Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Nalfein remains the senior necromantic advisor to Lok Magius, training a new generation of Death Masters. Nalfien remains as the preeminent necromancer in Rakore.


A dark drow with a dark past, he was the parallel force working against Demik Coruth during the War of the Undead. Allied with the Baron and the Bishop Fistforger, and the Baron Malkir Rakore, he accompanied them in several adventures. Serving as advisor, and wresting control of some of Coruth's dark minions from him, he was instrumental to victory on a number of occasions. The darkness that surrounded him made everyone uneasy, as though they could feel Death shadowing him. His shadows seemed to sop up the light -- and the memories -- of everyone around him, despite his good intentions.

Nalfein courts the Duchess Genea when he is in Rakore, but spends most of his time abroad in the world, alone. He tracks down many of the undead left behind by the War of the Undead, aiding the priests of Arpelos and Curiss wherever he can. Dressed in black robes, his purpose is unmistakable, yet he keeps to the shadows and the darkness, rarely seen or heard -- save by the undead. When confronted by the occasional Seeker or Inquisitor, even the shadows themselves rise up to defend him. It is rumored that Nalfein himself is undead, though those in GE and Rakore who know him vehemently deny those rumors.

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