NPC Master List

A number of the names listed herein are unfamiliar to members of various campaigns -- because this is a master complilation of all NPC's encountered during each campaign. Dead men do tell tales, if the appropriate entry can be found. The list is not wholly comprehensive, and a number of missions or entire chapters are missing from the list.

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Adroni Caspara (m human): "Uncle" and ruler of Sandar.

Akal (m human): He is considered insane, and crazy, but he is the brother to the Sultan of Aboris in Al Fahim. He also appears to be somewhat of a prophet. It is known that Galanus spoke to him, when he was younger, and that forced him to be mad.

Alia (f human): DECEASED. Daughter of a master bowman in the village of Abreth, on North Heiro Island, she was changed from an innocent girl to a savage murdered by a mirror of greed hidden within a nearby volcano. She was killed by her own father, after she had cruelly murdered a number of boys and men in their sleep, and after she had cut off her father's bow-finger.

Alish Althal (m human): DECEASED. He was a powerful warlord in Kur Maeth, dealing in slaves and other contraband. He was killed by Malkir Vinaalaalus and his allies in Kur Maeth.

Alzim Hinasolfora (m human): King of Al Fahim.

Analis (m human): A priest of Olorin that functions aboard the free-lance carrack Righteous Praise, under Captain Galok.

Angela (f human): Barmaid at the Stolen Heart tavern in Karmen. Former fiancee of Kirad's.

Argon (m human): A shield-arm for hire, in Lamental, Vridara. His brothers Vasith and Bure are also in the mercenary business with him.

Ark (m human): A warrior that is better with his mouth than with his cross-bow, Ark was the leader of a small band of adventurers that journeyed to the then unnamed Heiro Island. He and his party were freed years later from a mirror of life trapping by Gideon Enterprises, and he now serves as a weapons officer aboard various vessels of the GE fleet.

Artanus (m titanium dragon): He joined Garalus, The Chosen of Arpelos, during the Storm Wars. When Garulus and Arpelos skipped ahead in time, Artanus remained, aging, carrying on the name of Arpelos in his hidden mountain fortress. When Arpelos returned, Artanus joined Garalus once more, as his mount.

Avra (m human): He had been Alia's promised husband, until she was executed. Now, this young Sholin man has signed on with Gideon Enterprises as a sailor, trying to forget his past.


Barb (m human): The mastermind behind leadgut that brews the infamous dwarven drink in the city of Kashin, Rakore. Also an apothecary, formerly located in Kur Maeth. Roscoe's uncle.

Benzin (m human): Amaran shaman of Elinthar in Teras. Originally from Golin.

Bhremeth (m human): The one-legged Sholin chief of Tulish, after the former chief, Danlik, sold out to pirates.

Braddock Lahn (m human): He is a knight of Rakore, sworn to Malkir Rakore. He and his mercenaries, the Thunderbolts, have a long an interesting career fighting pirates and brigands in the West. Carries Vyrboth's wyrmshield.

Brakon (m human): Chief of the Toor Tribe of Sholin peoples, on the North side of the Aboriac Sea.

Bramoris (m high elf): He is a thief in black silk that works for Gideon Enterprises. GE liberated him from a mirror of life trapping on Heiro Island, where he and his party had been for several years.

Bredik Graniteshoulders (m dwarf): He is a priest assigned to Bishop Nodrom Fistforger, as a general secretary and advisor. He is a distant cousin to the king of Rakore.

Briar (m human): Veteran sailor for Gideon Enterprises. Originally from Karmen.

Briarbeard (m dwarf): Vicar of Galgiran in Rakore.

Briktath (m human): Informant for Gideon Enterprises's operatives in Kur Maeth. Bartender at the Stacked Deck tavern in Karmen. Formerly an informant for the Karmen Underground.

Brill (m human): Apothecary in Karmen that specializes in contraband items, including dalath poison.

Brud Sharptusk (m orog): A tactical genius serving under Guth Strongarm, and fighting for the Ogre Nations, Brud cannot see beyond the battlefield and immediate needs.

Brute (m human): DECEASED. He was a servant of Demik's that went mad when his pet reptilian gargantua was killed. Vowing justice, he enlisted the aid of several fog giants, and tried to avenge his pet. He was killed by Malkir Vinaalaalus near the Paela Sea.

Bryon Stonevengeance (m dwarf): ArchCardinal to Galgiran for all of Rakore. Resides in Mt Lavanore, where he guards the relic-rock in which Galgiran's footsteps can be seen. Most often called 'Father Bryan'.

