Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Elestrion was nearly captured by the Inquisition several times while in Vridara, until he moved on to Rakore in 1330, during their War of the Four Winds. In Rakore, Elestrion found work as bard, a minstrel, and a blade. He was entitled Journeyman Mage by Lok Magius, where he continues to reside, studying the world around him with wide-eyed wonder and joy.

1st-Level Sylvan Bladesinger
1st-Level Song Mage

STR: 13
DEX: 19
CON: 13
INT: 15
WIS: 14
CHA: 15
AC: 4*
THAC0: 17
HP: 7
Alignment: CG
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: 90% resistance to charms
Size: 5'2"

* AC3 if casting a spell

Weapon Proficiencies: 2nd-level Cidalic style, shortsword expertise, armor.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Singing (secondary skill), tumbling, reading and writing: all, ghostfighting, jumping, running.

Bonus Proficiencies: Blindfighting, dancing, bladesong.

Languages: Elven (Sylvan dialect), Common.

Special Attacks and Defenses: Like all bladesingers, Elestrion has the abilities to combine melee combat with magic, making him a deadly opponent. His Cidalic background gives him considerable expertise with the Cidalic style of melee combat (see weapons styles entry), making him even more dangerous. Because he is also a songmage, his attacks and defenses are part of both dance and song, as though he were a performer of extraordinary talent demonstrating for a captive audience.

Spells: Because of the Inquisition, Elestrion has become quite clever at concealing his art. For instance, he might use a color spray at the same time he flashes light off of his shortsword into his opponents' eyes. Clever and quick to think, he can use most any spell to his advantage without appearing to have an advantage.

Appearance: Elestrion's most noticeable feature, other than his elven nature, is the artful tattoo of a mockingbird that adorns the right side of his face. The swirling tattoo shows the mockingbird with its mouth agape in song, and feathers aruffle. His Sylvan heritage has given the lithe elf bronzed skin that revels in the sunlight. His hair is a natural silvery color with violet highlights, flowing down to the middle of his back, though he wears a small braid near his left ear, tied up with a green silk ribbon and a fresh lilac. He wears green and silver silks that highlight his green eyes and silvery hair. Over the silks, he wears a rich brown set of padded leather armor over his torso and his shoulders, and over his shins and his forearms. His soft leather boots have seen many miles of travel, as does the brown balandrana he wears. At his hip hangs a shortsword of exquisite quality and craftsmanship, and along his belt is a small set of three brown leather pouches.

Background: Born and raised into the Cidalian-Gordanic wars, Elestrion rose quickly through his initial training as a bladesinger. Possessed of an extraordinary voice, even for a Sylvan elf, he used his off hours to research and write songs and poetry. When his training was complete, and he received the songsword mark of his profession, he entered the service of his native Cidalia as a scout along the border with Gordanis. In the trading outpost of Alith, he met his first humans, and became fascinated with the outside world. Determined to see more of the lands than the war between Cidalia and Gordanis, he set out to prove to the humans that his race was not just equal to humanity, but able to surpass it. He died while trying to infiltrate a cave in Western Vridara, searching for the Talon of Lul with a priest of Xoriah. Though some time passed, the dedicated priest returned after having found the Talon, and had the Chuch of Lul ressurect Elestrion as part of his services.

Equipment: He carries with him in his pouches a simple songbook that serves as his spellbook, as well dried ink and quill, a few rations, a candle, and some wine. He also wears padded leather armor that neither creaks nor groans when he moves, being both strong and supple at once.

Elestrion's most prized possession is his shortsword. Made of silvery, stainless steel and with a rich green leather hilt bound in silver-braided wire, it is an extraordinarily beautiful weapon. It has Elven runes and Cidalic crests along the length of its blade, and the wonderous craftsmanship of the hilt and pommel resemble a flock of songbirds taking flight. Although unmagical, the weapon is of such quality that its enchantment is virtually assured through the fullness of time.

Roleplaying Notes: "Bright as a songbird," describes Elestrion's mentality. An optimist to the core, he finds delight in women, wine, and words. Though he appears a fop or a dainty clown to most human males, he is the consumate warrior, constantly studying his opponents' moves as they telegraph themselves through their bodies. An expert at dancing with women, he also can dance the bladesong with grim determination. Determined to explore the world and spread the faith in the Sylvan race, Elestrion is an illusion of bright and wonderous joy over a blade of cold steel.

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