Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Kaztith may be dead, but he just changed his name to Kozak, whom is still alive and well. Sort of.

5th-Level Elven Night Ranger


STR: 17 (15)
DEX: 19
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 14
AC: -1*
THAC0: 16
HP: 39
Alignment: CG
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: 90% resistance to charms
Size: 5'7"

*-7 with shadow armor active, -11 with iniative as well.

Weapon Proficiencies: Expertise in scimitars, Alekdan style in scimitars, longbows, Banocbae style in longbows, Takdalatan style in longbows.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Ghostfighting (secondary skill), ambidexterity (ranger skill), tracking (ranger skill), animal lore (ranger skill), herbalism, reading/writing: Common, leatherworking.

Special Attacks: Due to intensive training, and study with the Rakanus dwarves of Rakore, Kaz has learned the difficult style of Takdalatan. He can deal a strike with his scimitar that delivers three times the normal amount of damage -- or six times normal on a natural twenty. To deal such an intense strike more than once a day would tear his muscle tissue apart.

Special Defenses: His extreme dexterity and acrobatic style have given him the ability to dodge attacks and recoil from danger. With enough warning, he can move aside or flip away, lowering his Armor Class by four.

Ranger Skills: During the night, in his element, Kaz has the ability to blend into the darkness and slide through the shadows with an uncanny ability. His base Move Silently and Hide in Shadows is 40% and 31%, respectively. His Dexterity raises this to +15% and +10%, and his elven heritage adds +5% and +10% more. When the shadow armor is active, an additional +5% and 10% is added to his abilities. With the shadow armor inactive, his Move Silently is 60%, and his Hide in Shadows is 51%. When active, Kaz's Move Silently is 65%, and his Hide in Shadows might be 61%, though he effectively is 70% invisible in near-darkness.

Appearance: Kaz wears a black leather balandrana impervious to the elements, lined with green-dyed wool. Beneath the balandrana, he wears black, well-oiled and maintained leathers, with black calf boots. On his wrists, he wears burnt steel bracers that at once reflect and absorb the light; daggers with black handles, and oiled by weaponblack reflect a similar burnt steel light. His callused fingers are long and strong, reflecting the character in his face. His long face has a strength and gentleness to it that is marred by a perpetual frown, and long gazes from his green eyes. His black hair is tied back in a long pony-tail beneath his balandrana, exposing his long ears. Most of the time, the ranger keeps the hood on his balandrana up, hiding his face from the sun, and his eyes from the light. Over his left shoulder, the hilt of a silver-wire, black-handled scimitar holds back the edge of his balandrana, thus exposing his quiver of mixed sheaf, flight, and practice arrows. On his left earlobe, he wears two silver earrings that glint with a burnished, almost-tarnished light. His five-seven bow extends from below and behind the quiver, up over his right shoulder, and over the balandrana. The ranger cuts a scene of darkness and shadow, flickered by green and silver; confidence and power, mixed with a bit of grim determination.

Background: Kaztith was probably born somewhere in the northern forests of Halganath. His adoptive parents, an enclave of drow druids, found the toddler curled up against the body of his mother, whom had been killed by a rabid bear. Taking pity on the youngling, the druids took him with them on their journey to a new home to the west, away from the Inquisitors and the Seekers. All of the drow had taken to druidism in the aftermath of their struggles during the Storm Wars as fighters and mages for the Nathelians. "Kaz" as he was named, grew up with the night-growing plants the drow loved, and the rare and strange species the drow brought into their reserved valley hidden in the Rakanaus mountains. Kaz often went in to trade with the dwarves of Mount Lavanor, learning their languages and customs. Upon returning from one such excursion, he found his adoptive family dead, and the valley burned to smoldering stumps. Kaz, and his trained panther Koto, managed to track the culprits down, though his vengeance was denied. Travelling briefly with several members of Firestorm, tracking down undead in the aftermath of the War of the Undead, brought some relief to his unquenched fire of revenge. The Hall of Mirrors on North Heiro Island was his downfall; his antithesis slew him.

Equipment: He carries very little with him. If the light is bright enough, even under his balandrana's hood, he'll put on pair of dwarven-made, silver framed, polished obsidian sunglasses. Around his neck, he wears a necklace made of aurum bauxite with platinum plating; the depiction is of a dragon, the animal totem of Arpelos, his god. On his left wrist, he wears a specially crafted bracelet of black silk, containing a heavy-duty glass vial and hard-stuck stopper for emergency doseages. Kaz devloped a small pack-harness for his panther, that holds two-hundred feet of black silk rope, and a few other odds and ends. He also carries the pritanium scimitar known as 'Jade'.

Magical Items: Dorimun's bracers (see item entry), shadow armor (see item entry), stone balandrana (protection from petrification, 'flesh to stone' and 'stone to flesh' at will while maintaining consciousness), web armor (acts as leather +1 cloth), Bale's earrings (protection from normal missiles), 1 dose of spider's essence (19 STR, spider climb, web at will once per round, +2 AC for one mark), one scimitar with an obijiwan ring +2.

Roleplaying Notes: He once was an easygoing young elf, but the happenings of a single month turned his world upside down. Kaz is quick to trust his instincts, but his instincts have of late betrayed him, jading him. The death of his adoptive parents, vengeance denied, and now a bad hand dealt by a deck of many things have left him with an enormous chip on his shoulder. The flame card has made him the target of the demon Nistilin, and his undead and fire elemental minions. Suddenly finding himself the hunted, instead of the hunter, his world has gone into turmoil, and with it, his emotions.

Animal: Koto was found as a kitten that had wandered too far from its den and its mother. The panther kitten and the elven ranger had a strange attraction, and Kaz undertook to raise the little one. Black as night, Koto has developed a relationship with the night ranger bordering on the mystic. AL NG; AC6; MV15; hp 26; THAC0 17; #AT 3; 2 claws (1d3 each), 1d6 bite (rear rake at 2d4 if both claws strike); S17, D20, C19, I4, W8. Verticle leap of 15 feet, horizontal leap of 20 feet. Morale of 13.

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