Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. During the War of the Four Winds, over three-quarters of Chimera's clan, the Stonehelms, were wiped out. For bravery in the face of danger, and for a heroic final stand at Mount Basilisk, she was awarded the title of Thane by the king himself. Chimera and the remains of her clan returned to their traditional mountains to rid them of the infestation of ograns within them, and rebuild the mountain fastnesses to be impenetrable. Chimera and several of her dwarven friends continue a guerilla action against the orcs (despite the king's orders), but seek to aid their kobold neighbors. Chimera managed to find one member of her elven tribe during the war, and occasionally visits her blood aunt near Kashin.

Female Half-Orc, Half-Desert Elf, 1st-Level Fighter, 1st-Level Barbarian

Hit Points

16 (+3)
15 (+2)
15 (+2)
10 (+0)
14 (+2)
10 (+0)


Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (6'2")


Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Climb +5, Craft (weaponsmithing) +6, Intimidate +2, Jump +5, Wilderness Lore +2.
Feats: Irown Will, Power Attack, Great Fortitude, Cleave.
Abilities: Darkvision 60ft, Low-Light Vision, +1 racial bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot checks, immunity sleep spells, +2 racial saves vs enchantments, Rage 1/day, Fast Movement, +2 circumstance bonus to Hide checks because of her camouflage tattooing.
Languages: Common, Elven, Orcish.
Date of Birth: circa 1300 Avard.
Possessions: Chimera wears a masterwork greatsword flamberge of her own crafting, a morningstar, javelins, and a suit of studded leather with a buckler. Currently, she wears the fedora of disguise on her head. In her pack, she keeps silk rope, climbing kits, grappling hooks, pitons, and more. In her belt pouch, she keeps whetstones, signal whistles, sewing needles, and a signet ring.

Appearance: Chimera is lean, lithe woman over six feet in height, with dark gray skin, elven ears, bright green eyes, a pug nose, and porcine tusks jutting from her lower jaw. Her dark gray skin is covered in tiger-striped tattoos that break up her outline. Her hair is mohawked into a thick, long braid. She wears desert-colored leathers and well-made boots, and strikes everyone as a contradiction in terms, from her shrewd elven eyes and keen elven ears, to her orcish disposition and speech.

Background: The orcs of the Choranil Desert and the desert elves that dwelled therein shared a long history of mutual hostility and hatred. The elves enjoyed the desert as a place of solitude, respite, and hidden beauty. The orcs saw it as a place to be where the humans wouldn't hunt them quite so hard. Occasionally, orc or ogran bands would find a hidden desert elven city, and try to take it by force. On one occasion, they succeeded. The pillaging was so bad that only a handful of the desert elves survived -- and all five were female.

The desert elven tribe of Kiralaalanus took in the elven women of Sivalaalanus, and accepted them as part of the clan. One of the elven women began to show, and gave birth to a half-orc, half-elf. There was much discussion among the tribal elders, but the elves decided -- after much heated debate -- that the decision rested in the hands of the priests. Their priests -- who followed the God of Stealth, Galanus -- entered into a holy state wherein they could speak with their god's archons. When the priests returned from their holy state, their looks were somber. It was Galanus' will that the babe grow up as one of them -- an elf.

Chimera was a big girl -- willful, independant, and stubborn. Though she grew up much faster than other elven children, she knew from the beginning who and what she was -- the bastard child of an elven mother and an orcish rapist. The elves held nothing back from Chimera, who chose her own name to represent the mix-matched monsters of legend. The elves also taught Chimera the ways of survival in the harsh desert, and even the art of making elven steel.

In the fall of 1328 Avard, the Kiralaalanus tribe -- one of the last of the desert elven tribes left in the Choranil Desert -- was wiped out by the ogran elite Thevonhasaga. Not a single elf was left alive, and a small platoon of orcs was left to dispose of the bodies. Chimera returned from a hunt for raw steel, only to discover orcs scavenging the bodies of her tribe -- and a viscious roc standing watch. Rather than assault the orcs directly, she waited for a chance to take them out one by one. Unfortunately, that chance never came, and as she rushed forward to give them massed battle, the roc grabbed her up for a snack -- without the orcs even knowing it. The roc held onto Chimera for a long, wild flight -- and suddenly released her when the orcs gave it the command to attack. The roc let go of Chimera, and she sailed down through the trees into Rakore.

Roleplaying Notes: Chimera snorts whenever she doesn't understand something -- and that seems to be fairly often. The Kiralaalanus tribe never used arcane magic, and she's very nervous about it -- not because of the Inquisition, but because she feels that it's very unnatural. She's slow to commit her loyalties, but once she does, she does so like she does everything -- with a big heart, and a bigger temper.

Chimera, by Brandy McPherson, copyright 2002; used with permission.

Fate Points: The following information was written up by the player, in response to the 07NOV02 reworked House Rules. She earned 7 Fate Points.

A. Chimera was honestly my first idea for my character for Joe’s campaign before I read the Paladin Challenge [referring to the entry on paladins in the classes entry]. This half-orc fighter then became a back-up to Jena. My reasoning behind a half-orc fighter was to have a little fun. First, I have never played a half-orc before and the party is over run by elves. Second, the party at the time I left needed two things: a priest and a fighter. Tom and Adam have filled the priest slots; so that left a fighter slot open. For a fighter I was looking for physically powerful and intimidating. A half-orc sounded just perfect. Third, having Chimera be half-orc and half-elf was totally DM inspired. It was just something I would have never dreamed up on my own. The idea played out pretty well, since it was the oblivious elven heritage that allowed the party to accept her in without blood shed. Lastly, I added levels of barbarian for several reasons: 1) adds to her survivability in the higher level group by giving her more hit points, 2) gives her a better chance to do well in and survive combat, 3) and it gives a new outlook on life for the party. (+1 point)

B. The drawing for Chimera is in the works; so in the meantime I offer this rough physical description of my newest character to walk upon Gaelth. She is 6’2” and weighs in at 198 pounds. She has the basic bone structure and long limbs of an elf, but the muscle mass of an orc. This same balance is found in her face: high cheek bones, tilted eyes, and pointed ears characteristic of elves; short nose and large lower canine teeth of an orc. Her body is covered in the mind numbing tattoo pattern favored by the dessert elves over her gray-green skin.