Bure (m human): A shield-arm for hire, in Lamental, Vridara. His brothers Argon and Vasith are also in the mercenary business with him.

Burl (m human): Veteran sailor for Gideon Enterprises. Originally from Dankelish.

Burnadette (f human): Rough and tough captain for Gideon Enterprises. Originally from Kur Maeth.


Care (m human): DECEASED. He was one of the warriors bound to Father John, during the Storm Wars. He died in the Battle of Linshala, just before Nabrol's minions were forced off of the continent, and out to sea.

Chainbeard (m dwarf): MISSING (PRESUMED DECEASED). Former vicar for Galgiran in the Rakanus Clan of dwarves. Was eaten by the shadow dragon Grynereth.

Chana Ironwill (f dwarf): She is a priestess of Galgiran assigned to Bishop Nodrom Fistforger as a general secretary and advisor. She also helps run the Blue Tyven Tavern & Inn at the base of Mt Rilan.

Charliss (m human): DECEASED. This is the assumed name of Karl Liss after his insanity consumed him.

Chisa (f human): DECEASED. She was a lieutenant in the Guard of Giranhad, during the Storm Wars. She died when Nathelian troops razed the city.

Colof Mournblade (m human): ArchDuke of Vikerma.

Cole (m human): 'Master' Cole was Captain Gale Hoffin's general mage and wizard.


Dal Gonot (m human): King of Vridara.

Danlik (m human): DECEASED. Was chief of the Tulish Tribe of Sholin peoples. Killed by GE operatives when he sold out Tulish to pirates.

Dearus (m human): DECEASED. He was a hulk of a warrior in the village of Tanalth, in the Dane Forest. He and his people worked as the slaves of Phasith, the green dragon, until Phasith's reign ended. He died, mauled by a boar, just after the Storm Wars ended.

Defron Mallick (m human): This six foot eleven giant is the High Priest of Arpelos, under Garalus. He was born on Oerth, and transferred to Gaeleth during an interlude in the Storm Wars, prior to Arpelos's move to Gaeleth. When Arpelos appeared, Defron had already prepared a Relic for the Reunited God, fascilitating Arpelos's integration into the Gaeleth system.

Dellah (f human): Barkeep of the Red Lightning tavern and inn in Lamental, Vridara, Vridara. Herra's mother.

Demik Coruth (m human): DECEASED. He was a powerful necromancer that found Galanus' Book of the Dead, and unlocked its secrets. Before his destruction, he controlled a number of liches, death knights, dragon liches, zombie lords, and other powerful undead. He also managed to raise close to 2.5 million skeletons and zombies, which he used to wreak devestation and destruction upon the kingdoms of the East that bordered the Seas of Kiriath. His undead krakens and whales ruled the seas, sinking hundreds of vessels. He was finally killed by Garulus, The Chosen of Arpelos, and Tellarian Hawke, at the final Battle of the Undead. He was the son of Carl Liss (aka Charliss).

Dole (m human): DECEASED. During the Storm Wars, he was too old to effectively fight in battle. He used his warrior skills to entertain crowds at tourneys, as the Storm Wars drew on. He died of a heart attack during one such tourney in Karmen.

Domel (m human): DECEASED. He was an archer, that helped hunt down the wizards after the Storm Wars. He and the rest of the remaining Mage Mires were killed by Prikdannon.

Don (m human): Large miner in Dalon.

Dulkin (m desert elf): Priest of Galanus in Teras. Formerly a protector for the Vinaalaalus tribe in the Choranil Desert. Most often called 'Father Dulkin'.

Dun Kork (m ogre): DECEASED. He was Captain Gale Hoffin's personal body guard, dressed from head to toe in black-painted field-plate and chain. He was killed in combat in the Vault of K'Tath by Malkir Vinaalaalus and Genecelot Foresthen.


Eklira (f human): DECEASED. She was a cleric for the Silver Six, an elite group of Nabrolian warriors. She was killed while assaying the ruins of Stomalin Keep in Rakore, to determine if the ruins held some hint of Demik Coruth's origins and abilities.

Elistan (m lich): DESTROYED. Lord Elistan, the death knight, was first heard of when he led an army of undead against the drow city of Tyven. Elistan raised the city to rubble, leaving very little intact, and nearly wiped out the drow elves. He did this fifty years before the Battle of the Undead, and the act may have sparked fond memories in Charliss, and led to the creation of Charliss' son, Demik Coruth. He was destroyed by the Chosen of Arpelos, Garalus, during the Battle of the Undead.

