Nodrom "Dwarfendale" Fistforger
Bishop of Galgiran
Baron of Lok Giran

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. The Baron-and-the-Bishop's able preparations before the War of the Four Winds ensured that Mount Riland and its surroundings were able to withstand the ogran invasion with minimal casualties. The king of Rakore appointed Dwarfendale his advisor on defensive matters, and has tasked the dwarf with improving the defenses all over Rakore. Dwarfendale often travels with a retinue of warriors, more to pave his way than because he needs the bodyguards, moving all through Rakore in the King's name.

9th-Level Fighter, 9th-Level Specialty Priest of Galgiran

STR: 17
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 11
WIS: 18
CHA: 11
AC: 15
HP: 83
Alignment: CG
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: See below
Size: 4'0"

Weapon Proficiencies: Maul expertise, light crossbows proficiency, Bridelan style with mauls, two-handed style, UCE (Hummingbird style).

Nonweapon Proficienies: read/write: all languages (secondary skill), blacksmithing, religeon, spellcraft, mountaineering, healing, ancient history: Granite Clan, undead lore, armor, weaponsmithing.

Languages: Dwarven, Common.

Special Attacks and Defenses: As per a specialty priest of Galgiran (see gods entry).

Magic Resistance: It is important to note that between his class, and his equipment (and the occasional spell), Dwarfendale is virtually immune to fire, both normal and magical. He suffers but one Hit Point per die of damage done to him from fire of any kind. The death knight Lord Elistan literally turned and fled when Nodrom leapt into the path of his most powerful fireball -- and only singed his beard.

Spells: Typically, Dwarfendale uses the following spells: dimensional folding, cure serious wounds, heat metal, flesh to stone, and stone shape.

Appearance: A short, stout little dwarf, Nodrom appears far older than he actually is. His bleached white hair was the result of Galgiran's Touch, and he bears the wild beard and hair proudly. His intensely blue eyes seem very wise, but there is a spark of the wild dwarf in them that sometimes frightens people. Dressed in dwarven-made full plate from head to toe, he wears a rust-red surcoat over it. Slung over one shoulder is the carry-belt for a massive hammer-maul, whose head is nearly as large as Dwarfendale's own. Road wise and world wise, the mark of a traveler is forever stamped upon him. Slung over his other shoulder is a large pouch-sack that contains his holy book, as well as inks and a wineskin.

Background: Born to the Rakanus Clan of dwarves, Dwarfendale grew up surrounded by the religeon and faith of Galgiran. Aware of the widening rift between the Rakanus and Warkore clans, Nodrom underwent additional training as a combatant, should the day ever arise when the Rakanus and Warkore clans went to war. Nodrom proved an adept student at warfare, integrating all of his training into an individualistic approach to combat that was outside the dwarven area of expertise. When the orcs out of the Choranil Desert began to attack the Rakanus Clan, Dwarfendale was sent to offer a treaty to the Warkore Clans, whom were under similar attack, but by undead monsters from within the forests that separated the two clans. During several additional missions for Father Bryan of the Rakanus dwarves, Dwarfendale managed to invest considerable money in Gideon Enterprises, and meet the archer Malkir Vinaalaalus. As the undead menace and the orcish invasions grew in power, Nodrom was tapped to head an investigation into the source of the undead rising within the forests. That investigation would lead Nodrom and Malkir over all of Gaeleth, seeking out the ancient Vaults in a race against Demik Coruth, the necromancer armed with the Book of the Dead. Nodrom's power and influence would rise with his experience and wisdom, fighting death knights, ghost ships, undead krakens, and the dreaded necromancer himself. After Coruth's death, and the second slaying of Nathel, Nodrom retired to his fortress at Lok Giran to act as bishop and baron of Mount Rilan, and a personal advisor to both Disciple Bryan Stonegrudge and King Feldspar Graniteshoulders of Rakore.

Equipment: Fiercely independant and capable of dimensional folding anywhere he needs to, Nodrom always maintains a small survival bag full of rope, grappling hooks, torches, wineskins, and iron rations, as well as necessary writing and scribing materials. He also always carries his prayerbook with him, and his holy symbol.

Magical Items: Pisear's hammer (see item entry), Siyune's ring (see item entry), ring of waterwalking, helm of underwater action, bag of holding, two portable holes, potion of dimunition, scroll of ressurection, Karasenth bracers of Galgiran (see item entry), right hand of the Fistforger (see item entry).

Roleplaying Notes: Nodrom is wiley guerilla fighter with more common sense than most dwarves -- which is a lot. He is a capable leader of small-group tactics, keeping the big picture in mind, as well as bringing out the best in those who work with him. A hard worker and a hard study, he is extremely stubborn and will gnaw a subject to death before giving up.

Followers: Dwarfendale attracted a number of powerful fighters and clerics when he began construction of Lok Giran at Mount Rilan, deep in the heart of Rakore. Many Rakanus and Warkore dwarves felt that Nodrom epitomized the dwarves of old, and so have pledged their lives to his service.

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