Desert Warrior
"Ograns -- the other white meat."
Played by Erin Kuszmaul

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Barome continues to guard his friend and ally, Droog Grimfire. Where-so-ever Droog is, Barome will be, hidden in the shadows.

Male Desert Elf, 3rd-level Fighter, 1st-level Cleric, 1st-level Shadow Guardian


Hit Points

16 (+3)
15 (+2)
14 (+2)
14 (+2)
12 (+1)
8 (-1)


    Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (7'2")


    Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Climb +1, Concentration +11, Handle Animal +2, [Hide +15], Intimidate +1, Jump +6, Move Silently +12, Ride +5, Tumble +6.
Feats: [Stealthy], Far Shot, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Combat Reflexes.
Special Abilities: Immunity to magical sleep; low-light vision.
Languages: Elven, Ogran, Common.
Date of Birth: Trivor the 27th, 1180 Avard.
Date of Rebirth: Davor the 27th, 1329 Avard.
Possessions: Barome wears a ring of protection +2, an amulet of natural armor +2, and a ring of Galanus (granting him a +5 supernatural bonus to his Hide and Move Silently checks, as well as serving as a holy symbol of Galanus). He carries with him a composite longbow of shocking +1 capeable of handling his +3 Strength checks, as well as a spear of Galanus +1 (granting him a +2 competance bonus to his Hide and Move Silently checks).
Spells: 4/2. Protection and Fire domains.

Appearance: Barome is a light-skinned desert elf with a strong, lithe build as agile and graceful as it is deadly and predatory. He tends to keep his dark hair hacked off at the shoulders, with the remainder pulled into a short pony-tail to keep it out of the way. His huge, red-brown eyes miss little, and are constantly on the look-out for danger. Barome's desert elven heritage is apparent in his camouflaging tattoos, which consists of lines that wind their way about his face and body. The lines are occasionally cross-hatched, giving them the appearance of barbed wire or stitchings. His leathers are sand- and dun-colored, helping him to blend in with the desert rock and sand.

Background: Barome Revelstoke was barely twenty years old when his entire village of Creathaalanaus was razed by marauding orcs in the Choranil Desert. The neighboring tribe of Sharkuraatus took in the young desert elf, and raised him as one of their own, telling him of the apparent bravery of his father, and the final demise of his mother -- all to save him from the orcs. The young Barome took to hating orcs from an early age, and it became a driving force in his life.

In the early 1300s, the orcs were soon overtaken by the ogremai, and joined in with the ogres and the kobolds to become the Ogre Nations. The new, more powerful ograns razed Sharkuraatus, and forced all of the desert elves within the Choranil to retreat to the fledgling nation of Rakore. There, Barome managed to survive the War of the Undead by focusing on maintaining the border against the ograns, and killing any and all trespassers into his new, adopted land. After the war, he took to patrolling the Galanus River, always on the watch for orcish roc-hawkes, and protecting the riversides from bandits and the undead.

Barome died on the 21st of Davor, 1329, during an insertion deep behind ogran lines in the Ogran War. Galanus, Galgiran, Agincoth, and K'Tath apparently had further intentions for the desert elf, and he was brought back from the dead as a Shadow Guardian: his charge, to protect the dwarven cleric Droog Grimfire at any costs.

Barome's Journal

Editor's Note: Creathaalanaus and Sharkuraatus, along with several other elven tribes within the Choranil, were likely on the verge of becoming one great desert elven nation deep within the Choranil. Had not the orcs, ogres, and kobolds become organized under the ogremai Itzak, History might have played out very differently.

Roleplaying Notes: Barome is a light-hearted, easy-to-smile elf -- until he has flashbacks, or someone mentions 'orcs'. His anti-orc sentiments run so deeply as to make words like 'hatred' seem paltry. In crowds, Barome tends to keep to the outskirts and away from large congregations of people, tolerating most races quite well -- but he has no sympathy for orc sympathizers.

Mount: Poncor is a female camel with a reticent attitude, and who obeys Barome's commands without question. Well-trained and somewhat shy, she is still a strong camel with thirty years of growth on her. She responds to the trained commands for Come, Fetch, Heel, Perform, and Stay.
Poncor: female dromedary camel; CR 1, Size L (7'4", 1,200lbs); HD 3d8+6 (19hp); Init +3 (Dex); Spd 50ft; AC 13 (+1 natural, -1 size, +3 Dex); BAB/G +2/+10; Atk +0 (bite, 1d4+2, crit20x2); F/R 5x10/5ft); SQ low-light vision, scent; AL TN; SV Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +1; Str 18, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 2, Wis 11, Chr 4. Skills and Feats: Listen +5, Spot +5, Alertness, Endurance.
Possessions: harness, saddle, 3 longspears, 3 scimitars, 3 daggers, 100 arrows, 2 chain shirts, 10 waterskins, 200ft of hemp rope, climber's kit, 20 smoke sticks, 10 acid flasks in heavy glass vials, 10 heavy glass vials of alchemist's fire, 10 vials of holy water in heavy ceramic vials, 22 days worth of iron rations, 3 composite longbows (+2 Str adjustment).

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