SIR AHIRA BANDYLEGS, of Clan Bandylegs

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Ahira returned to his clan in the Avris Mountains and managed to convince them of Rakore's need for additional bodies to offset the enormous ogran influence in Rakore, after the War of the Four Winds. Ahira's clan chief was made a Count, and integrated into the Stonehelm Clan to help boost their numbers. Their proximity to the Jannissary Duchy ensures plenty of raw materials for brewing, and the Bandylegs brand of ale is becoming quite popular in Rakore among humans and dwarves alike. For his role in the War of the Four Winds and the integration of the Bandylegs Clan into Rakore, Ahira was awarded the title of Baron. Ahira occasionally visits his clan, but spends more time near Mount Rilan coordinating the efforts to contain and maintain the ograns without civil war.

Male Dwarf, 6th-Level Fighter, 3rd-Level Cleric

Hit Points

16 (+3)
13 (+1)
19 (+4)
10 (+0)
17 (+3)
8 (-1)


Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (3'11")


Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Alchemy +1, Appraise +1, Climb +5, Gather Information +2, Intimidate +0, Knowledge (Dwarven History +3, Nobility and Royalty +2, Religeon +1), Listen +8, Profession (Brewer +7, Herbalist +7), Spot +8.
Feats: * Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Power Attack, Power Lunge, Weapon Specialization (Dwarven Waraxe), Shield Expert, Improved Critical (Dwarven Waraxe), Dodge.
Languages: Dwarven, Common, Orcish
Possessions: Ahira dresses in masterwork scale mail (AC +8), made from the irridescent carapace of a giant rhinocerous beetle. In one hand (and often over one shoulder), he carries a large dwarven war axe, and in his other hand is a large steel shield of reflecting +4. His most prized possession is a periapt of wisdom +6, courtesy of the Baron and the Bishop Dwarfendale. He wears a Heward's handy haversack of small size and a ring of sustenance, and carries a phylactery of faithfulness, and a wand of cure light wounds with 26 charges left.

* Dwarven Waraxes do not count as exotic weapons for dwarves;
thus, dwarven fighters do not need the feat Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Dwarven Waraxes)

Appearance: He wears common leathers of rich brown -- rich brown because of the hundreds of drinks spilled into them, and hundreds of hours of sweat poured through them. Oddly enough, his beard is the same rich brown, marking him as an outsider dwarf among the Rakorans. His green eyes are quite shrewd and very passionate -- and they seem never to leave that state. Ahira's overall beard and bearing mark him as a dwarf to be reckoned with, and his appearance alone has caused significantly larger creatures to question attacking the small powerhouse.

Background: Ahira Bandylegs was born on Dacal the 5th, 1271, into the Bandylegs clan of mountain dwarves. Dacal the 5th was the anniversary of the founding of Clan Bandylegs by Glumber Spearbanner. Ahira was originally named for the clan's founder, Glumber, because of his birthday.

Glumber was the fourth of five children born to his parents Torgga and Hlin. Because of the decades' long gap between Glumber and his older brothers, he was continually fighting with them. He did, however, get along well with his younger brother Eberk. Eberk and Glumbar spent long hours in the ale, feeling nothing but disdain for their older brothers, who looked down upon all other races and even other clans, to include their cousins the hill dwarves. Because of that disdain, Glumbar upheld the more traditional dwarven philosophies that much harder, aspiring to hard work, pride in his ancestors, and all that is meant to truly be a dwarf -- including martial studies. Eberk, by contrast, turned his disdain into a general disdain for all dwarves, save his brother. Eberk Bandylegs would shirk his work, and disappear for hours or even days at a time.

Glumber covered for his brother, and continued to be a hard worker in the clan's brewery, which supplied a great deal of ale and drink to the nearby city-state of Visigoph, and the surrounding area in the Avris Mountains. What Eberk did during his jaunts was revealed to all the Bandylegs clan, when the young dwarf was caught stealing gold and gems from the wealthier and more reclusive Clan Strongarm. The Strongarm clan asked only for reparations, and tightened up their security. The Bandylegs clan was less forgiving.

Eberk's punishment was to be shackled to the coke ovens, at which he would work for six months. After his own shifts in the brewery, Glumber would often visit with his brother, and talk until the late marks of the time candles. Eberk claimed that he had stolen from the richer Strongarm clan with intentions of giving the gold and gems to the less fortunate members of Clan Bandylegs, and even a very poor clan of hill dwarves eking out an existence nearby. Glumber's more neutral view of life, and his strict adherence to justice and generosity, let him forgive his brother. When Eberk's punishment was done, Glumber thought little of working both his shift, and his brother's, while Eberk disappeared for marks or days at a time.

After another year had passed in the brewery, the time came for Glumber's rite of passage into adulthood -- Leaving the Hearth. The ceremony is traditionally a festive one for Clan Bandylegs; gifts are given to the new adult, he receives an adult's name, and a great deal of drinking and carousing goes on. Well into the drinking, but just before the gifts were given, Eberk was brought in by a several guards from Clan Bandylegs. The younger Bandylegs had been caught stealing from his own clan's coffers, and a great deal of wealth and money was found in a private stash.

