MISTRESS BRIN, Arch Mage of Lok Magius
Member of Fire Storm

Female Half-Elf, 9th-Level Wizard

Hit Points

9 (-1)
15 (+2)
13 (+1)
18 (+4)
16 (+3)
10 (+0)


Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack:
Ranged Attacks:

M (5'9")


Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Concentration +7, Craft (Carpentry) +8, Craft (Leatherworking) +8, Decipher Script +10, Handle Animal +2, Hide +12, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (history) +7, Move Silently +17, Profession (bookbinder) +9, Profession (navigator) +6, Profession (dancer) +5, Spellcraft +13.
Feats: Craft Wonderous Item, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Scribe Scroll, Weapon Finesse (dagger).
Languages: Vridaran, Common, Elven, Sholin.
Special: Mistress Brin is immune to all Enchantments. She also has the following spells permanently cast upon herself: comprehend languages, and detect magic.
Possessions: Brin wears a robe of shadow and silent moves, an amulet of natural armor +4, a ring of protection +6, and bracers of armor +4. She also wears a ring of tracking, boots of elven kind, a cloak of elven kind, a silver pendant of Lul, and has two +2 daggers of returning in wrist sheathes, as well as a number of throwing daggers about her waist. Her light travel pack has a silver quill and obliviax ink, a crystal ball, a Boccob's Blessed Book and a scroll tube.
Arcane Spells: 4/5/5/4/3/1. 0-level: detect poison, daze, dancing lights, flare, light, ghost sound, mage hand, mending, open/close, arcane mark, detect magic, read magic. 1st-level: mage armor, magic missile, grease, hold portal, protection from evil, protection from law, shield, obscuring mist, summon monster I, unseen servent, comprehend languages, detect secret doors, detect undead, identify, true strike, sleep, magic missile, silent image, burning hands, expeditious retreat, magic weapon, feather fall, spider climb. 2nd-level: web, cat's grace, invisibility, levitate, knock, minor image, blur, daylight, darkness, shatter, locate object, web, melf's acid arrows, protection from arrows, arcane lock. 3rd-level: fireball, fly, dispel magic, explosive runes, flame arrow, summon monster III, tonues, fireball, lightning bolt, major image, greater magic weapon, haste, keen edge, slow. 4th-level: fire trap, minor globe of invulnerability, remove curse, stoneskin, arcane eye, locate creature, confusion, ice storm, shout, hallucinatory terrain, illusory wall, phantasmal killer, dimension door, polymorph other. 5th-level: major creation, summon monster V, cone of cold, wall of force, mirage arcana, nightmare, persistent image, telekinesis, teleport*, permanency.

*Her teleport spell typically takes on the appearance of a blue-lit doorway, and must make use of an existing doorway of some sort. The advantage to this version is it's lack of any components save somatic -- the act of opening the door. The other end of the teleport spell need not use an existing portal or doorway.

Appearance: She is a lithe half-Vridaran, half Sylvan elf that appears in her early twenties. Tall for a woman, she prefers light dresses in blue hues, with blue pockets sewn into the linings and sleeves for her myriad spell components. With the dresses, she wears rich brown walking boots, with matching forearm bracers, a cape, and a belt for a number of throwing daggers. Mistress Brin has a commanding presence with her sandy-blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and powerful aura. She has a feminine walk with a no-nonsense edge to it, and yet still manages to appear quite beautiful and attractive.

Background: Brin was born to a Sylvan ranger mother, and a carpenter on the outskirts of Lamental, Vridara. Her parents were murdered when she was twelve, and she spent the rest of her youth with the elven community of the Moon Clan. Gideon Enterprises recruited her for FireStorm out of Lamental, giving her an opportunity to see more of the world than the confines of the Vridaran Forest. With Firestorm, her magical powers have blossomed, albeit as a combat-oriented mage of considerable abilities. Once her vengeance was done with, she undertook to create a university dedicated to teaching young mages the basics of their arcane power under the protection of Rakore and the Baron and the Bishop of Lok Giran, Dwarfendale.

Role-playing notes: She'll talk to strangers, if they talk to her -- but otherwise remains quiet. Around people she's comfortable with, she can be outgoing and friendly; but around strangers, she's cautious to the point of silence -- watching them with hawkish eyes. Arachnophic with a vengeance, she's been known to cast a fireball on a spider at point blank range. Preferring the nonlethal approach to combat, she'll strike if struck, though she has no qualms against killing if the situation requires it. Brin's original driving force had been to find the murderers of her parents, and with the help of Reed, she found them. Now in the role of teacher and savior of mages, she has little time for studies and expanding her powers, though she is sometimes called upon by the powers of Rakore.

Familiar: Her familiar is a large Isboitan parrot, mainly green with a red crest. Oliver, with a 10 Intelligence, can speak -- and Brin has undertaken to teach him spells. Oliver is a wise old bird, and more than willing to let it be known to anyone willing to listen. The familiar has a poor word or three for anyone that eats birds of any sort.

Bodyguard: Under orders from Reed, the architect of FireStorm, Mistress Brin has a silent guardian that shadows her movements and watches out for her. Jamila is a short, wiry woman with dark hair and a nose for trouble.

Jamila, female slate human Rog6:  CR 6; Size M (5'6", 130lbs); HD 6d6+12; hp 34; Init +10 (+6 Dex, +4 feat); Spd 30ft, Fly 90ft (perfect); AC 23 (+4 armor, +6 Dex, +3 misc); Attack +6 melee (rapier of puncturing, 1d6+2, crit18-20x2), or +6 melee (sneak attack, 4d6+2 or -4d6 Con & bleeding wound 1), or +10 ranged (throwing daggers, 1d4, crit19-20x2, RI10ft); SV Fort +4, Ref +11, Will +4; Str 10, Dex 23, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 10.  Languages Spoken:  Common, Dwarven, Elven.  Skills and Feats: Appraise +5, Balance +11, Climb +5, Disable Device +6, Gather Information +4, Hide +27, Listen +13, Move Silently +17, Open Lock +11, Perform (sing) +3, Search +8, Sense Motive +11, Slight of Hand +9, Spot +18, Tumble +15, Use Magice Device +9; Alertness, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Stealthy. Possessions: rapier of puncturing, ring of protection +3, winged boots, eyes of the eagle, mithral shirt, gloves of Dexterity +4, wand of cure serious wounds, ring of chameleon power.

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