Lilac, Arbitrer of Trees

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. After the death of her beloved Genesee (see Prat's War), Lilac moved to Lok Sadic and conducted fierce guerilla actions against the ograns. When the war was over, and Genesee was restored to life, she moved to Hallis Island to be with the heir-apparent to Duke Henrik. While there, she learned of the islands druidic roots, and has become a force to be reckoned with. Lilac gave up her position as senior druidess for Rakore, and handed that position to Phoenix.

7th-Level Half-Sylvan Druidess

STR: 14
DEX: 14
CON: 12
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHA: 15
AC: 3
THAC0: 16
HP: 30
Alignment: NG
Special Attacks: Nil
Special Defenses: Nil
Magic Resistance: 30% resistance to charms
Size: 5'4"

Weapon Proficiencies: Blowgun, quarterstaff, scimitar, trouble sense, steady hand.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Hunting (secondary skill), healing, herbalism, poison: korrim (see special proficiencies entry), weather sense, alertness, reading and writing: all.

Languages: Common, Elven, Gnomic, Draconic, Treant, Dryad.

Spells: Lilac always works in conjunction with other magic-users, using whatever druidic abilities she has to enhance their power or prayers. In the precense of healers, the healers' prayers are more potent, and in the precense of druids, their powers are all the stronger. With mages, she uses the land itself and all its creatures to distract enemy spell-casters, and defend the mages on her own side.

Appearance: Lilac leaves a deffinative impression on people as a half-wild, determined woman of her own making. Her skin is alabaster white, and her equipment and clothing is earth-toned -- giving her the appearance of a dusting of snow on a forest. Her hair is pulled back in a no-nonsense braid, and is a gentle riot of reds and browns. Lilac's brown, elven appearing eyes miss little, and her elven ears flicker at the slightest sound. Her human parentage shows in her thick muscles and heavy build. She wears an ivory coat of cranot scale mail (see creature entry) without effort. At her side is a scimitar made from the mandibles of a slicer beetle. Her arms often wrap sensuously around her quarterstaff of ebon wood as though it were a friend or lover, showcasing the strength of her bare arms. Over and under her cranot scale, she wears soft and supple brown and tan leather tunic and breeches, with rich brown leather hiking boots. Her young appearance, coupled with her hard features, make her seem a woman that has seen too much, too soon.

Background: Lilac was born a daughter of the Sebre Druids, barely fifty years before the Storm Wars. Aging as an elf, with the strength and vitality of a human, her druidic parents coached her in the ways of nature and rulership -- as the Sebre Katotan ruled the vast Karatikan Alliance. Trained as a warrior and a guardian of the forests and the Katotan, she helped sooth the North as the first tremors of the Shadow Star arrived, putting down pestilances, calming volcanoes, and easing the effects of massive earth-quakes. As nature's unrest continued, she turned her attention to defending the north from the evils of the Nathelian invasion. Throughout the Storm Wars, she and the rest of the druids of the Katotan wrestled with both nature and Nathel, and then Nabrol, in an attempt to bring peace to the lands of the north. As the Storm Wars ended, and the Inquisition began, Lilac and the rest of the Sebre Druids fought to defend Simon Luminar from the justiciaries of Yatindar, despite his crimes against the gnomes and the north. Just before their capture, Lilac and Luminar were thrown through time to the future -- to fight for the north once again, against the undead. As the War of the Undead boiled over into the Sea of Kiriath, and then into the lands of the Sebre Katotan, Lilac fought alongside Firestorm from the land of Rakore, to put down the undead hordes that threatened everything. Once the war was over, Lilac had time to absorb all that had happened, and investigate the last five hundred years.

Equipment: She keeps most of her equipment in a small carry-sack over her shoulders, consisting of a tinderbox, flint and steel, rope, various dried herbs, and the like. Under her carry-sack, she wears cranot scale mail.

Magical Items: Lilac's only two magical items are a ring of water walking, and a ring of tracking.

Roleplaying Notes: Lilac is a tough cookie, never letting her guard down, save in the presence of her friends, and the werebear Genesee Shalamarteen -- for she has a secret crush on the werebear. Extremely independant, she is never-the-less self-conscious about her appearance, and her snow-white skin often blushes with a fiery red tint in social situations. In the wilds, or against her enemies, Lilac is a one-woman army -- darting in, striking hard, and darting back out. She has deep mental scars from the wrongs the churches and the Inquisition did to her people, as well as from the years of battle both in the Storm Wars, and the War of the Undead; her dreams often leave her waking in a cold sweat, fighting terrors unseen. Bound and determined to protect the lands against the undead and evil, she has taken the mantle of Arbitrer, and become the senior druid for Rakore.

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