CALI-BRAS, Banner of Arpelos

Male Sylvan Elf, 2nd-Level Paladin of Arpelos

Hit Points

10 (+0)
20 (+5)
10 (+0)
8 (-1)
8 (-1)
16 (+3)


Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (5'0")


Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Craft (bowmaking) +1, Knowledge (religeon) +2.
Feats: Improved Initiative.
Languages: Common, Elven.
Possessions: Other than a set of several scrolls with prayers to Arpelos, Cali-bras travels very light. He wears winter travelling grab, studded leather, and a small buckler. He carries several shortspears over his shoulder, and a composite longbow, with a quiver of arrows at his side. In a small bundle at his side, opposite his quiver, he keeps a net inside a quick-release leather sack.

Appearance: Cali-bras is a study in browns. His skin is a very fair brown, indicative of his elven heritage, yet un-tanned by the sun. His winter leathers are a rich, brown earth-toned color, as are his hiking boots, fingerless gloves, bracers, and hooden cloak. Cali-bras' studded leather armor is a rich brown, as well, and the steel rivets are a stained red-brown that protects them from rust. His eyes are a rich brown color, and his straight brown hair flows about his face to mid-chest. His wooden spears, and the wood-grain of his bow, are a deep-stained brown that indicates considerable wear and use. All of these browns together stand out in wild contrast to the bright yellow-white brace of a banner paladin of Arpelos, nearly as large as his hand, on the right side of his chest. The brace draws the eye because of so much earthy brown in the elf, and many people find themselves staring at it even as they speak to him.

Background: A dispassionate youth from the Banoc Forests, Cali-bras left his homeland at an early age. He volunteered for service to Yatindar, and was swept up in the Fourth Crusades into Kur Maeth. Cali-bras ignored the minor difficulties of being an elf among the Inquisition, but the numbers of elves in service to various gods as paladins and even Seekers prevented overt persecution. That an elf was the Chosen of Elinthar for the past one-hundred and fifty years also kept the young squire out of trouble. Eventually, one of his elven brethren was beat up in a back alley of Kur Maeth, and the paladin-to-be could not stomach the Inquisition any longer. Awed by the great dragon Artanus in the city of Kur Maeth, as well as the elven Chosen of Arpelos, Cali-bras decided to take up the weapons of righteousness under Arpelos, and was given his brace as a banner paladin by the Chosen himself.

Cali-bras was sent to Vridara as a slap in the face to the Inquisition. His elven heritage, combined with his status as a paladin, would make him virtually immune to anything the Inquisition could do to him. In addition, he was sent with a modified succor disk that would signal the great dragon Artanus to come to him, be it for a mage extraction or to aid him in saving the elves. Unfortunately, the succor disk was disjuncted by an ancient mine, while Cali-bras was aiding a gnome he had discovered in the heart of Vridara. On his own, Cali-bras has proven himself a capable paladin.

Roleplaying Notes: Indecisive and confused at times, Cali-bras is not what people expect as a banner paladin of the God of the Sun. He is none-the-less a dedicated paladin, fearless against the undead and most opponents. Greeting the sun at dawn with his thanks to Arpelos, and saying his good-byes at dusk, Cali-bras believes that the Sun God will eventually burn away the Inquisition, and find only what is true and pure in the hearts of all mortals. Cali-bras may be a bit slow, but he is not afraid to tackle whatever needs doing, in the name of Good.

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