Chimera has green eyes and black hair styled into an inch wide strip that has grown to end a little below her shoulder blades. She sports several piercings in each ear and a chain that connects studs in her left ear and left nostril.

She dresses in dessert fashion in loose sand colored pants and robes, worn in layers. The cloth is heavier than normal to protect her against the colder climate of the wet lands (any part of Gaeleth that is not desert). Chimera wears studded leather and a buckler for protection and carries weapons of her own making. The weapons, especially her great sword, act as advertisements of her skill in her craft. (+1 point)

C. As a child of circumstance, Chimera is constantly fighting for acceptance where ever she goes. Her mother was captured and raped by band of orcs. She was rescued; but not before the damage had been done. A few weeks later the horror hit home, a half-orc was growing in her womb. Many of the clan approached the priestess of Galanus, who acted as the healer for the clan, to see if there was any way to rid the young elf of the unwanted monster she carried.

The priestess, Iole, refused to help and went as far as to condemn the act as the murder of an innocent. Secretly, Iole had contacted an archon of Galanus for advice: “Dark days and confusion are in store for your people. You shall become lost in the fog of war. Only with the blood of your enemies can you hope to find the light.”

Iole, only after many late night talks with her husband Karl, decided that the child would fulfill the prophecy. She could also see that the added orcan strength could be used to defend the clan, and her heritage would make her a good undercover spy. On the 15th of Cal, a life entered the world as another left. Chimera was born, but her mother did not survive the birthing. Members of the clan again raised their voices in support of killing the monster born that night. Iole would hear none of it and claimed the child as her own.

“Take the child if you dare,” she challenged. None accepted her challenge, because they didn’t want to anger Galanus by harming the priestess, nor her husband the clan’s smithy. Karl, in his days as a fighter, was known for crushing orcan heads with his bare fists.

Chimera, true to her orcan heritage, grew far too quickly for the elves to feel comfortable. She never got along well with the other adolescents. The ones her age were still in diapers, and the older ones either saw her as an infant or a monster. Either way Chimera found other outlets for her energies. Karl taught her weapons smithing and trained her as a fighter. Both appealed to her creative elven side and exercised her growing muscles. They also taught her patience and a taste for simple beauty. Iole likened her new daughter to a lump of iron; with patience, heat and pressure, a blade of deadly beauty is forged.

Her biggest dream is to be accepted by her clan. They are like the only family she has ever known or ever wants. She hones her skills to better serve the clan. Chimera learned the orcan language from her mother; so she could spy upon orcs and report their plans to the clan.

Adventuring was not Chimera would voluntarily choose to do; but fate gave her little choice. Her clan was attacked one night by a company of orcs led by three orgemai. The elves, blessed by Galanus, scattered and now lay hidden. Chimera seeks them within Rakore with only her signet ring and signal whistle to help her. (+1 point)

E. Chimera likes and respects the elven priest Aust. He is the oldest member of the party and has treated Chimera kindly right from the start. She is a little nervous in his presence as they journey to the Stonehelm’s Clan home. Aust has asked her to go out drinking with him, but the invitation has a hidden meaning. Chimera does not want a relationship. She can’t see why anyone would want to be with a monster like her. Her mother said she had a heart of gold, but Chimera would prefer a heart of stone. Gold is soft and tarnishes. Stone is hard and durable.

The only party member Chimera may have issues with is Lucian. For one, he acts like a spoiled brat with no respect for his elders. He also is a mage, a practitioner of the arcane arts. Magic has been outlawed by the gods, but Aust seems to accept him as does Seamus. The others may see magic as a threat, but Chimera does. Magic weakens the body and corrupts the soul. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What can be more powerful than magic. Mages and sorcerers have no one to answer to for miss using their powers. Priests, paladins and druids lose their powers if they use them for evil. A mage can’t be checked like that, therefore they are dangerous. The only thing Chimera fears more than magic is dwarves in general. (+1 point)

F. Following Galanus only come natural to a half-orc raised by the clan’s priestess to the before named deity. As a spy for her clan, Chimera likes the blessing the god gives her, the ability to hide better. She just wishes her clan wasn’t so good at it though. (+1 point)

G. Character Progression: 1st-Level -- Ftr1 (Iron Will and Power Attack). 2nd-Level -- Ftr1/Brb1. 3rd-Level -- Ftr2/Brb2, (Great Fortitude and Cleave). 4th-Level -- Ftr2/Brb2, +1 STR. 5th-Level Ftr3/Brb2. 6th-Level Ftr3/Brb3, (Lightning Reflexes). 7th-Level -- Ftr3/Brb3/Forsaker1 f/Masters of the Wild. (Partial 'Why?' from section E -- therefore, +1 point)

H. Chimera is a free spirit that is ruled only by her morals she has developed. She feels those in leadership roles and with age and wisdom are to be respected, but will speak up if she disagrees with something. She wants to do what is right, but will do it at almost any cost. That is why she is Chaotic Good. (+1 point)

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