Embar (m demon): Before the Storm Wars he had been banished by an elemental lord of air. Embar had nearly succeeded in using the Oddity of Gaeleth to open a portal between the elemental plane of air and the void, and would possibly have destroyed the plane of air. Embar returned to Gaeleth during the Storm Wars by means of a powerful Oerthian mage that punched through the Shield. He has apparently been laying low, and planning, since his return.

Enterik (m human): DECEASED. He was the High Priest of Barith, in Karmen, during the Storm Wars. He and his allies fought for, and attained acceptance of the new god of the sun, Arpelos. He was murdered during a clerical duel with a Nabrolian Cardinal.

Evikla (f human): DECEASED. She was a rogue and a fighter, for the Silver Six, an elite band of Nabrolian warriors. She was killed while investigating Stomalin Keep, by the Rakoran equivalent of the Silver Six, Firestorm.


Feldspar Graniteshoulders (m dwarf): King of Rakore. Rules from Mt Basilisk.

Forst (m human): DECEASED. A very powerful Var Gauf, he was hired to distract members of Firestorm, and send a terror message to their employers. He was killed by a military ranger working for Firestorm, in a toe to toe engagement, near the Griktale Escarpment in the Choranil Desert.


Galok (m human): Captain and owner of the Righteous Praise, a free-lance carrack operating in the Aboriac Sea.

Gale Hoffin (m human): DECEASED. Former pirate captain that had been hired by Demik Coruth to find K'Tath's Vault. Killed by Malkir Vinaalaalus and Genecelot Foresthen at Krikta Island.

Galn Ron (m stone giant): (MISSING). His massive six-foot arrows nearly proved the undoing of Malkir Rakore and Nodrom Fistforger in several skirmishes leading up to the Battle of the Undead. Every third arrow of his had arrow of bone cast on it, and Galn could toss his arrows for nearly a thousand yards with near-perfect accuracy. Galn is believed to be a mirrored copy of another stone giant, altered by Demik or one of his underlings to fight for the side of the Undead. He turned up missing during a final body count after the Battle of the Undead was over. The original Galn Ron is now in the service of Gideon Enterprises, along with his other compatriots that had been trapped several years ago on Heiro Island by a mirror of life trapping

Galth Wirebeard (m dwarf): Crew-boss for Gideon Enterprises. Lost his hand during a trade war with magnates in Kur Maeth. Tankth's brother.

Garan Rubynose (m dwarf): He and his brother, Gawain, are accolytes assigned to Bishop Nodrom Fistforger. They help maintain the worship at Lok Giran when the Bishop is away.

Gaton (m human): DECEASED. He was an inn-keeper in Dalon, during the Storm Wars. He was killed when a tsunami wiped out most of the coastal villages in that nation.

Gawain Rubynose (m dwarf): He and his brother, Garan, are accolytes assigned to Bishop Nodrom Fistforger. They help maintain the worship at Lok Giran when the Bishop is away.

Genea (f drow elf): Attractive owner and barkeep of the Blue Tyven Tavern & Inn at Mt Giran, in Rakore. Former dancer and slave in the city of Kur Maeth.

Girud (m human): He was a slave merchant in Kur Maeth; rumor has it that he has become a thief for the Alekdan Princes.

Goolee (m human): Amaran priest of Elinthar in Teras. Originally from Golin.

Golt Banner (m human): Master ship-builder and engineer for Gideon Enterprises, out of Rakore. Native of Teras.

Gorge (m human): Baker in one of the bazaars in Karmen.

Granif Stoneknuckles (m dwarf): He is a knight sworn to Nodrom Fistforger. He makes his own weapons, and overseas Lok Giran, Nodrom's fortress, when the Baron is away.

Grithale Stormblade (m dwarf): A member of the Warkore Clan of Rakoran Dwarves, his shortsword was the first to be raised to defend the Rakanus Clan against the orcs and ogres from the Choranil Desert, while the two clans were still at war. As part of the peace accords, he defended then Vicar Nodrom "Dwarfendale" Fistforger during his jaunts to discover the source of the undead that proved so devestating against the Warkore Dwarves. He is currently a Baron of Rakore.

