JYNX MAYSOLOU, the Mage Smuggler

Male Slate Human, 11th-Level Fighter

Hit Points

16 (+3)
20 (+5)
15 (+2)
11 (+0)
14 (+2)
12 (+1)


Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save

Melee Attack (Off):
Melee Attack (Def):
Ranged Attacks:

M (5'9")


Armor Class
Flat-footed AC
Touch AC




Skills: Climb +10, Intimidate +9, Jump +20, Profession (sailor) +5, Spot +5, Swim +11.
Feats: Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (katana), Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Greater Weapon Focus (katana), Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Mobility, Quick Draw, Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse (katanas), Weapon Focus (katana), Weapon Specialization (katana).
Languages: Common, Oerthian Common, Oerthian Southern
Special: Because Jynx tends to operate in defensive mode, before deciding to go offensive, his Armor Class and Melee Attack modifiers shift.  He has also been known to interchange attacks, using only the Sun or Moon katana with one hand, and throwing daggers with whichever hand is not in use.  For example, he might wield the Sun katana in one hand, using three attacks in a round, and throw three daggers with his free hand.
Possessions:  Jynx's trademark items are his katanas -- Sun and Moon, and both are katanas +3 of defending (although the Sun sword glows like a torch with golden light, and the Moon sword is dark as night). He also wears a mithral shirt +4, and two rings -- one is a ring of fire resistance, minor, and the others is a ring of electrical resistance, major. Inside of his oiled, weather-proof satchel, he carries a two-quart wineskin, two weeks' iron rations, whetstone, honing oil, flint and tinder, and a torch. In addition to the thirty throwing knives he carries on him at all times, he carries another thirty in his satchel.  He wears boots of speed, as well as a worn-looking leather balandrana that function as a cloak of resistance +2.

Appearance: He is an average-looking man with hazel eyes and brown hair with an odd, purplish cast to it.  His rather lean build is usually draped in well-worn, well-oiled leathers, from boots to breeches to jacket to bracers to balandrana.  He carries two oddly-shaped swords (katanas) over his back, such that the hilts usually keep the balandrana off of his shoulders.  About Jynx's body are dozens upon dozens of throwing knives, with several on a bandoleer across his chest, others in his boots, on his thighs, on his back, in his bracers, on his arms, under his arms, at his back, and even a few on the sheaths of his katanas.

Background: Jynx grew up as a mercenary in the port city of Dyvers on Oerth. Sometimes selling his services at sea, and sometimes working in the city itself, he became rather experienced as a warrior. Unaligned with the local Mercenary's Guild, however, he was quickly heading for a confrontation with a great number of lesser mercenaries. The guild hired an assassin to kill Jynx, and make it look like a bungled robbery; however, a mage of considerable power under the employ of the assassin Prat, killed Jynx's would-be assassin. Prat saw Jynx's skill immediately, and hired him as a body-guard for his mage, Delbin Arcanus. Over the course of the next several years, Jynx faced everything from undead knights to beholders, all under the employ of the assassin Prat. When a long-time enemy of the assassin made a death wish that would undo everything Prat had ever done, Prat and the god Arpelos punched through the Shield surrounding Gaeleth to escape the dread wish. Once inside the Shield, the group was split up and spread out all over the surface of Gaeleth, because of his ring of electrical immunity reacting with the energies of the Shield and the Oddity. Separated from the fellow employees he had come to know as friends, and from Prat, he has spent the last several years selling his skills as a very special kind of mercenary -- one who aids mages and wizards in escaping from the Inquisition, and protects them from the Seekers.

Role-playing notes: Jynx is a quiet man, watching and listening for a long time before adding his own opinion. He has developed a good heart over the course of his adventures working with Prat, but he remembers well his more lawless days when he would sell his blade to whomever would hire. Soft-spoken and laid back, he is calm under pressure, and the ultimate warrior in combat. His wisdom and self-confidence inspires those mages he ferrets out of the eastern provinces, where the Inquisition holds sway, and he has developed a reputation as a cunning adversary of the Seekers wherever they look.

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