principality nearby, with whom he continually wars.

Male Half Earth Elemental, 8th-Level Fighter / 3rd-Level Weaponmaster

Hit Points

22 (+6)
14 (+2)
18 (+4)
14 (+2)
10 (+0)
10 (+0)


Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (6'5")


Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




* (with his greatsword, Anima, only)

Skills: Climb +9, Craft (weaponsmith) +16, Intimidate +8, Jump +22, Knowledge (arcana, geography, nature, nobility and royalty, the planes) +3, Ride +8, Swim +9.
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Expertise, Improved Critical (Greatswords), Power Attack, Whirlwind Attack, Weapon Focus (greatsword), Weapon Specialization (greatsword), Superior Weapon Focus (Greatsword).
Abilities: Elemental; magic stones, soften earth to stone, stone shape, spike stones, wall of stone, stone skin; all at 1/day. Weaponmaster; ki damage 1/day/level, increased multiplier 1/day, superior Weapon Focus (greatsword).
Languages: Common, Ogran, Elven, Pit Cant (s), Druidic (s), Goblinoid (s), Dwarven (s).
Possessions: Sam's greatest possession is a masterwork greatsword that he constructed himself, then later infused with magic by the hand of a druidic white dragon named Tangala. Sam named the sword Anima, meaning 'soul'. Stitched onto the fur and leather sheath of Anima are two mini sheaths containing day and night rods. He wears a magical, midnight black +2 chain shirt, a small +3 buckler, and fine dark clothing of leather. He carries on his body an old whetstone and waterskin. On his necklace is a wooden flute created by Earl. He wears dark boots of striding and springing, a ring of protection +1, gauntlets of ogre power +2, a major cloak of displacement, and a stone of earth elemental control. Sam also has come into the care of a donkey, named Albert, which carries for Sam his rations, a fine rug and a lump of Mithril ore.

Appearance: A Vridaran merchant once described Sam as 'a big man, black as night, wearin black clothes -- an lookin like he was a statue cut from the blackest basalt'. At six-foot-five and 395 pounds, Sam is a large, well-built man with skin the color of black ink. His coal-black eyes sparkle with an inner fire around a classic Alekdan nose*. Sam had hair of raven color, but after attaining his 8th character level, his elemental powers manifested some more, causing his skin to harden and likewise his body hair to fall out. Something about his ebon skin and finely chiseled features tickles the subconsious, but few can tell his muscles and skin sharp-edged and rock-hard. His dark complexion hides the hard edges of his body, and the marbled black appareance of his skin. Dressed further in black leathers, hides, and scales, Sam is, indeed, 'cut from the blackest basalt'.

*Alekdan noses have an aquiline, almost hawkish cut to them.

Sam, by Diego DaSilva; image used with permission, copyright 2005.
Sam, by Diego DaSilva; image used with permission, copyright 2005.

Background: Sam was born in the Alekdan Principalities to Togrom Devilscare, a self-styled Pirate Prince of considerable power. Sam's father was a pit fighter for the pirate prince, and earned him a considerable amount of money over the years. Born into slavery, Sam knew no other life than the fights in the pits, and surviving at the whim of the princes. When he was of age, Sam entered the pits himself, and began to earn a reputation as a fierce warrior and a shrewd tactician.

Togrom Devilscare, like many of the Pirate Princes, wanted to have a financial edge in the pits. His house mage, well hidden from the Inquisition, had discovered one of the old ways to summon elementals. Working off that knowledge, the mage researched a way to bond elemental powers to living bodies, thus granting a mortal man inhuman powers. There were risks, however, and experimentation killed the first six slaves the mage tried his arts upon. Togrom wanted an up-and-coming pit fighter of his to receive the benefits of the elemental merging, so that his sudden prowess could be attributed to 'extensive training'. Sam was taken out of the pits for close to a month, and then forcibly bonded with an earth elemental's spirit. The strong pit slave survived the process, though it altered him in subtle ways.

Togrom was ecstatic with his new slave, and quickly ordered him back into the pits. Sam won round after round, not really understanding the changes wrought in him. He felt stronger, but that was all he knew. Over the next few months, he slowly grew in height and weight, and his features began to take on their current, chiseled look.

Togrom Devilscare, meanwhile, had irked one of his contemporaries. In an overnight raid, the principality of Divilscare was destroyed. In the chaos that ensued, Sam found himself wisely fleeing from the region. Spending what money he had to purchase a berth on the Sea Hound, Sam sailed northwest, to Sandar. In Sandar, the Sea Hound took on a passenger that gave Sam the willies. The vessel sailed through the Western Maelstrom, and then north through the eerie Sea of Kiriath to Koobrick Island in Vridara. After a brief stop there, the Hound stopped in Lamental, Vridara, where Sam disembarked.

Exchanging the steel coins of the principalities for the triangular chits of the Vridaran Empire, Sam cautiously set out to earn a living as best he could -- as a mercenary.

Roleplaying Notes: Sam's outlook on life, in general, has changed over the course of his cold adventuring days. As his powers of being an outsider manifests itself slowly, Sam has begun to experience changes in his combat oriented mind. At first, Sam would have weighed his situation as to make better battle plans, but as he becomes one with the infinitly patient earth, Sam is starting to become battle itself. What would have taken him a couple of seconds to figure out before hand begins to take mearly an instant to him. His voice has now become the deepest it has ever been and his stark negro skin has an almost total cut look to them. Also, what was once straight black hair has now fallen out, as his skin becomes stoic stone. As roleplaying is concerned, Sam is changing right before his companion's eyes, and this creates great roleplaying twists in Sam's life. Sam's idol is no longer Faerrad. After time, Sam has now departed slightly from the group. His mind has changed and as each of his companions grow in power, Sam realises that they can take care of themselves.

Sam has three focuses to master in life; the earth, the steel, the soul.

ANIMA: Leveled Greatsword with the following abilities; Keen, Spellstoring, +2 enhancement. Inactive abilities are +3 enhancement and Vorpal. See DRAGON MAGAZINE#289 for leveled item rules.

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