Guth Strongarm (m orc): A leftenant for the Ogre Nations, Guth is a tactical veteran. He fought well and hard against the dwarves during the assaults on preRakore, and he learned the bitter taste of defeat against the Ch'Kr'Sril. His supporting Ogre Magi beat the will into, not out of him, and the highly intelligent Guth keeps his bloodlust as hard in check as his troops.

Grynereth (m shadow dragon / lich): DESTROYED. He had protected the Vault of K'Tath on Krikta Island, until the vault was self-destructed, nearly killing the dragon. He was transformed into a fully sentient and autonomous lich by Demik Coruth, and employed as a messenger, until the Battle of the Undead. He was completely obliterated by the attack of a venerable titanium dragon, Artanus.


Hanas (m human): He is a Sholin priest of Olorin on North Heiro Island, for the village of Abreth.

Hasan (m human): DECEASED. He was a thief that, after the Storm Wars, aided in hunting down the mages and wizards of the land. He died when a mage's fireball consumed him. His party was known as the Mage Mires.

Havis (m human): Botswain of the free-lance carrack Righteous Praise, under Captain Galok.

Heiro Nakagawa (m human): DECEASED. Captain Nakagawa proved himself a tried and true combat veteran for Gideon Enterprises. Operating as the strong arm of justice against pirates and brigands, Heiro's twin katanas and his hand-picked crews decimated maritime enemies. Originally from the continent of Chilleth, Heiro was the illigitimate son of a royal prince, and was ousted from his homeland. He died during the Battle of the Undead, at the hands of the death knight Elistan.

Herra (f human): Barmaid at the Red Lightning tavern and inn in Lamental, Vridara, Vridara. Daughter of Dellah.

Honi Tone (f human): Voluptuous Gideon Enterprises captain originally from Karmen. Kavrun's wife.

Horath Orcbane (m dwarf): Blacksmith and brassman for Gideon Enterprises. Distant cousin to Duke Orcbane.


Itzak (m ogre): Supreme Ruler of the Ogre Nations.


Jack (m human): Jeweler in Dalon. Is a fence for various associations.

Jack (m winter wolf): Trained and later befriended by Tellarian Hawke, the winter wolf accompanied Hawke on a variety of missions before being transformed, and relocated, to Oerth, when Hawke returned to his home plane.

Jack Blank (m human): Captain for Gideon Enterprises. Originally from Forana.

Jacob (m human): MISSING. Merchant in Dalon that disappeared when Charliss and his company visited, looking for guides into the mountains nearby.

Jacob (m treant): He was apparently assigned by a druid sometime after the Storm Wars to guard the Tower in the Gaebrum Forest. He is very knowledgeable of the past, though a bit out of touch on current events.

James (m human): Desk guard for Kavrun in the Karmen Underground.

Jamthis (m dwarf): DESTROYED. He was a vampire controlled by Shiressa during her siege of Mt Basilisk. He was destroyed by Nodrom Fistforger.

Janx (m iron golem): MISSING. Janx was perhaps one of the mage Vyrboth's greatest creations. The iron golem served as secretary and security guard for Vyrboth's lost lair. The nine-foot tall golem was apparently sentient, and could create permanent items with major creation at will. He could also teleport at will, and seemed well versed in a good many topics. It was rumored that Janx was the reincarnated soul of one of Vyrboth's apprentices that died during the battles that heralded the Storm Wars. He was last seen in Vyrboth's lair just after Vyboth was killed.

John (m human): Informant for the Karmen Underground. Deals in information related to the Thieves' Guild.

John (m human): DECEASED. He was a priest of Elinthar during the time of the Storm Wars. His way-station on the Orin Sea provided cover for a number of Nathelian refugees, and, later, the persecuted of the purges following the Storm Wars. His wife was a druid named Martha. He died of natural causes at the age of 121.

Jarn (m human): DECEASED. He was a bigoted sailor for Gideon Enterprises, and nailed a cat to the door of Morbad Banoc's quarters. Malkir Rakore returned the favor, and nailed him to a wall with an arrow; the death was accidental -- he meant to frighten the sailor out of his bigotry.


Kalendan Sabrif (m human): A Toomaran cavalry leader, he rides as a Captain of the Order of the Blinding Light of the Church of Arpelos in Karmen. He saw heavy combat in the Battle of the Undead, and has become a veteran at hunting undead.

Karis (f human): DECEASED. She was a priestess of Agincoth during the Storm Wars, and was instrumental in spreading the rumor of Agincoth's death. She died of natural causes in her sleep at an old age.

