"Magic?  Some of my best weapons are magic!"

Male Mountain Dwarf, Earth-touched, 7th-Level Fighter

Hit Points

22 (+6)
13 (+1)
22 (+6)
12 (+1)
15 (+2)
8 (-1)


Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (4'8")


Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Craft (armorsmithing) +15, Craft (jeweler) +10, Craft (weaponsmithing) +15, Profession (miner) +9.
Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (dwarven waraxe), Weapon Specialization (dwarven waraxe).
Languages: Dwarven, Common, Terran, Orcish.
Special Abilities: As a dwarf, Thorfinn has dwarven stonecunning, and darkvision at 60ft.  As an earth-touched, he has outsider traits as a native, pass without trace 1x/day as a spell-like ability, cannot be banished, receives a +2 Con, +2 Str, -2 Cha, +1 natural armor.  ('Native' outsiders cannot be banished, and are immune to spell effects that specify humanoid targets.)
Date of Birth:  Dalan the 24th, 1267 Avard.
Possessions:  He carries a keen dwarven waraxe, a halberd, and a masterwork great maul (3d4+6 damage).  He wears gauntlets of ogre power, boots of striding and springing, a large, spiked wooden shield, and +1 spiked full plate of invulnerability.  Inside of his bag of holding (1), he carries masterwork smithing tools, a masterwork jeweler's kit, a cast of dwarven spirits, 10 thunderstones, 8 vials of acid, a portable ram, 5 days worth of trail rations, a water skin, 240 gold pieces, and other miscellaneous camping material.

Appearance: Thorfinn is a relatively young dwarf, with skin the color of sandstone, and a craggy, weathered appearance.  His hair is an iron gray in color, making him appear far older than he is.  At 315lbs, he is very stout, and looks practically invulnerable in his spiked, full plate armor.  His eyes are eerie -- they are faceted obsidian.  Outside of his armor, he wears a vest with no shirt on, and breeches with heavy-duty boots.

Background: He left his clan in the far, frozen north, to seek his fortunes in the 'soft' southern lands.

After several years of wandering the lands, Thorfinn wound up in Gayune, where he saved a mage's life, carved a path through the Vord Orcs, and wound up traveling with the rich mage all the way to Rakore.  Once in Rakore, and with the resources of Lok Magius at his disposal, the mage asked Thorfinn what he would like in return for having saved the mage's life.  Thorfinn replied, "I want to be closer to the earth."

Though advised of the dangers, the mages at Lok Magius drew upon information garnered from Sam the Weapon Master, and managed to bond some of the powers of the earth with Thorfinn's body.  Since that time, Lok Magius has kept Thorfinn on retainer as a special body guard for adventuring mages.

Role-playing notes: Thorfinn's clan is a tough, viking-esque group of dwarves.  Thorfinn himself is dour, stoic, and possessed of a foul sense of humor.  He once had ten orcs as prisoner, and offered them their freedom -- if they could get through him to get it.  Not a single orc survived, and Thorfinn's logic was, "We'd've had to get rid of them, sooner or later."  Thorfinn has no love of orcs, what-so-ever.  He does not mind mages or magic, "But, I wouldn't let my sister marry a mage."  He stays with Lok Magius only because it pays well, and intends to one day return to his clan.

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