HONE GALADEL, aka "Moonwhisper"

Male Human Tiefling, 2nd-level Rogue

Hit Points

10 (+0)
19 (+4)
10 (+0)
13 (+1)
10 (+0)
12 (+1)


Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (5'11")


Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Bluff +8, Escape Artist +9, Hide +11, Move Silently +9, Open Lock +9, Pick Pocket +9
Feats: Quick Draw.
Languages: Common, Elven
Possessions: Hone's most prized possessions are a set of masterwork thieves tools, and a set of steel wire-framed, obsidian shadeglasses. He carries a morning star wrapped in thin leather, as well as a heavy crossbow, and a hand crossbow. Carefully concealed packs of quarrels are hidden within his leather armor.
Special Ability: He can cast darkness once per day, as a sorceror of his level. He also receives a +5 bonus versus fire, cold, and electricity.

Appearance: Hone appears to be a half-elf in his mid to late twenties, with a finely chiseled, lean body, raven black hair pulled back in a pony-tail, and side-burns with long, black hair. He always keeps a pair of shadeglasses on his face, which hide his faintly glowing, blood-red eyes. His leathers and leather armor are dyed deep black, and contrast considerably with his white, almost ghostly skin. Cut, crisp, and dark, Hone projects an image of savage calm and collectedness, and barely contained power.

Background: Born with pointed ears and blood red eyes, Hone's parents were forced to abandon their child to gutter slaves. Growing up on the streets of Moharis in the mafia nation of Sandar, the young waif of a child learned how to survive by his wits and his fingers, earning the nickname 'Moonwhisper' from the elven slaves. The elves whom he resembled also taught him their language, and their fearlessness of magic. At an early age, he learned of the Inquisition, and reasoned that he must be one of the evil children of Argunas that became sorcerors, or worse. Hoping to contain the rising evil and chaos within himself, Hone began to learn as much as possible about power and magic, and his own history. Forced to flee by a nosy Seeker asking too many questions, the tiefling managed to bluff his way aboard a ship bound for the western lands, using well-placed gold and well-placed threats. Once in Aboris, Al Fahim, he learned of Rakore, and its staunch anti-Inquisition policy. Hoping to learn and grow, and perhaps gain considerable power over both himself, and the world around him, he sailed to Rakore. There, he was discovered by Rial Mhenace, a powerful figure in Rakoran business. Rial added Hone to his list of would-be replacements, grooming him for a position within the business.

Roleplaying Notes: Hone Galadel knows that he is of demonic or fiendish blood. Continually striving to be a well-disciplined mind, his blood often betrays him with chaotic and foolish acts of violence or malevolence. Straining against his nature, and fighting against anyone would enslave him in mind or body, he seeks power in the form of money, magical items, and respect. Hoping to rise within the ranks of Rial Mhenace's business, he has agreed to guide and travel with a group of unlikely people -- a sorceror, a bard, a fighter, and a cleric returned from the dead. Choosing to say little, and hoping to keep his thoughts and even his body from betraying him, Hone hopes to learn as much as possible.

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