Karl Liss (m human): DECEASED. The son of Vyrboth, Karl used Giran Howel to kill five gods during the Storm Wars, including Nathel. While at heart a good man, the sword corrupted him to the core. When it was taken from him during the purges after the Storm Wars, he went insane, and killed his father. After that, using his powers as both a magician and a swordsman, he began hunting for his former super-weapon, and at the same time, undoing all of his father's plans. He was unsuccessful in his goals. He was killed at the Battle of the Undead, when a mountain was dropped on him.

Karudith (m human): Baron of Firlan, in Rakore.

Kavrun (m human): Huge kingpin of a man that is a minor ring-leader of the Karmen Underground. Makes resources available to GE operatives in Karmen.

Kintala (m human): DECEASED. He was one of Demik's apprentices, sent along with Captain Gale Hoffin to find the Vault of K'Tath. He was killed by a fireball during a greed-sparked battle for the treasures of the vault.

Kirad (m human): Director of Operations for Gideon Enterprises. Formerly a thief from Karmen.

Kirik (m tomanth): Ranger and ship-mate for Gideon Enterprises. Son of Rikki Priktath.

Klisik (m tomanth): He is a fighter from the Banoc Forests. A dark tomanth, he betrayed his kin at the Battle of Tulish, and went into hiding soon there after. In Tyven, he aided the Silver Six to explore the ruins of the drow city, and then aided them in sailing to Rakore, and exploring Stomalin Keep. As the Silver Sixes began to fall to their Rakoran equivalent, Firestorm, Klisik fled into the Rakoran Forest.

Kolath (m human): DECEASED. He was chief of Tanalth in the Dane Forest. He died with the famous words, "I have seen the demon; and he is mine," on his lips. He died of old age twenty years after the Storm Wars ended.

Kole Ankar (m human): He is Captain of the Norish infantry division of the Order of the Blinding Light. Serving under the Church of Arpelos in Karmen, he saw heavy combat with his troops in the Battle of the Undead, and often sells his services with the blessings of the church as an undead hunter.

Kritanef (m human): DECEASED. He was a self-proclaimed duke from the Dane Forest during the time of the Storm Wars. He usurped the power of the local lords, and discovered the pritanium vault along the shore of the Goordune Ocean. Snobbish and unliked, he was killed in his sleep by a local uprising.


Lamdis (m human): DECEASED. He was a powerful warrior for the Karatikan side, during the Storm Wars. His two-handed sword attacks proved unbeatable in tourneys, and deadly on the field of battle. He died peacefully in his sleep as a Duke of one of the Toola nations.

Levdin Mavis (m human): DECEASED. He was a stonecutter and marble-dealer in Karmen, during the Storm Wars. Cutting a deal with the Chosen of Arpelos, Garalus, he had his name inscribed on a brass plaque in the temple of Arpelos in Karmen. In return, he made the marble available at a very good price. Levdin died of natural causes at the tender old age of 83, after serving for a number of years as the caretaker and protector of the titanium dragon of Arpelos Artanus, and of the Temple of Arpelos, after Arpelos's jump into the future.

Lindalis (m human): Sage in poisons in Kur Maeth. Not very scrupulous.

Lisenko (m human): He is a member of the Silver Six, an elite group of Nabrolian warriors. He was the sole surviving member of an exploratory expedition to Stomalin Keep, in Rakore; he returned with only a hint of his mission objectives -- learn how Demik Coruth raised the dead.

Loren Razorbraid (f dwarf): She is a knight, sworn to Nodrom Fistforger. Originally from the Warkore Clan, she earned her name from the straight-razors that she once put in her hair when she was roaring drunk.

Lorendale Orcbane (m dwarf): He is a powerful Baron sworn to Nodrom Fistforger. His elite squad, the BattleSmiths, consisting of hippotaun cavalry and dwarven infantry, are considerably powerful in combat, and can also soak up a considerable amount of ale. He is the nephew of Duke Orcbane.

Lukore (m human): He is a young fisherman in the Sholin village of Abreth on North Heiro Island.

Lul (m human): More neutral than evil, the great wizard Lul somehow duplicated the godslaying sword Giran Howel. Using the sword, he elevated himself to the status of major deity, after the supposed death of Agincoth. He immediately assumed her portfolio as a God of Knowledge.


Martha (f human): One of the first of the Sebre Druids, she and her husband were able to spare the region of the Orin Sea from the purges that followed the Storm Wars, and helped many of the demihumans in the region escape to the West. She existed during the Storm Wars, and is presumed deceased by most of the world. Her husband's name was John.

