Current Status: Fall, 1321 Avard. In a world already ripe with gods, the preachings of Thor have fallen on deaf ears. The only other priest of the Norse pantheon on all of Gaeleth, Terryl II, found his corpse, and after begging of Thor a resurrection, managed to restore this unnamed cleric of his to life. Together, the two left Gaeleth for realms unknown in the multiverse, seeking a people more willing to accept the teachings of the Norse gods.

Specialty Priest of Thor

Deep in the Avris Mountains, north of Kur Maeth, lies a small plateau where little save grass can grow. Beneath the rock and soil, lie runes of summoning built during the Storm Wars. A powerful storm ripped through the mountains in the aftermath of the War of the Undead, and the raw lightning supercharged the runes, bringing them to power for the first time in five centuries. Three people, two from Gaeleth, and one from far beyond, materialized. Speaking only the Common tongue, they fought together against the petty barons and minor lords that had escaped the Fourth Crusaders to the north. He gave up his life for his friends, to defeat a bandit king that thought to kill them. In so doing, his power channeled through the only other follower of Thor on all of Gaeleth -- Terryl Hawke the Second. This priest's death galvanized Terryl, and made him voyage from far away Galanath, to the lands of the Avris Mountains.

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