Drunk beyond impassionate thought, and disgusted with his younger brother's apparent lies of 'generosity to less fortunate dwarves', Glumber launched himself into a fight with his younger brother. Stronger and more powerful, Glumber was an even match for the fast and cunning Eberk, and the two fighters were impossible to separate for well over half a mark.

Eberk was thrown out of Clan Bandylegs as a disgraced, hearthless dwarf. He had thought that his brother, out of all dwarves would understand -- but the attack Glumber launched at him left him more broken than being clanless.

Glumber thought his younger brother a lying, disgraceful dwarf who only mouthed the words of dwarven honor and generosity. Before he became too drunk in sorrow to continue the Leaving the Hearth, his family continued with the Leaving of the Hearth ceremony, and renamed him to Ahira. Glumber's great-uncle Ahira Stoneback had been a warrior of some fame, and the family felt that Ahira Glumber Bandylegs was more suited to the warrior's title, than that of the brewer. Apprenticed out to a warrior from Clan Strongarm, Ahira Bandylegs began to learn the martial skills of dwarven fighters.

After a year of intensive training, Ahira deigned to leave his homeland. Plagued by memories of his brother, he wonders what he would do if he saw his clanless brother again. Also plagued by the egocentrism of both the Bandylegs and Strongarm clans, Ahira has decided to see for himself what the other races are like. Determined to see through to the truth of people, Ahira managed to wind his way westward to Rakore.

Going through the desert, was surprisingly uneventful. Occasionally traveling with caravans, mostly by himself though, he made his way to Rakore and the city of Teras. He met up with a group of other Adventurers for a job to take a package to a monastery called Stars End. Looking at it as a way to start a reputation, he joined the group. Of course the group also wanted to go by boat. Swallowing his pride, he joined them still not knowing wither to trust them or expect them to throw him off the boat. When they first went to shore and started to rest, was when they earned his respect. The female of the group, Rain Straith, showed her skill at the sword, and Parkon's skill as a mage. This did not bother him so much because of his belief of how evil the inquisition is. Before the short battle, Travis's skill as a mumer (dwarvish for bard) impressed him.

The group adventured for some time. They went to Takanal, Lok Magius, and Lok Giran. The Group had fought, Orks, soldiers, and bounty hunters. The tiem that changed his life, was fighting the troll Grythe. They were in the sewers of the ruins of Tymarell when they encountered him. Having never fought a troll, He was killed in the battle. For Ahira time suddenly had no meaning. His wounds where dressed, and his armor was in great repair. He was surrounded with people who were of similar mind. Then he saw him. Galgiran himself. Then Galgiran spoke and Ahira woke up in the city of Takanal, in a place owned by the famed Gideon Enterprise (or GE). noticing the priestess of Whalin’s fatigue, he whispered a small prayer to Galgiran and amazingly cured her (Player note: this was when I gave him his 1st level in cleric).

After traveling with the group a little longer he realized his new calling, yet felt inadequate to do it. So he left the group in Takanal and started to head back towards the Avris mountains and to a lake that was suppose to be able to help him.

After traveling for three months, He ran into another group of Adventurers. The group was trying to get towards Rakore. Especially to Lok Magius. Since Ahira had already knew where Lok Magus was, and had already met Mistress Brin the elf they needed to meet, He volunteered to guide them there. After leaving the town, he found the gnome in the group. this doubled his resolve to get them to Rakore. Knowing the Baron and Bishop Dwarfendale was looking for one.

After a short time in the ruins of Terezcotta, they traveled on. Then he realized how important this gnome was. Especially when a Dragon came out of nowhere and transported them to another dragon, whole flew them the rest of the way to Rakore. The flight being the greatest and most exciting thing he had ever done. Being dropped off in the manor of Baron Sadic. After a quick scuffle with one of his assistance, the party was giving time to rest and another mission. Being knighted to Rakore He accepted a mission, with the rest of the group, to help the Dragons. With a small account of silver, He chose Magical Items that would help him in his new life as a servant of Galgiran, as well as plain survival in the wild.

During the mission, they found the flying castle of Rezjomon. With gigantic rock creatures. Calling in the Baron and Bishop Dwarfendale, with a small army. Being able to fight by his side.

Now Ahira continues in his service with Rakore by working for Gideon Enterprises as a member of Firestorm.

Roleplaying Notes: Ahira can drink like a fish because of his many years working in his clan's brewery. While he used to be deathly afraid of the water, he is slowly overcoming his revulsion to sailing and boating -- though only with the aid of massive quantities of ale, and the occasional stout blow to the head. With the help of his fellow adventurers, he's managed to earn a considerable amount of coin as a warrior and a mercenary. An accomplished alchemist, Ahira hopes to fund a small workshop and laboratory, where he can further his clan'sends in Rakore with new drinks for the market. Though limited in intellect, he puts to use what he has as best he can, preferring the thinking drunkard to the blinded warrior. In combat, he has proven quite adept at both defending himself, and wreaking havoc on his opponents, one on one. Being from an isolated, intellectual clan of dwarves, Ahira does not have the same dread of mages that most dwarves do -- which is fortunate, considering half of his adventuring party practice the arcane arts.

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