Meiesko (m human): DECEASED. He was a member of the Silver Six, an elite squad of Nabrolian warriors. A rogue with an uncanny accuracy, he often wore a pair of thinly slice, silver-bound obsidian lenses that allowed him to see in bright lights, and kept him from being glare-blinded by snow or water. He died while on assignment to explore Stomalin Keep, in Rakore.

Meliphos (m human): DECEASED. He was a member of the Silver Six, an elite squad of Nabrolian warriors. An expert shieldsman, his primary duty was to defend the cleric of the Silver Six. He was killed on an assignment to Rakore, to explore Stomalin Keep, and seek clues to Demik Coruth's abilities as a necromancer.

Mohamel (m human): He is the customs officer in Aboris, and an annoying friend of Rial and Heiro.

Mortanis Telvar (m human): He is one of the finest bowmen in all of Gaeleth, living in the village of Abreth on North Heiro Island. He had originally lost his bow-finger to his daughter (whom had been changed by a mirror of greed). He learned to fire his bow another way, increasing his range and his accuracy considerably. His bow-finger was later regenerated in return for lessons, and now he is unparalleled. His daughter's name was Alia, before Telvar was forced to kill her.

Morvin (m elephant): Familiar of Goolee, in Teras.

Moor (m human): A captain for Gideon Enterprises, he is originally from Tulish.


Nabrol (m solar): A solar of Nathel, he made a desperate grab for power after Nathel's death, and succeeded, inheriting the Dark God's portfolio, and becoming the God of Blood.

Nach'Neton (m human): He is a weapon-smith in Al Fahim that occasionally sells his wares in Aboris. His watered-steel is considered to be among the best in the world, next to Dwarven work.

Nadik (m human): Cook and galley-master of the free-lance carrack Righteous Praise, under Captain Galok.


Obram Sarinofin (m human): Clan Chief of the Toomar Tribes.

Obrom Donotalek (m human): Prime Minister of Chandral.

Opal Stonehand (f dwarf): Priestess of Galgiran, married to Rottgutt Stoneballs.

Orcbane (m dwarf): Duke and Military Advisor to King Graniteshoulders in Rakore.

Orcen Roreth (m human): He was Nathel's prized general. Armed with Nathel's Gauntlets, Opporus and Blaztorus, Orcen escaped death time and time again, inflicting heavy casualties on Karatikan forces with his brilliance and wisdom on the battle-field. He was also a long-term planner, but did not foresee the death of Nathel at the hands of Carl Liss, and Giran Howel. He died in the Battle of Tristamos, near the Sabran River, at about the same time as Nathel was killed.

O'zal Whitegold (m dwarf): Priest of Galgiran attached to King Graniteshoulders of Rakore. Restored from forced vampirism by Nodrom Fistforger.


Phasith (m green dragon): He controlled the pritanium vault in the Dane Forest, during the Storm Wars, and moved to replace his scales with the rare green metal. His plans were altered by Tellerian Hawke, and then Ritarinne. Now a venerable dragon, he serves as guardian of the vault, and Ritarinne's familiar.

Prekir (m desert elf): Lord and ruler of Kinshasa.

Prikdannon (m human): DESTROYED. Prikdannon was a powerful Western mage during the Storm Wars. In exchange for the secret of lichdom, he helped the Nathelians roll back the forces of the North. He specialized in storing energy in weapons and inanimate objects, for later dispersement at great damage. His spells killed scores of Karatikan soldiers in cleverly laid traps in their own barracks. He was destroyed by Garulus, The Chosen of Arpelos, during the Battle of the Undead.

Pyros (m human): DECEASED. He was a paladin of Barith, and a champion of farmers and rangers, during the Storm Wars. He befriended the paladin of Arpelos, Simon Luminar, before Simon's jump forward in time. Pyros died defending Karmen from a crazed Rik.



Rial Mhenace (m human): Manager of operations for Gideon Enterprises, out of Rakore. Former spy in Karmen.

Rik Brinx (m human): DECEASED. He was hired by Reed Keith of Gideon Enterprise's Firestorm, to serve as a protector and a guardian to Firestorm's mage. Rik, and his brother, Varl, proved themselves time and time again in combat. Rik was killed by accident, during a fog-enshrouded melee in which a mage had cast Rik's likeness onto an attacking warrior, and the attacking warrior's likeness onto Rik.

Rikki Priktath (m tomanth): DECEASED. Former crew-boss for Gideon Enterprises. Died naturally of old age.

