K'RI'KRIRNA, a.k.a. "Kerri"
Cadyran Initiate and Former Slave
Played by Pamela Parish

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Having survived the War of the Four Winds, the ticata Kerri opted to find more of her people by returning to the Alekdan Principalities to search for clues as to where she came from, and search for others like herself. She now works with Over'raj Sam, helping to undo slavery in the Principalities while searching for clues as to her origins.

Female Ticata, 1st-level Sorcerer (Celestial), 1st-level Druid


Hit Points

12 (+1)
16 (+3)
13 (+1)
12 (+1)
15 (+2)
16 (+2)


    Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Full Attacks:
Ranged Attacks:

40ft, climb 20ft
M (4'1")


    Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Concentration +3, Craft (leather) +3, Craft (bow) +3, Handle Animal +4, Hide +3, Knowledge (nature) +5, Knowledge (arcana) +2, Listen +8/+10, Move Silently +4, Spellcraft +3, Spot +4/+6, Survival +6.
Feats: [Track], Natural Archer*, Spell Thematics (plant life) from the Forgotten Realms Magic of Faerun book, [Improved Grab], [Improved Rake], Point Blank Shot, [Alertness] (when Kirra is within arm's reach).

*Natural Archer is a background feat.  People of the Alekdan Principalities receive a +2 racial bonus to Bluff and Sense Motive checks.
Special Abilities: As a Ticata, Kerri has an exceptional scent ability, a base climb speed, and +4 racial bonuses to Climb, Jump, and Listen checks.  She also has lowlight vision, Nature Sense, and Wild Empathy.
Languages: Common, Ticatan, Druidic.
Date of Birth: Unknown (probably around 1326 Avard).
Possessions: She has a mighty short bow of her own making, several quivers, and two back packs full of miscellaneous odds and ends, such as tools to make bows or work leather.  She also has four sleep arrows -- just in case.  Kerri wears studded leather armor, as well.
Arcane Spells:  5/4.  0-level spells:  disrupt undead, read magic, ray of frost, open/close.  1st-level spells:  mage armor, magic missile.  All her arcane spells derive from celestial blood, but have a nature-oriented theme (i.e. her magic missiles take the form of limbs, debris, and thorns that appear to be carried forth by the wind to unerringly strike their targets).
Natural Spells:  3/1.  All her natural spells also derive from her celestial blood, and have a stronger nature appearance than normal.

Appearance: Kerri looks like most ticata, with a feline's lower body and four feline paws, and a sort of mixed human-fox-cat upper body, with two humanoid arms.  Her tail is long and cat-like, and her muzzle, ears, and lower torso are fox-like.  Her fur is a short, golden brown, though it is rather dark at the extremities, to include her muzzle and ears.  She tends to carry a small back pack around her upper torso, and a heavier pack around her lower torso, but otherwise travels with little adornment, save for her short bow and several quivers.

Background:  Kerri was born to the V'kir'shilas Tribe of the ticata, a reclusive race of creatures found in the Gaebrum Forests of southern Galanath.  The V'kir'shilas Tribe was led by its shamans, who claimed to have been direct descendants of the Storm God, Brigain.  Kerri was groomed to be the shaman of the tribe, and also had the blood-born powers that the shamans claimed came from Brigain's divine blood coursing through their veins.

Kerri was three years old (but physically and mentally mature as a six-year old human) when she and her mother were set upon by slavers from the Alekdan Principalities.  Kerri's mother fought with all the power in her being, slaying many of the slavers, but they had a mage with them, one Danuflel Mirdast.  Danuflel destroyed Kerri's mother, right before her eyes.  Then the mage took Kerri as his own slave and pet, a creature to be studied, poked, and prodded so long as she remained with him.  Danuflel was not a cruel master, per se, but he worked for one -- a pirate prince by the name of Alvared Kilmath.

Alvared Kilmath -- through his mage -- managed to gain considerable power while Kerri was growing up in Danuflel's laboratories.  Alvared eventually controlled dozens of ships, including half a dozen galleons, and dozens of brigandines.  In mid 1328 Avard, however, a new pirate prince began a ruthless campaign to unite the northeastern isles under his domain, slaying anyone that refused to give him loyalty.  The new pirate prince, a former slave and gladiator by the name of 'Sam', discovered Danuflel's existence, and immediately put a bounty out on both him and Alvared.  Alvared, sensing the danger inherent in Sam, wisely fled in four of his light galleons (the Prized Whore, the Stiletto Heels, the Gnashing Grinder, and the Slave's Glare) and one brigandine (the Broken Elf).

