Sadic Brevit

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Sadic become the Baron of Lok Sadic around 1327 Avard, and set about securing his barony as a way-stop on the way to the capital of Rakore, as a defensive fortification against the wilds of the Rakoran forests, and as a druidic stronghold. During the War of the Four Winds, the baron helped keep the interior forests open so that Loregard's armies could retreat when that great fortress finally fell. By the end of the war, due to constant battles and skirmishes, it became widely known (even to his baroness) that the Baron Sadic was a form of undead. The seven-foot-tall skeleton was allowed to keep Lok Sadic by the king, so long as the baron maintains a circle of three priests. His wife's continuing love for the baron, despite his lichdom, has led many to speculate greatly about the barony and what happens there during the night. Only the baron's undisputed power in combat and the productive way his lands are run prevent him from being ousted.

7th-Level Desert Elven Bard
Bone Golemite

STR: 19
DEX: 14
INT: 15
WIS: 11
CHA: 18
AC: 1*
THAC0: 15
HP: 43
Alignment: CN
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: See below
Size: 7'1"

* AC-2 with Fugohan style, AC-4 with Kame style.

Weapon Proficiencies: Longbows, Hummingbird style, 3rd-level Fugohan style, and Kame style (see unarmed combat style entries).

Nonweapon Proficienies: Religion (secondary skill), read/write: Common, local history: Vridara, tumbling, rope use, falling, dancing, gaming, engineering.

Languages: Common, elven, dwarven, Sholin.

Special Attacks and Defenses: As a bone golemite (something very similar to a bone golem, but living), Sadic has fearsome attacks and defenses. His strength is enormous, derived from his magical nature, giving him a +3 to hit and a +7 to damage. Damage from his claws is 2d4+7 points of damage; combined with his Hummingbird style, he strikes twice a round with each strike dealing 2d8+7 points of damage. He never tires or requires sleep, and can carry on for days and weeks at a time. He also retains his charming qualities as a bard, somewhat enhanced by his illusory appearance.

Magical Resistances: Sadic is relatively immune to most spells, and is not considered undead -- although he can be turned (but not destroyed) as an undead of his current Hit Die. He takes only half damage from edged or piercing weapons (and has a base AC of 6), unless he fails a save versus a shatter spell, in which case he will take normal damage from edged weapons and double damage from blunt weapons for roughly a day.

Special Abilities: He can control lesser, unintelligent undead as though he were a priest of the same level. In addition, he has an innate ability to cast cure light wounds as a priest, once per day. His eyes are illusions, and he sees only with his soul -- in light, and in darkness. While not true sight, he sometimes sees things that no one else is meant to see.

Thieving Skills: Climb walls 70%; detect noise 70%; pick pockets 70%; read languages 5%.

Spells: Typically, Sadic uses illusory and phantasmal spells to mask his golemite state. When he is discovered, he has no compunctions about using deadly offensive spells such as fireball and lightning bolt.

Appearance: Large even for a desert elf, Sadic's purple eyes convey sheer amusement. Massively built, he stretchs out the black silks that he wears, moving with a quick and brisk pace. Over his silks, he wears black leather boots bound with silver bands, black leather bracers with steel bands sewn into them. Strapped to the belts across his waist is a bullwhip 17ft long, and his eating knife. Over all of this, he wears a Sadic-sized balandrana made with the belly-scales of a blood-brown minotaur lizard, with the black leather hood pulled up. Sometimes, his long brown braid escapes from his balandrana, and he absently flicks it back in place. All of thise, however, is an illusion of who he once was. When the illusion drops, Sadic is a skeleton over seven feet tall with massive bones and slightly pointed teeth. The skeleton itself does wear silks and leathers, as well as the bracers and steel bands that allow him to use his Kame style of self defense. Visible only in his true state, is a necklace bearing the holy symbol of Galanus.