Rilk (m human): DESTROYED. A giant, dark-skinned man, he was first killed by Rottgutt Stoneballs in Kur Maeth in a bar brawl. He was raised from the dead by the vampire Umara to serve as a minion to control the wyrsa. He was destroyed by Malkir Vinaalaalus.

Riplan (m human): He is the Sholin priest of Olorin in Tulish, and supports the current chief, Bhremeth.

Ritarinne (f gray elf): DECEASED. She was Vyrboth's apprentice before the Storm Wars. During the Wars, she was given her freedom to pursue and destroy Nathel's armies at every opportunity, and she did so with remarkable success. She apparently passed the time since the Storm Wars by being in stasis much of the time, and only being awakened when her familiar, the green dragon Phasith, deemed it necessary. She was married for most of the time since the Storm Wars to Henrik "Prat" Kamus, one of the 'Defenders of Arpelos'. She was killed when an old enemy of Prat's, the demilich Kilreptus, detonated a delayed-blast fireball inside of her rib cage.

Rob Bobbin (m human): He was a native of Kur Maeth, that made his living ferrying people back and forth across the Dreneb River. After taking ill during the aftermath of the detonation of Lake Kiriath, he moved to Mount Rilan in Rakore, where he became a ferry-man and novice sloop captain.

Ras Daemon (m human): DECEASED. He owned a large quartz quarry in Dalon, during the Storm Wars. His great claim to fame was the white dragon skeleton that he set up in one of his older, over-worked pits. The dragon's skeleton, and several other dragon artifacts, became a museum dedicated to dragons by the Brotherhood of the Dragon, a subsect of Lul. The museum is named for Ras' honor. He died when a section of quarry collapsed on him, at the age of 102.

Roscoe (m human): Bald owner of the Black Rock Tavern at Thayer's Rock in Teras, Rakore. Also brews large quantities of his famous ale and his infamous leadgut. Former mercenary, with connections to Kur Maeth.


Sadir (m human): DESTROYED. From Al Fahim, Sadir was an exceptional warrior that fought for any price. Demik encased him in mithrel from head to toe, and gave him a matching sword and shield. Sadir was killed during an assault on Mt Basilisk; Demik raised him as one of the undead, because he had proven so useful. Like most of Demik's followers, he was destroyed at the Battle of the Undead.

Shanel (m elemental lord of air): Working in conjunction with Vyrboth, Shanel managed to hunt down, and banish, a demon by the name of Embar that attempted to harness the power of the Oddity into a weapon that would have destroyed the elemental plane of air.

Shiressa (f human): DESTROYED. She was a vampire that led a contingent of undead against the Warkore Clan of dwarves, and nearly succeeded in turning Chief Ulrich Graniteshoulders into a vampire under her control. She did succeed in transforming several of the Warkore dwarves under Ulrich. She also had some minor mage's abilities. She was killed by a simultanous strike from the front and the back to her heart by Nodrom Fistforger and Malkir Rakore.

Simon Luminar (m human): He carries the Mantle of the Order of the Blinding Light, is First Prelate of that organization, and serves as general in the battles against the undead, under Arpelos. During the Storm Wars, Simon was an antipaladin for Nathel, and nearly succeeded in his genocide of the gnomes. Unable to bring himself to completely kill all of the gnomes, he sought retreat from Nathel's cruelty with the Sebre Druids. There, he returned to goodness, and sought reinstatement as a paladin. Yatindar, Simon's god before Nathel, would have had Simon serve out his punishment for genocide. Arpelos, desperate for followers in the new realm of Gaeleth, took Simon in, and sealed Simon's destiny as a paladin of Arpelos. His speech, "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight; let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, the Blinding Light," inspired a number of warriors and paladins to join Arpelos in his battle against all evil undead.

Sholk (m human): DECEASED. A mage during the Storm Wars, he founded the Mage Mires to hunt down the wizards and sorcerors of the time. He preceeded the purges after the Storm Wars, and his death probably served to fan the flame of the purges. He was killed during an assault on Vyrboth's lair.

Slopgut (m dwarf): Galley cook for Gideon Enterprises vessels.

Soonee Gossar (m human): Cardinal of Barith, and ruler of the Amar Tribes. He has eaten of the Salmon of Wisdom (WIS=19).


Talmor (m human): Master carpenter at Thayer's Rock for Gideon Enterprises. Originally from Kashin.

