Cleric of Rahne
"For the glory of Rahne, guide my spear.
Played by Todd Leavitt

Current Status: Summer, 1329 Avard, Horus travels with a group of adventurers to include Jacob Swiftaxecleaver, Kai-Jang and Gemini. They travel doing odd jobs to build up their reputation.

Male Slate Human, 3rd level Cleric of Rahne


Hit Points

14 (+2)
12 (+1)
16 (+3)
13 (+1)
17 (+3)
17 (+3)


    Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (6'2")


    Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Appraise +3, Climb +0, Concentration +5, Armor smith +1, Diplomacy +5, Heal +5, Knowledge (herbalism) +6, Knowledge (religion) +6, and Spell craft +5.
Feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency, [Weapon Focus (Long spear)], Fast Talker, Combat Casting.
Domains: War, Protection.
Languages: Dwarven, Common
Date of Birth: TBD (age 26 years).
Possessions: Horus carries a worn backpack containing his travel rations, bedroll, sack and flint and steel. A full water skin bounces at his side. His belt pouch contains 94gp. He wears scale mail with a sturdy heavy wooden shield with the emblem of Rahne on his arm. His long spear rests in the crook of his arm, with a morning star bouncing at his belt. A light crossbow is close at hand by his side.

Appearance: Horus wears his shoulder-length dirty blonde hair pulled back in a martial ponytail to fit under his helm. His bright blue eyes reflect his moods, weather it is caring when bandaging his friends or fierce when fighting an enemy.

Background: Hello, my name is Horus Smith. I am a human of lower birth. After growing up in a poor fishing town I decided to leave in search of my new life. After leaving my hometown I wandered the countryside not sure where my travels were going to take me. After I joined the Clerics of Rahne to hopefully make something of my meager life. I am a little older than most new Clerics but that just means I am more knowledgeable about the world. After completing my Cleric training I ended up meeting this Dwarf fighter who wanted to rid the world of the filth and help out the good people. He sounded like he could use a good Cleric to put him back together afterwards. He is not like the other mercenaries, all in it for the money; he actually cares a little bit about the locals.

Roleplaying Notes: Horus is always on hand to heal the party. He is a fierce fighter that can hold his own in a fight. He has a softer side too that he shows to those he calls friends or need his help.

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