Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Leftenant Gundar won considerable fame for himself during the defense of Loregard, and later during the defense of Rilan, in the War of the Four Winds. An unstoppable killing machine, he used his cursed blades to considerable affect on the battlefield, coordinating retreats, defenses, and even attacks when possible. The former lord of Loregard noted that an ogre tried to rip Gundar's ears off -- and failed miserably. Of course, it helps if one's arms are still attached at the socket when that happens... Since his promotion to leftenant, Gundar is still a force unto himself, but has oddly enough proven a strong proponent of incorporating the ograns into Rakore. He often spends time on either the Tikranor Plateau or in the Johnathon Hills helping the ograns to become loyal members of Rakore.

5th-Level Elven Military Ranger

STR: 18/97
DEX: 19
CON: 16
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHA: 13
AC: 2
THAC0: 13
HP: 32
Alignment: NG
Special Attacks: Bloodlust longsword
Special Defenses: Nil
Magic Resistance: 90% resistance to charms
Size: 6'0"

Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword specialization, longblades tight group, Voristan style in longswords, 2nd-level Fugohan style, UCE (Hummingbird style), Halenal style in longswords, Alekdan style in longswords.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Alertness (secondary skill), rope use, leatherworking, signalling: whistles, running.

Special Proficiencies: Tracking, survival: forests, camouflage, nature lore.

Languages: Abodean Common, Elven, Gaelethian Common.

Ranger Skills: MS 31%, HS 40% (base, not counting Dexterity, lack of armor, or kit). His racial enemy is the undead, and more specifically, skeletons.

Appearance: Gundar's gray eyes dart everywhere at once, and at the same time seem to be boring through anyone looking at him. Ceaselessly alert, he seems aware of everything that happens around him, from the twitching of his pointed ears at some sign, to the flaring of his nostrils at some scent. His blonde hair is drawn back in a braid down the middle of his back, with an intricately tooled belt of leather woven into it that also serves as a bandana. He wears simple leathers that have been expertly patched again and again by his own hand. Loose and flowing, his boots, breeches, and sleeveless top are coupled with leather bracers and belts. He wears four longswords -- three on his back beneath his camouflage balandrana, and one at his side. Of the two on his back, two are up, and one is down, to compliment his twin weapon fighting style. For all his battle scars and intimidation, he often has a quick smile for strangers.

Background: He grew up on the world of Abode, a world caught in the flames of war. Gundar's innate abilities as an elf, coupled with his skills as a ranger, brought him up quickly through the ranks. He fought against the legions of the undead that threatened his people, and fought for many long, hard years. Gundar and two other rangers were given the mission of performing a reconnaisance on an ancient Gate found on Abode -- dating back to the time of the Sister Worlds War for Gaeleth. Gundar and his companions entered the Gate -- only to find that it was a one-way trip. On the world of Brijanis, the three rangers pondered how to return, when strange events led Gundar on a one-way trip to Gaeleth. Separated from all he had ever known, with only a white ferret with a spellbook, Gundar slowly found his way to Rakore, where he joined Firestorm.

Equipment: Never far away are Gundar's leatherworking tools, or the hand-made haverpack that he wears on his back, over his longswords.

Magical Items: Bloodlust (see item entry), bracers of protection +2, cursed longsword +2, and the boots of bounding (see item entry).

Roleplaying Notes: Gundar often has a quick smile for people, and sees the humor in many situations. A trained killer, he has as much fun toying with his prey to see if it breaks, as he does in killing people. Somewhat moody, he often switches between cold-blooded killing and joshing fun. Cooly practical, Gundar can suggest assassination and ignoring the issue in one sentance. Neutral to politics, he knows only survival -- and that to survive, you cannot fight with your own people. To Gundar, raised on Abode, orcs and elves, goblins and ogres, humans and gnomes, are all one people.

Companion: In a small backpack over Gundar's shoulder, rides a white ferret that he met on Brijanis. The ferret keeps, in a backpack of its own, a tiny book that it alone can read. White with a black tip of fur on its tail, the gray-eyed ferret chitters away at Gundar, apparently understanding what he has to say, and completely obvlivious to the fact that no one else can understand him. The ferret has never given a name, and Gundar has never deigned to give him one. The ferret can cast three 1st-level priest spells from any sphere, each day -- and so Gunder has surmised that the ferret is a priest or shaman of some sort that was once a wizard's familiar. AL CG; AC 6; MV15; hp 8; THAC0 20; #AT 1; two points from bite; S4, D19, C14, I8, W10; CW75%, MS70%, HS80%, DN60%. NWP: Forest survival and tracking (inherent), reading and writing Dru'Aelic, healing, herbalism. Morale 13.

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