Genecelot Foresthene

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. After the War of the Undead, Genecelot was involved in a dispute with the Marquis de Natille of Morth (see Niro's Tale) in which the ranger and druid won. After that time, Genecelot and the Marquis de Natille developed a strong friendship, and spent his time travelling between Morth and Rakore. Genecelot became a disciple of Agincoth under the Marquis' tutelage. Now that Rakore openly houses ograns, Genecelot has begun a ruthless campaign of integration: they will assimilate the Rakoran ideals or perish. One of the guerilla leaders within Rakore, if Genecelot's full involvement were to become known to the king, he would probably be exiled or executed.

6th-Level Sylvan Ranger, 7th-Level Druid

STR: 13
DEX: 18
CON: 14
INT: 15
WIS: 15
CHA: 10
AC: 0
THAC0: 15
HP: 54
Alignment: TN
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: 90% Resistant to Charms
Size: 5'0"

Weapon Proficiencies: Expertise in longbows, proficient in longswords, two-weapon style.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Herbalism (secondary skill), blindfighting, healing, alertness, bowyer/fletcher, reading and writing all spoken languages (for which there is a written language).

Bonus Proficiencies: Animal lore, tracking, ambidexterity.

Languages: Common, Druidic Cant, Sholin, Tomanth, Dwarven, Karatikan, Al Fahimic, Elven.

Special Attacks and Defenses: Able to pass without trace, and rarely straying far from the forest where he draws his strength, he cannot be tracked, hunted, or caught when chased. Against ogres and ogremai, he is unstoppable, having declared himself an enemy of the state of the Ogre Nations.

Ranger Skills: MS 57%, HS 67%.

Spells: Typically, Genecelot uses the following spells: entangle, plant growth, and spiked growth.

Appearance: He is a small Sylvan elf, with eyes the color of a summer's sky, and hair the color of ripe grain. His fair skin seems untouched by the sky, as though he spent his life out of touch of the sun, loping beneath the trees like a wolf. He wears greens and browns, and a balandrana of forest colors that seems to blend with the background and break up his outline. A blonde goatee and the golden basket of an elaborate longsword seem to be the only luxuries he allows himself. Genecelot wears a set of studded leather breast and leg greave armor, died a rich, dark brown, and whose hexagonal rivets appear to be made of some exotic, green metal.

Background: Genecelot is one of the grand decendants of Alkeveron Tiroch. Born and raised in the Banoc Forests under the guidance of druids and priests of Agincoth that held to the old traditions, he learned to escape the Inquisitors and hunt the Seekers. Tied to the land, and tied to the mages, he learned of the fine balance between predator and prey. At a young age, he left his home and his training for the nation of Rakore, to fulfill an ages-old prophecy. In the fledgling nation, he helped Firestorm hunt down the hidden Caches of the Inquisitors, and put an end to the War of the Undead. In the years that followed, he acted as advisor and mentor to the heads of state for Rakore. During the Girad Conflict, he protected Thayer's Rock from the green Rik by going to the source -- the controller. Genecelot forced a treaty with the Marquis de Natille Nirodeth Tonwiler of Morth, and learned that the marquis was a specialty priest of Agincoth, and a powerful enchanter as well. Together, the two began a campaign to end the war between Vikerma and Nutedae -- and gain access to the last Cashe Vault left on Gaeleth: Agincoth's.

Equipment: His only item is a recurve longbow of his own construction, a beautiful piece of work that seems to be a tribute to ancients. His armor is pritanium studded, and his longsword is pure ebonite (see entry on rare metals).

Magical Items: Lidoor's blade, Rezjommon's earrings, and the shadow gauntlets (all unique items -- see entries). He also wears a ring of water walking, and a ring of regeneration.

Roleplaying Notes: Genecelot keeps his druidic abilities a carefully guarded secret, instead relying on his longswords and his wits. When he does use his link with nature, he does so carefully and gradually, making the effects appear like luck or chance. In the precense of other magic users, he will make their magic appear enhanced, still without giving away his abilities. He never hides his feelings, and has an ascerbic tongue for the foolish and thick-witted. But he is also an able teacher and a caring man, reserving his quips and sarcasm for those who think themselves above learning. Genecelot is unafraid to leave his allies alone to do battle, if he feels they are capable (even barely) of surviving without him. He also knows he is always right. Born with a gift for languages, he has but to listen, and learn -- for there is no limit to the number of languages he can learn.

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