Background: He was abandoned on the steps of the Church of Yatindar in Brevit, the capital of Vridara. The church accepted the elven child with open arms and honor, naming the babe 'Aaron', after the great paladin of the Battle of DuMeir during the Storm Wars. However, the young desert elf (with the proximity of the Rakis Desert to Vridara), took for himself the desert elven name Sadic. Sadic's first adoptive father was the cleric Ahmenel, a kind and caring man that instilled in the young desert elf a sense of wonder and honor. Ahmenel died of old age, and was supplanted by Bishop Adel Khrelin as Sadic's adoptive father. Khrelin was strict, pushing the limits of his charge's mind and abilities. When Sadic was seventy-one, a mage was discovered in Brevit. The Bishop quickly called in the Inquisitors and the Seekers to find the mage. Sadic, overhearing everything, decided to prove he was superior to the Seekers; he succeeded, finding the mage before anyone else did. The mage was a sixty-four year old man, whose most powerful spell could ignite fires -- after hours of intensive study and preparation. The Bishop's Inquisitors were quickly gaining on the old mage, named Kandelon Firelight. Sadic, out of pity, aided Kandelon to escape from Brevit. However, just outside the city, the paladins and clerics of Yatindar quickly corralled the old mage. In the heat of the ensuing battle, Kandelon was slain. Sadic, pitted against Bishop Khrelin, changed his world view entirely. After thirty years of wandering after the narrow escape, Sadic learned that Kandelon's grandson had the wild talent his grandfather had been persecuted for. So as to prevent another, similar miscarriage of justice, Sadic sought out the wild mage known as Jandor Firelight -- to protect him from the Inquisitors. After many adventures with Jandor, Sadic was killed by the death knight Sandrimos while defending his castle and his baroness from the undead evil. Due to the nature of the spells Sadic had cast over a lifetime, the magical nature of the castle itself, and the horrid spells that Sandrimos had cast, Sadic's soul was never free to escape his body. Instead, he became bound to his skeleton, unable to ever leave. Not a true undead, and not a possessed golem, he is somewhere inbetween.

Equipment: Sadic keeps several survival items in his black-dyed haversack, such as iron rations and a wineskin. He also keeps the stranger items that he and Jandor have found over the course of their adventures together, as well as a pair of climbing spikes (+10% CW) in case of need. His spellbook is also kept in the haversack. Under his silk shirt, he wears a specially made web-silk shirt made by Jandor's familiar, Rath; it offers an AC bonus of +3, yet wears as lightly as cloth.

Magical Items: The spider's band (girdle of continual spider climb, web once per day), Hewer's handy haversack, bracers of protection +2.

Roleplaying Notes: Sadic is Chaotic Neutral by choice. Highly intelligent, he prefers the methods of chaos to the 'immenently logical' views of Yatindar. His neutrality is also a direct response to the Inquisition carried out by the Church of Yatindar. Deeply protective of Jandor, he will do anything to protect mages, and Jandor in particular. He feels that magic can be a first-line attack, and he will use whatever resources he has at his disposal to defend or off-balance an agressor. He often does strange things, things that would be called crazy; 'fear' is not a common emotion in Sadic. For example, a stinking cloud might be jokingly referred to as a flatulence. For all his impulsiveness, he seems to have a personal enmity with Kaztith's memory, and with Kozak, his successor. He longs to regain his elven status and break free of the coils of his undeath, and sometimes sinks into a black despair over his state. Once free of undeath, should he regain his life and body, he hopes to one day move on to becoming a diplomat or ambassador for Rakore -- but such hopes seem far in the future, and uncertain. Whenever he looks at his skeletal hands, his hopes sometimes drive him into a darker despair. Coupled with the illusions necessary in the presence of his wife, the Baroness Gaelax, Sadic knows he must either become more active than ever before, or sink to depths he once would never have considered.

Familiar: A simple find familiar spell attracted a great horned owl, whom Sadic named Nightmare. The owl is fairly independant, although it shares a telepathic link limited to several miles, and Sadic can (at will) see anything he sees. AL TN; AC 5; MV 1, 27Fl D; hp 20; THAC0 18; #AT 2; 1d6 from claws; S6, D16, C17, I4, W12; MS95%, HS65%, DN55%. NWP: Hunting, direction sense, weather sense, and tracking (inherant). Nightvision to 1,200ft. 90% immunity to enchantment/charm or sleep spells. Morale 20.

Follower: Lidik (male tomanth): AL CG; AC -3; MV 6, 18Sw, 12Ab; F3; hp 32; THAC0 18; #AT 3; 1d4 per each claw, and 2d4 bite + poison (see tomanth entry); S16, D10, C16, I12, W11, Ch13. WP: UCE (hummingbird style). NWP: Animal lore secondary skill, swimming, read/write: Common. Morale 19.

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