Delbin Arcanus, ArchMage of Gaeleth

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Deblin is the primary instructor at Lok Magius for interplanar studies. Oddly enough, he hardly ever actually teaches. He has one apprentice, Norion, but spends most of his time gallavanting about the multiverse and getting into (and out of) trouble.

For more stories on Delbin, consult the Prat Chronicles, which detail his adventures before arriving in the realms of Gaeleth.

16th-Level Elven Wizard

STR: 16
DEX: 19
CON: 16
INT: 21
WIS: 15
CHA: 14
AC: -2*
THAC0: 15
HP: 58
Alignment: CN
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: 40%
Size: 5'6"

*AC is -14 when he is intentionally using his sphere of anhilation as a shield;
unintential defense confers an AC of -7

Weapon Proficiencies: Daggers, quarterstaves.

Nonweapon Proficienies: Research, spellcraft, herbalism, reading and writing all, alchemy, mental resistance, direction sense, navigation, tumbling.

Bonus Proficiencies: Ancient Baklunish and Suloisian histories (Oerthian), sphere manipulation, demon lore, dragon lore, engineering.

Languages: Elven, Oerthian Common, Gaelethic Common, Baklunish, Suloisian, Southerin Oerthian Common, Western Oerthian Common, dwarven, gnomish, halfling, dragon.

Special Attacks and Defenses: Delbin's sphere of anhilation floats up above his head, etherial and invisible to anyone without true sight. At his will and his command, the sphere and its devestating effects can be summoned from the etherial to do his bidding, be it destroy a door, or destroy a mountain. Through his arts, and his talisman of the sphere, the destructive item follows his instinctive needs, moving to defend him from both magical and physical attacks. In addition, his robes of the arch magi work to defend him magically and physically, imparting magical resistance and a considerable bonus to his Armor Class.

Spells: Typically, Delbin uses two sets of spells -- those he casts on his allies, and those he casts on himself. Though his offensive arsenal is considerable, the majority of the spells he casts are not used against his foes directly. For instance, he might cast enlarge and haste upon his allies, teleport them all to a strategic point after scrying the situation, and then use several magic missiles or even a cone of cold to aid his allies in taking out a foe.

Appearance: The wizard wears crimson robes with the hood pulled up to hide his face from the sun. His boots are well worn and travel-stained, and always at hand is a quarterstaff with a huge quartz crystal set atop it. When he pulls his hood back, his hair and eyes draw immediate attention, for the former is black with irridescently white streaks in it. His eyes are as crimson as his robes, and the whites are plainly visible around their edges.

Background: Delbin Arcanus was born and raised in the Vesve Forest on the world of Oerth. He has never spoken of his upbringing, and in all probability does not know much of it. At a very young age, Delbin developed a burning desire to become the most intelligent and most powerful spellcaster ever. Although gifted with a naturally high intelligence, he sought magical means to amplify that intelligence -- and it probably cost him his sanity, in the Vesve Forest. Leaving the Vesve with a travelling elven rogue named Finnel Ravenwing. Finnel led the slightly insane mage out of the majority of his derangement, and the two made it to the port city of Dyvers. There, they met the assassin known as Prat, and launched into a long and harrowing career as adventurers. Deblin's gift for magic saved the group again and again, and though his magically accented intelligence was set back once or twice, the wizard managed to bring it back each time. The group travelled all over Oerth, through its past and future, and even to other planes, including the legendary city of Sigil. A vast and powerful enemy of the group very nearly unwove them from the fabric of reality with a death wish, and Delbin was forced to join the god Arpelos in a desperate attempt to avoid ultimate anhilation. On Gaeleth, Delbin joined forces with the Sebre Druids to undo the Shield and free the world from the Oddity. Once again able to travel the planes at will, Delbin maintains a mountain fortress in the Bone Hills, far from prying eyes and unwanted attention.

Equipment: For some reason, he never went about enchanting his travelling spellbook. His memorized repertoire is such that he is never without options, although he does hold a considerable arsenal of tools and equipment in his bag of holding.

Magical Items: Talisman of the sphere, ring of arch wizardry, sphere of anhilation, bag of holding, quarterstaff +4, dagger of throwing and returning +2.

Roleplaying Notes: Delbin does strange things. He swallows anything small enough to gulp down, from diamonds to rocks. He casts cantrips to enhance the effects of certain alchemical drugs. He acts like a three year-old human. Despite these things, he basically has a good heart, and is a more driven elf than any other. Delbin stays up long hours, for days on end, researching spells or compiling notes, for above all, he wishes greater power and intelligence -- sometimes at the expense of everything else, including his allies and friends.

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