Jynx Maysolu

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Jynx has long been secretly smuggling mages into Rakore from afar. His funding has covertly come from Gideon Enterprises, and he has continued to operate as part of the underground, undermining the Inquisition at every turn. Jynx could be anywhere.

For more stories on Jynx, consult the Prat Chronicles, which detail his adventures before arriving in the realms of Gaeleth.

9th-Level Slate Fighter

STR: 16
DEX: 17
CON: 15
INT: 11
WIS: 14
CHA: 12
AC: 3*
THAC0: 12
HP: 70
Alignment: CG
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: 5'9"

*Armor Class can improve by nearly six points (see special defenses).

Weapon Proficiencies: Specialization in knives, mastery in katanas, two-weapon style, ambidexterity, one-handed style, proficiency in cutlasses.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Blindfighting, endurance, swimming, rope use, seamanship, navigation, direction sense.

Languages: Oerthian Common, Oerthian Southern Common, Gaelethic Common.

Special Attacks & Defenses: Each of Jynx's katanas was created by the archmage Nimbar, and heavily enchanted. Each sword, identified by its blazing sun or full moon brand at the base of the blade near the hilt, has considerable offensive spells cast on it. One set of spells makes the tip of the blade exist in a paradimensional state, making it extremely sharp. A second set of spells serves to dampen the momentum of the weapons, so that the wielder is able to change directions in fractions of a heartbeat, either attacking or defending as need be. The third and most powerful set of enchantments drains power from both the paradimensional state and the momentum damperners, channeling the power to the blades in such a way that, virtually of their own accord, they seek out other sharp objects nearby -- defending the wielder.

Appearance: Dressed in supple travelling leathers and boots, the only thing remarkable about the man is his hair, which is a strange shade of brown that appears purple in certain lights. Across his back are slung two katanas of exquisite workmanship, that are more functional than decorative. Scattered across his body are knives, from the tops of his boots, to several on his belt, to some up his sleeves. Other than this, he appears as a relatively handsome man with hazel eyes and a lean build, carrying a small water-proofed leather satchel over one shoulder.

Background: Jynx grew up as a mercenary in the port city of Dyvers on Oerth. Sometimes selling his services at sea, and sometimes working in the city itself, he became rather experienced as a warrior. Unaligned with the local Mercenary's Guild, however, he was quickly heading for a confrontation with a great number of lesser mercenaries. The guild hired an assassin to kill Jynx, and make it look like a bungled robbery; however, a mage of considerable power under the employ of the assassin Prat, killed Jynx's would-be assassin. Prat saw Jynx's skill immediately, and hired him as a body-guard for his mage, Delbin Arcanus. Over the course of the next several years, Jynx faced everything from undead knights to beholders, all under the employ of the assassin Prat. When a long-time enemy of the assassin made a death wish that would undo everything Prat had ever done, Prat and the god Arpelos punched through the Shield surrounding Gaeleth to escape the dread wish. Once inside the Shield, the group was split up and spread out all over the surface of Gaeleth, because of his ring of electrical immunity reacting with the energies of the Shield and the Oddity. Separated from the fellow employees he had come to know as friends, and from Prat, he has spent the last several years selling his skills as a very special kind of mercenary -- one who aids mages and wizards in escaping from the Inquisition, and protects them from the Seekers.

Equipment: Inside of his oiled, weather-proof satchel, he carries a two-quart wineskin, two weeks' iron rations, whetstone, honing oil, flint and tinder, and a torch. In addition to the ten knives he carries on him at all times, he carries another six in his satchel.

Magical Items: Sun and Moon katanas of defense +3, ring of fire resistance, ring of electrical immunity, and elven chainmail +2.

Roleplaying Notes: Jynx is a quiet man, watching and listening for a long time before adding his own opinion. He has developed a good heart over the course of his adventures working with Prat, but he remembers well his more lawless days when he would sell his blade to whomever would hire. Soft-spoken and laid back, he is calm under pressure, and the ultimate warrior in combat. His wisdom and self-confidence inspires those mages he ferrets out of the eastern provinces, where the Inquisition holds sway, and he has developed a reputation as a cunning adversary of the Seekers wherever they look.

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