Tellerian Hawke

Current Status: Spring, 1320 Avard. Hawke was last seen leaving for his own world and his own lands, returning to his family once the Shield isolating Gaeleth was down at the conclusion of the War of the Undead.

20th-Level Eigth-Elven Fighter
21st-Level Mage, 27th-Level Thief

STR: 24
DEX: 19
CON: 17
INT: 18
WIS: 17
CHA: 16
AC: -6*
THAC0: -8
HP: 163
Alignment: CG
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: 8% to all spells
Size: 7'4"

* AC-11 w/ longsword defender +5
AC-13 w/ Shalistaurimon style, AC-17 w/tumbling and iniative

Weapon Proficiencies: Grand mastery of the longsword, ambidexterity, two-weapon style, grand mastery of the bastard sword, grand mastery of the longbow, Shalistaurimon (Elven Oerthian) style.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Forest survival and navigation (secondary skills), swimming, weather sense, direction sense, land-based riding, heraldry, running, spellcraft, blindfighting, tumbling, musical instrument - recorders and flutes, juggling, tightrope walking, healing, herbalism, reading and writing - all, jumping, and falling (see proficiency entry).

Languages: Elven, Oeridian Common, Thieves' Cant, ALL.

Special Attacks and Defenses: When it comes to sheer force, Hawke can draw his longsword defender +5 and the Hawke blade -- a bastard sword +5. With his grand mastery of both weapons, two-weapon style, the strength of a storm giant, and the speed of a barbarian berzerker, he can attack nine times in two rounds. Additionally, as a 20th-level warrior, he has phenomenal skills and abilities, including the ability to make a death strike against any opponent. Should he choose defense, instead, the Hawke blade can be used strictly to parry, and the defensive nature of the longsword defender +5 can protect him from most any attack. Coupled with the ancient defensive style of the Shalistaurimon, and his incredible Dexterity, he can be a difficult man to strike. In addition, he can backstab opponents whenever the situation calls for anger and vengeance, or cold-blooded calculation, dealing five times the damage any other man could.

Special Abilities: He has the god-given psionic abilities (permanently) of cell adjustment (80HP/d), mindbar, and body control (for up to 27HD of creatures).

Thieving Skills: PP 145%, OL114%, F/RT116%, MS106%, HS114%, CW110%, DN100%, RL110%.

Spells: Typically, Hawke uses divination spells first, and combat spells later. His arsenal of spells is as varied as it is concise, with a number of unique and researched spells that no opponent could foresee.

Appearance: A massive, heavily muscled man, Tellarian Hawke appears every inch a general and a gentleman. His ears are slightly pointy, due to some elven heritage, but his long, flowing black hair often covers them, even when bound at the nape of his neck. His blue eyes and bronzed skin give him a regal aura and an indeterminate age, though his face speaks of wisdom and experience. Scarless, he never-the-less gives the general impression of a warrior. Hawke wears black leather breeches and tunics, and an over-tunic with his personal symbol over it. Upon his back is a bastard sword of purest black, with many holes drilled in it. At his side is a silvery longsword bound in black leathers with a black scabbard. Close observation reveals that his tall walking boots have small, gray wings upon them near the ankles.

