Left-over Gates from the original Sister Worlds War have allowed strange and exotic creatures to make their way to Gaeleth. The powers unleashed by the Storm Wars, the Shaping Wars, and the Prizm Wars further changed the nature of life on Gaeleth. Found here is a small sampling of creatures that will forever be associated with the larger of the Twins -- Gaeleth.

Srik The Srik'Kr'Sril are the most lethal and devastating of all the insectoid races of Gaeleth. United in one cause, they are nature's killing machines.
Tomanths These lizard-like sentients are the true natives of Gaeleth. Strong and small, they are as at home in the trees, as in the water.
Hippotauns The top Rakoran war-mount is not a horse -- but a two-legged, eight ton eating machine known as a 'hippotaun'.
Dragons The dragons of Gaeleth are not just massive treasure hordes -- their intense, intelligent creatures with a unique place in the natural world.
Ticata Whether they are indegent to Gaeleth or not, is unknown, but the Ticata are a race of fox-like, centaur-like, feline-like peoples at home in the forests.

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