Morbad de'Banoc

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Morbad was never killed, though he wished he was. A local fisherman of appropriate size was molded into the big mage's appearance, and all Morbad's animals and familiar killed. A Seeker used Morbad as a means of infiltrating Rakore and attempting to destroy the mages from within. Unfortunately (for the Seeker), Morbad recovered enough to overpower and then kill the Seeker. Seeing that everyone thought him dead already, Morbad chose to let everyone think he was still dead, and carried out a war against the Inquisition on his own. He now works out of Wuron S'fa as a hooded, unnamed figure with an axe and magic, Seeking the Seekers and hunting the Inquisitors.

8th-Level Elven Fighter, 9th-level Mage

D E C E A S E D (sorta)

STR: 15
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 17
WIS: 14
CHA: 10
AC: 5
THAC0: 10
HP: 51
Alignment: NG
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: Nil
Magic Resistance: 90% resistance to charms
Size: 6'0"

Weapon Proficiencies: Specialization in two-handed battle-axes, two-handed style, longbows, daggers, crossbows.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Herbalism (secondary skill), spellcraft, animal handling, animal training, animal lore, weaponsmithing, firebuilding, running, read/write: Common.

Languages: Common, elven, Karatikan, dwarven, tomanth, orcish

Special Attacks: One of Morbad's favored tactics was to cast fly upon himself, and then rise up above his enemies. Once in the superior position of height, he would release his battle-axe with a massive overhanded strike, sending it down with devestating force upon an opponent.

Spells: Typically, Morbad used the following spells: fly, detect magic, invisibility, and magic missile.

Appearance: A tall elf, he wore pritanium-studded leathers over his wirey frame that were light enough to let him cast spells, yet strong enough to defend him. His shoulder-length blonde hair had a white blaze in it, and his speckled blue eyes accentuated his freckled fair face. With his compound longbow slung over his back near a quiver of arrows, a light crossbow hanging from his belt with pritanium quarrels in his belt, and a massive pritanium battle-axe in hand, he appeared every inch the elven warrior in rich browns and greens. Near at hand were always animals, from baby squirrels climbing over his leathers, to his ferret of a familiar, to a cardinal that sat upon his shoulder. Often mistaken for an elven ranger, he kept his spellbook in a carrying satchel slung over one shoulder, and spell components secreted about his body.

Background: Morbad's appearance was due to having grown up among a small clan of elven rangers, deep within the Banoc Forest. Naturally inquisative and talented with the gift for magic, he left his forest home and the taboos against wizards, in search of the Greater Truth. A devout follower of Elinthar, he was aided in his travels by the many animals he trained and befriended, raising many of them from birth. Finally arriving in Rakore just as the War of the Undead began to get underway, he offered his services to Nodrom Fistforger in exchange for access to the spell books the dwarf had accumulated sans Inquisition. Morbad was an integral part of Dwarfendale's mission to recover the contents of the Cache Vaults -- before Demik Coruth could -- and was instrumental in retrieving the many bars of pritanium from the Cache Vault of Galgiran in Hobrimeth. During a visit to Aboris, the mage was lured from the Gideon Enterprises vessel by a specialty priest of Nathel. Taken far inland, his heart was ripped from his ribcage for use in the spell to ressurect the Dark God. His dessicated body was never found, buried beneath the sands with the bodies of his animals and his familiar with all his items and equipment still on him.

Equipment: Morbad always had a length of silk rope on him, as well as ink components, quill, parchment, and various bits of meats and treats to feed his many animals with.

Magical Items: His compound longbow +1, ring of tracking, and potion of vitality came from the Cache Vault of Elinthar on Chirin Island. He also carried a bag of holding and a ring of water walking on him.

Roleplaying Notes: Morbad was a light-hearted soul that enjoyed life. He saw events from the perspective of his animals, and animals in general -- and so was not overly concerned with the laws of nations. He also did not really see good or evil as forces that existed in the natural world; he saw instead survival through various forms. Wary of magic by upbringing, he would cautiously study whatever he could, devouring books in a single sitting. Infinitely kind to his animals, his wrath was great with anyone that would threaten them.

Familiar: He never actually cast the find familiar spell, but instead raised and trained his familiar from birth. Jonal was a brown ferret with a black-tipped tail, that was curious as his master, and as good with animals. Telepathically linked with his familiar, Morbad knew what it knew, and vice-versa. AL NG; AC 6; MV12; hp 36; THAC0 19; #AT 1; 1d6 from frenzied bite; S6, D16, C18, I5, W15; CW75%, MS85%, HS65%. NWP: Tracking and hunting (inherent), animal training, animal lore, tightrope walking, swimming. Morale 19.

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