Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. He became what he feared the most. With even his name lost, he took on the name of Korithis, and made a home for himself in the headlands of the Asico River and near the Avris Mountains. Korithis feeds on the slavemasters, puts fear into the smugglers, and terrorizes the evils that fled Kur Maeth when it was invaded by the Inquisition. A vampire with a conscience, he also safe-guards the rune-field that may have brought him back to life, protecting the rune-field from falling into the hands of evil, and hoping that one day it will let him rest in peace.

Night Ranger

A powerful fighter for Demik Coruth during the War of the Undead, he was left for dead by his former master, unaware of the necromantic energies that had enveloped him. Unable to die, and becoming more and more sensitive to the sun with each day that passed, his miserable existence was changed. Powerful runes left over from the Storm Wars ripped him from his island prison, placing him with two others. Finding a renewed sense of purpose, he championed the others as they sought to survive in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusaders in Kur Maeth -- and the new evils wrought.

Armed with the twin katanas once borne by Heiro Nakagawa, he also wears the dreaded scale mail armor known as cold steel (see item entry). He has all the benefits of the undead -- their strength, their speed, and their resistance to the cold. As his sensitivity to light grows, he is slowly becoming his worst enemy -- a vampire.

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