Background: Hawke was born in the city of Willip in the kingdom of Furyondy, on the world of Oerth. He had a long and illustrious career on Oerth, travelling with the Circle of Eight, battling the demigod Raum, and performing countless other deeds of heroism. His rewards were great, and after a considerable period of time, he settled down with his wife and son. Just when he thought he could rest and relax after a long, long lifetime, something phenomenal occurred. Buried out of sight and out of mind for ten millennia, the Shield surrounding Gaeleth befuddled and confounded the greatest of mages and gods. With a ripple like the song of a thousand voices, some spell reached out from within the Shield with an inherant power that would frighten sorcerors for decades. Tellerian was summoned by the sorceror and wizard Vyrboth Liss of Gaeleth, high druid and advisor to the Karatikan Alliance, protector and servitor of the Sebre Katotan. Hawke arrived on Gaeleth betwixt a war between the Nathelian archon Nabrol, and Vyrboth himself. The mage tasked him with taking an organic spell component, a wyrsa, and fleeing -- quickly. Thus began Tellerian's apprenticeship to the most powerful wizard to walk upon Gaeleth's shores. Over the course of the next year, Hawke learned a great deal about Gaeleth, and participated in several battles as the Storm Wars exploded across the face of a hard world. Foreseeing his death at the hands of his own son -- and the godslaying weapon Giran Howel -- Vyrboth sent his apprentice to join with the new god Arpelos that had just punched through the Shield, through the same rippling hole that Vyrboth had made to summon Hawke. Arpelos and his minions were familiar to Tellerian Hawke, from another time, and another lifetime. (See the Prat Chronicles in the Fiction section). Together with Arpelos, Hawke would leap forward in time five hundred years -- and yet to his wife and son left behind, it would only be as a heartbeat in the length of time, or so the Chosen of Arpelos said. Five centuries after the end of the Storm Wars, Hawke and Arpelos arrived in the midst of the War of the Undead. Fighting against dracoliches, death knights, liches, the necromancer Demik Coruth, the son of Vyrboth, Karl Liss, and the priests of Nathel that strove to ressurect the Dark God. Hawke bought time against the minions of Charliss -- the vile and evil thing that Karl Liss had become. He bought time so that the Chosen of Arpelos could slay the undead god Nathel, brought to life under the control of the mortal Demik Coruth. With Nathel's second death, the way lay clear to slaughter Karl Liss, and wrest control of the Book of the Dead from his son, Demik Coruth Liss. With all the living that were evil dead, and all the undead scattered to the winds, or destroyed, Tellerian Hawke was finally free to return to his wife and son. With the Shield down in the aftermath of the War of the Undead, he was free to return to Oerth.

Equipment: Hawke's most prized possession is a mithrel-rimmed recorder, which he plays when he has the time and the inclination. In addition to this, he carries little that is not magical, save his clothing, and a few tools, such as thieves' picks and flint and steel. His spellbook is protected inside of a beautifully crafted leather case that is both water proof, and fire proof. Within the case are dried inks, a mixing bowl, and several quills -- a gift from Henrik 'Prat' Kamus.

Magical Items: Longsword defender +5, the Hawke Blade (see item entry), a cursed girdle of giant strength, the gauntlets of Dexterity, a cloak of displacement, an amulet of life protection, a periapt of proof against poison, a ring of free action, a ring of fire resistance, a ring of feather falling, a wand of size alteration, and the winged boots of flight. Over all of this, he wears a tunic with his personal sigil upon it -- enchanted by his own hand with spells of detection, true sight, and the ability to comprehend all languages, plus spells of protection from extreme heat and cold, and spells of repair and mending. Under all of this, he wears elven chainmail +5, a long ago gift.

Roleplaying Notes: Hawke is perhaps the most cautious and cunning warrior ever to have existed. In his earlier days, he was the carefree warrior that would rush headlong into danger, no matter the consequences. After outliving many (if not all) of his friends, he engrossed himself in the ancient studies of magic and knowledge, seeking to protect himself and what friends he had left. When his powerful magics, and years of study, proved useless against the enemies that sought him out, the turned to hiding and skulking, seeking to outwit and outmaneuver those that would avenge themselves upon him. Through it all, he reveled in the knowledge that he learned, even as he fought, be it on the battleground with swords, spells, or shadows. A veteran through and through, he seeks to understand the full limits of his opponents before engaging them, studying them with caution and a wise eye. Once he knows the limit of a foe, he will bring the full power of his arsenal -- be it with steel or magic, stealth or guile. He knows he will age as an elf, because of promises from gods from deeds long done, and he knows the full extent of his weaknesses, and his strengths. Confident and inspirational, he is just at home with kings as conquerors, so long as he can fight tyranny, injustice, slavery, and oppression, whatever form it may take. A powerful man, he seems to attract evil that would make a name for itself, or that would undo the forces of good. He yearns for the simple days and the simple life, and knows that it will always be just out of reach. A true son of Thor, he yearns for battle deep within his soul, and yet his weariness is the wisdom of wars.

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