Genesee Shalamarteen

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Genesee worked for several years as an operative of FireStorm for Gideon Enterprises, making good money and making many friends. During the initial invasion of the ograns during the War of the Four Winds, Genesee was killed (see Prat's War). After the war and the loss of Duke Henrik of Hallis Island, the king of Rakore offered several criminals their freedom if they could restore Genesee. Five of the criminals banded together, and managed to restore Genesee's soul after a harrowing misadventure. Baron Genesee is now Duke Henrik's heir, and is assigned to Duke Travendale Orcbane until such time as he has earned the duchy of his own accord. He spends a great deal of time with his lover, a druid named Lilac, who unlocked many of the druidic mysteries of Hallis Island.

7th-Level Elven Fighter Lycanthrope,
7th-Level Wizard Werebear
8th-Level Acrobat

STR: 18/82
DEX: 19
CON: 16
INT: 17
WIS: 13
CHA: 13
AC: 6*
THAC0: 11
HP: 47
Alignment: CG
Special Attacks: Nil
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: 90% resistance to charms
Size: 5'9"

*AC-4 with initiative, due to tumbling proficiency

Weapon Proficiencies: Expertise with short compound bows, broad group proficiency with all bladed weapons, Halenal style in all short bows, Hummingbird style, trouble sense.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Set snares (secondary skill), alertness, bowyer/fletcher, observation, musical instrument: piccolo, spellcraft, swimming, reading/writing Common.

Bonus Proficiencies: Jumping, tightrope walking, tumbling, falling (see proficiency entry).

Languages: Common, elven, thieves' cant.

Special Defenses: Genesee has the uncanny ability to sense trouble coming. His alertness and his observation skills, coupled with his instinctive sense of trouble, give him a +3 bonus to his surprise rolls. Also, he is immune to normal weapons because of his werebear status.

Thieving Skills: PP 40%, OL 20%, F/RT 30%, MS 90%, HS 95%, CW 90%, DN 60%, RL 50%.

Spells: Typically, Genesee uses the following spells: invisibility in a ten foot radius, melf's acid arrows as fired from his weapon, and minor globe of invulnerability.

Appearance: A lean and powerful elf, his bright smile, green eyes, and jaunty clothing mislead the eye and convince most observers that he is a fopp. His appearance, though, is an illusion -- though the smile is not. Careful scrutiny reveals that his clothing is quiet and silent, made of the most supple leathers, and hued in broken tones that disrupts his profile to the casual eye. His strawberry blonde hair is actually two-toned, with golds and reds all through it, like a rioteous autumn tree.

Background: Genesee was raised in Tolbricara, before finding his true calling as a bard and a minstrel. Travelling the realms, he eventually made his way further and further west, picking up on many languages and learning a great deal about the world. He aided mages wherever he could, and was rewarded with powerful spell repertoire. His skills and cunning let him stay one step ahead of the Inquisition, until he travelled west with the Fourth Crusade. Reasoning that the best place to hide from the Inquisition was in the midst of them, he acted as a minstrel for many crusaders, even as they took Kur Maeth. From there, he learned of the upstart nation of Rakore, and its view that mages were to be protected. Making his next logical step, he headed west to Rakore, and wound up joining the elite group of Firestorm as it waged its war against the undead and Demik Coruth.

Equipment: The small satchel he wears on his back is actually a bag of holding, and in it he carries everything he needs, from reserves of wine and food, to black silk rope, thieves picks, spare arrows, and his custom bow. His compound shortbow requires an 18/ strength to draw, and engenders all arrows fired from it with a + to damage. As a special trophy, he carries with him in the satchel a special katana taken from the city of Tulish, when he killed its pirate-allied king.

Magical Items: Ring of chameleon, ring of water walking, ring of tracking, potion of vitality, bag of holding, and activated Karasenth bracers of Habrem (see item entry).

Roleplaying Notes: He is a true lycanthrope, able to change into a fearsome wearbear at will. The magic of his lycanthrope allows his items and equipment to change with him. The only problem is, he doesn't realize he is a true lycanthrope. He believes himself diseased with the status, and psychosomatically changes into a werebear when the twin moons of Gaeleth are full, and when Maroth eclipses the sun. Fearful of his status, he faces life with a grim resolve to have fun and save people from lycanthrope wherever he goes, despite the fact that he himself is a lycanthrope. A skillfull elf, he cannot remember much of his past, and never met his true parents -- blaming his lack of memory on his lycanthrope. Despite his self-inflicted curse, he never fails to perk up his comrades with jaunty tales or good music, facing death and battle with a mischievous bent and an eye for trouble.

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