Alvared hoped to reach distant Sandar, and reestablish himself.  Halfway there, however, his armada was overcome by a privateer from the distant nation of Rakore.  The privateer, going by the name of the Skate, proved quite formidable -- sinking The Gnashing Grinder and the Broken Elf, and capturing intact the other three vessels.  The crew of Skate was large enough that, with the aid of the slaves and round-the-candle vigilance of Alvared's crew, she was able to take all three remaining vessels with her in a month-long journey back to Rakore.

The first mate of the Skate took over as captain of the Prized Whore, where the more broken and hurting of the slaves were found.  The first mate was a water-mage and priestess of Olorin, and began the long healing and reintegration process for many of the slaves, including Kerri.  Nathamra, as the first mate was called, helped the ticata open up in her powers.  Nathamra even went so far as to summon a druidic kraken to aid Kerri's druidic senses for a day.  Nathamra and Kerri grew to be rather close, despite the difficult conditions and trials of capturing three light galleons.

Upon reaching Rakore, the rest of the ships docked at Teras -- but not the Prized Whore.  Nathamra and several veteral crewmen of the Skate managed to sail the light galleon up the Galanus River, several days upriver to the city of Kashin.  There, Nathamra used the Prized Whore to take on raw materials and stock for shipment down river, and also to help reintegrate many of the slaves into Rakoran life-styles.

Nathamra apprenticed Kerri to the local druid, an older man out of Boulderdash, an agricultural community not far from Kashin.  The local druid, John Oaks, allowed Nathamra and Kerri a tearful parting before taking her to his secluded grove in Boulderdash, only a half day's journey from Kashin.  There, two more months would pass as Kerri began to readjust to the life of a freed slave, before she would return to Kashin.

Roleplaying Notes:  Kerri tends to be quiet and withdrawn, for she is agoraphobic, alien, and druidic.  When she is moved to overcome her withdrawals, she can be a fiercesome creature of considerable power.  Highly respectful of nature, Kerri also tends to be fiercely protective of her friends, Mother Nature, and the innocent.  Because of her background in the Alekdan Principalities, she tends to react unfavorably to slavers.

Familiar:  Kerri's 'unusual cat' is actually a small demon.  One of Danuflel Mirdast's apprentices summoned a small demon, and the irritated Kerri summoned it with her innate find familiar abilities, overcoming the spell's powers with her own.  As Kerri grows in strength and power, she also infuses her familiar with some of her own powers, increasing its abilities.

K'Ra'ra, (aka Kirra) (outsider [native]): CR 2; Size T (10lbs); HD 2d6; hp 8; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Spd 3ft; AC 15 (+2 size, +2 Dex, +1 natural armor); BA/G +1/-12; Attack 2 claws +3 melee (1d4-2) and 1 bite +3 melee (1d6-2); S/R 2-1/2ft/0ft; SQ Low-light vision, Scent; AL TN (G); SV Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +4; Str 6, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha 7. Skills and feats: Balance +10, Climb +6, Hide +14*, Jump +10, Listen +3/+5, Move Silently +6, Spot +3/+5, Survival +2; Weapon Finesse, Multiattack, [Alertness] (when within arm's reach of Kerri), Improved Evasion, Share Spells. Skills: She has a +4 racial bonus to Climb, Hide, and Move Silently checks, and a +8 racial bonus on Jump checks. Kirra has a +8 racial bonus on Balance checks. She uses her Dexterity modifier instead of her Strength modifier for Climb and Jump checks. *In areas of tall grass or heavy undergrowth, the Hide bonus rises to +8.
Current XP:

Because of her bond to Kirra, Kerri has the ability to augment the demon with her own energies.  Each time Kirra levels up, she does so as though she were a character with the following abilities:
Hit Die:  d6.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level:  4 + Int modifier.
Sized Attack (M):  Attack 2 claws +5 melee (1d6+0) and 1 bite +5 melee (1d8+0); S/R 5/5ft.

Level BAB Fort
1 +0 +2 +2 +2 Familiar abilities.
2 +1 +3 +3 +3 Size Increment +1 (to Small; 4ft long, 60lbs, S/R 5/5, +4 Str).
3 +2 +3 +3 +3 Resistance to acid 5, cold 5, and fire 5,  bonus feat.
4 +3 +4 +4 +4 Size Increment +1 (to Medium; 8ft long, 500lbs, S/R 5/5, +6 Str).
5 +3 +5 +5 +5 At will, as a spell-like ability, fly (as per the spell).
6 +4 +5 +5 +5 Breath fire* as a supernatural ability, bonus feat.
7 +5 +5 +5 +5 Resistance to acid 10, cold 10, and fire 10.
*As per a dragon of the appropriate size category.

Size Increment (Su):  At will, Kirra can alter her size between size increments as a standard action that alters her height, weight, and strength according to her size increment.  Also note that this changes her armor class bonuses due to size, as well as Hide checks.

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