Kur Maeth
N. Galanath
Sam's Gauntlet, Copy right Diego da Silva, 2002. "They said the mages must be silent,
Or he will have dominion over all...
How, then, does one silence the dead?"

-Cardinal Merilyn Mhenace of Yatindar, 1320 Avard

NPC Master List

Mistress Brin A long-time member of Firestorm, Brin is the brains behind the creation of Lok Magius in Rakore. Sanctioned by the Baron and Bishop, she trains initiates and apprentices in the ways of arcane magic.
Dwarfendale Known as the 'Baron and the Bishop of Lok Giran', Nodrom "Dwarfendale" Fistforger was the founder of Firestorm, is part-owner of Gideon Enterprises in the name of the Church of Galgiran, and controls access to Lok Magius in Rakore.
Gundar Mistress Brin's sworn protector, as well as a key soldier of Firestorm, Gundar is a fearsome ranger with a fearsome attitude. His scariest feature is his willingness to wield twin cursed longswords.
Jynx Maysolu One of the foremost mage-smugglers in the hotter climes is Jynx Maysolu. An ally to anyone fleeing the Inquisition, he and his allies are often found in strange places, in usual situations, or in weird conditions.
Rial Mhenace The manager of Gideon Enterprises is a crafty, guileful man known as 'Mister Mhenace'. A partial architect of Rakore, and head of the Rakoran spy network, Rial prefers to be underestimated.
Delbin Arcanus Lok Magius' most powerful mage is also its most insane.  Because he has touched one too many planes in all his years of travel, Deblin Arcanus is the extraplanar studies instructor for the Mages' Academy.
Thorfinn Stoneskull Lok Magius' mages have required a fair share of bodyguards, over the course of time.  One of their meanest and toughest is Thorfinn -- a dwarf that convinced the mages to 'amp him up'.

Kur Maeth
Garalus Arguably the most powerful head of any church, is the sylvan elf known as Garalus. Chosen of Arpelos, with an ancient wyrm as his mount, he has turned the tide of the Inquisition, albeit only a bit.

Arkumil Ask for the most skillful thief in all the west, and the name Arkumil comes up. Used by kings, pirates, priests, and even the undead, 'The Master Thief' is a respected -- if despised -- name.

Northern Galanath
The Iron Lord One name is whispered with fear by the highest levels of the Inquisition -- that of the Iron Lord. A reputed mercenary leader, he proved himself a forced to be reckoned with in Damia, Inquisitor.

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