Talone (m human): First-mate for Gideon Enterprises. Son of Chief Brakon (Sholin).

Tana (f human): A priestess of Whalin.

Tananak (m human): DECEASED. He was a Nathelian soldier during the Battle of the Granite Clan, during the Storm Wars. During an apparent run in with Tellarian Hawke, he altered his world alignment, and joined the side of the Karatikans, supplying valuable information on troop movements and magical attacks -- as a double-agent. He died when Nabrolian priests found him out.

Tanith (m human): The Duke of Lamental, Vridara, Vridara. He's open to outside merchants, and willing to aid them to bring in more wealth to Lamental, Vridara.

Tankth Stoneknee(m dwarf): Crew-boss for Gideon Enterprises. Galth's brother.

Tasdal (m human): Large Sholin chief of Abreth on North Heiro Island.

Teanna (f human): Attractive priestess of Habrem that sings in the Black Rock Tavern at Thayer's Rock.

Tenis (f human): DECEASED. A high priestess of Whalin during the Storm Wars, she controlled the Temple of Whalin in the Risin Mountains. She and the temple were destroyed during a sneak attack by one of Nabrol's clerical generals.

Tiny (m reptilian gargantua): DECEASED. This massive reptile was the 'pet' of one of Demik's underlings, Brute.

Tir Moraneth (f human): Rial's secretary for Gideon Enterprises at Thayer's Rock. Speaks fluent Common, Dwarven, and Sholin; has a smattering of Elven and Tomanth.

Tonol (m human): DECEASED. First mate to Captain Gale Hoffin. Killed by his own crew with poison in greed for the treasures of the Vault of K'Tath.

Tonolak (m human): First-mate aboard the free-lance carrack Righteous Praise.

Toolf (m human): DECEASED. He was a warrior bound to Father John during the Storm Wars. He died in the Toola Forest at the hands of a legion of balors.

Tor (m human): A hulking brute of a Sholin man, he is Chief Bhremeth's personal body-guard. He is also a mute.

Tori Kalel (f human): DECEASED. She was one of Demik's apprentices, though not a necromancer by any means. She was killed in the Battle of the Undead by friendly fire from her own forces.


Ulrich Graniteshoulders (m dwarf): DECEASED. Former chief of the Warkore Clan of dwarves. Killed by the vampire Shiressa.

Umara (f human): DESTROYED. Sister to Shiressa, and also a vampire. She was destroyed defending the Tower in the Laekenala Jungle by Nodrom Fistforger.


Van (m human): DECEASED. He was a vicar of Nabrol, serving with Captain Hoffin, until another group of clerics lightning bolted him to death at Thayer's Rock.

Varl Brinx (m human): DECEASED. He was hired by Reed Keith of Firestorm, Gideon Enterprise's elite team. Varl served as a protector and a guardian to Firestorm for close to a year, with his brother, Rik. Varl was killed by friendly fire when a mage's enchantment changed his likeness in the midst of a fog-enshrouded battle.

Vasith (m human): A shield-arm for hire, in Lamental, Vridara. His brothers Argon and Bure are also in the mercenary business with him.

Vrijel (m human): DECEASED. He was a powerful mage in Lamental, Vridara, doing research on both rust and suspended animation. He and his tower, though, was destroyed by red lightning during the purges after the Storm Wars. His spellbook was found beneath the park where his tower used to sit, along with close to a hundred rust monsters, a rhemoraz, and a mimic in suspended animation.

Vyrboth Liss (m human): DECEASED. Vyrboth was perhaps one of the last of the Great Mages on Gaeleth. He was actually born before the first passing of the Shadow Star, before the Prism Wars; however, some sort of temporal anomoly jumped him forward in time by nearly 9,500 years. During the Storm Wars, his powerful magics aided the Karatikan nations in their struggles against the evil god Nathel. He was instrumental in a number of attacks on Nathelian troops and leaders, and proved valuable in his defense of much of the north after Nabrol came to power after Nathel's death. He created a number of magical items during his time, and was responsible for summoning Tellarian Hawke to Gaeleth through the Shield. Vyrboth, a follower of Agincoth, was well aware of his own destiny, and the destiny of Gaeleth in the years to come. It was he who helped set about Gaeleth's escape from the Oddity that formed the Shield. He also helped created the Vaults of the Gods, and the stone golems that would guard them. He was killed by his son, Carl, just after the Storm Wars ended.


Waross (m human): Bishop of Elinthar in Karmen. A fat, jovial man.




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