Pit Fighter and Former Slave
"What's that smell?"
Played by Carl DeSoto

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Hrothgar has remained one of Commodore Seamus' best marines. Able to hold his breath for well over half an hour, the swimming gnoll lead many guerilla attacks against the ograns during the War of the Four Winds. In the aftermath of the war, Hrothgar has been almost a secret weapon for Commodore Seamus and his fleet.

Male Gnoll (Feral), 1st-level Barbarian


Hit Points

26 (+8)
10 (+0)
18 (+4)
8 (-1)
10 (+0)
6 (-2)


    Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:
Grapple Attack:

M (7'9")


    Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Handle Animal +0, Heal +1, Hide +4, Knowledge (nature) +1, Move Silently +3, Profession (pit fighter) +1, Spot +1, Survival +2, Swim +12.
Feats: [Track], [Child of the Sea]*, Improved Unarmed Combat, Natural Weaponry.

*Child of the Sea is a background feat.  People of the Alekdan Principalities receive a +2 racial bonus to Bluff and Sense Motive checks.
Special Abilities: As a feral gnoll, his natural armor class is slightly higher than normal.  His background feat allows him to hold his breath for up to five hours at a time.  His claw attacks deal 2d6 points of damage.  He has darkvision at 60ft, and fast healing (2), as well as an Improved Grab ability.  As a ranger, his favored enemy is Orc.  Hrothgar also has Wild Empathy, and Scent.
Languages: Common, Pit Cant.
Date of Birth: Unknown (probably around 1320 Avard).
Possessions: Hrotghar carries very little.  He has about his waist a well-made belt, with two pouches hanging from it.  Otherwise, he has nothing.

Appearance: Hrothgar is a lean-built gnoll that stands eight feet tall, and weighs nearly six-hundred pounds.  He has golden brown eyes, and thick, golden fur, especially about his hyena-like head.  His fur is rather thick around his groin and feet, but otherwise quite well maintained and well-groomed.

Background:  No one is sure where he came from as a cub, but he was captured while fairly young, and turned over to one of the members of the Alekdan Principalities as a pit fighter and toy.  The pirate prince, Alvared Kilmath, had the cub spoiled rotten with food, drink, and toys.  When he was older and stronger, and approaching six feet in height, Alvared had the young gnoll beaten, tortured, and bloodied -- to make him all the meaner in the pits.  'The Gnoll' as he was called, befriended one of the other pit fighters that was still in training -- a young barbarian by the name of Bjarne Bearstrider.  The two fast became friends, despite the intense punishments they faced for it, and Bjarne gave 'The Gnoll' another name, Hrothgar -- that of his stillborn brother (who, strangely enough, would probably have died right around the time the gnoll was conceived).

Alvared Kilmath's power grew, with a bit of help from Hrothgar's performances in the arena.  Alvared eventually controlled dozens of ships, including half a dozen galleons, and dozens of brigandines.  In mid 1328 Avard, however, a new pirate prince began a ruthless campaign to unite the northeastern isles under his domain, slaying anyone that refused to give him loyalty.  The new pirate prince, a former slave and gladiator by the name of 'Sam', discovered Danuflel's existence, and immediately put a bounty out on both him and Alvared.  Alvared, sensing the danger inherent in Sam, wisely fled in four of his light galleons (the Prized Whore, the Stiletto Heels, the Gnashing Grinder, and the Slave's Glare) and one brigandine (the Broken Elf).

Alvared hoped to reach distant Sandar, and reestablish himself.  Halfway there, however, his armada was overcome by a privateer from the distant nation of Rakore.  The privateer, going by the name of the Skate, proved quite formidable -- sinking The Gnashing Grinder and the Broken Elf, and capturing intact the other three vessels.  The crew of Skate was large enough that, with the aid of the slaves and round-the-candle vigilance of Alvared's crew, she was able to take all three remaining vessels with her in a month-long journey back to Rakore.

The first mate of the Skate took over as captain of the Prized Whore, where the more broken and hurting of the slaves were found.  The first mate was a water-mage and priestess of Olorin, and began the long healing and reintegration process for many of the slaves.  She wisely let Bjarne handle Hrothgar, and gave the talented Bjarne the task of ship's metal-right and smith for the journey to Rakore.

Upon reaching Rakore, the rest of the ships docked at Teras -- but not the Prized Whore.  Nathamra and several veteral crewmen of the Skate managed to sail the light galleon up the Galanus River, several days upriver to the city of Kashin.  There, Nathamra used the Prized Whore to take on raw materials and stock for shipment down river, and also to help reintegrate many of the slaves into Rakoran life-styles.

Nathamra apprenticed Bjarne (and by default, Hrothgar) to Vaden Stonegrudge -- brother of the High Priest of Galgiran in all of Rakore.

Roleplaying Notes:  Hrothgar is as carefree as any dog, delighting in new smells, playing in the water, and galavanting around.  His experiences in the arenas have given him a measure of wisdom, though, to balance out his freedom.  Hrothgar rarely leaves Bjarne's side, and feels a strong bond to the half-elemental man.

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